Bugbrooke Community Primary School

Our Values

Our Vision

Bugbrooke Primary School's long term strategic vision statement is simply:

Be the best you can be!

From this vision we base our Values and Strategic Plan, incorporating all our pupils, staff and stakeholders.

What are our Core Values?
  • Friendship: to understand and support each other and accept our differences
  • Respect: to have high regard for the wishes, feelings and rights of others  
  • Excellence: to be the best of ourselves in life and celebrate our achievement  
  • Perseverance: to understand the journey to achieve isn't always easy and to keep trying even when something is a challenge. 


What are our Strategic Themes?
  • To show consistency through all aspects of School life

  • To deliver a broad and balanced curriculum and strive for excellence

  • To create a culture of positivity

  • To create a culture of belonging in our local and wider communities

  • To develop confident, well rounded citizens of the future