Bugbrooke Community Primary School



We would like all our children to wear school uniform as we believe that this plays a significant part in helping the school to attain the highest standards of behaviour and achievement.

Wearing a uniform helps children to feel part of the school; wearing the same clothes promotes a sense of belonging and shared aims and goals. If children dress the same, it reinforces the idea that we are a community.

We would like all children to wear black/grey trousers or skirt, a white polo shirt and a school sweatshirt or cardigan – the sight of all the children in purple in assembly is wonderful!

Footwear can be a contentious issue but we feel that the children should wear sensible, black shoes; for girls, ones that have some kind of strap or lace that helps them to stay on (not ballet shoes) and for boys a lace-up or velcro fastening. Trainers are not recommended; however, if these are to be worn, they should be completely black and have no lurid markings. Plastic or rubber sandals are not suitable footwear for school as they are not close-fitting and do not provide support when children are active.

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