Bugbrooke Community Primary School

Behaviour and Expectations

Bugbrooke Community Primary School Behaviour Policy is based on the principles of Restorative Behaviour Management. We believe that the most powerful tool in managing behaviour is to create an environment where children feel valued, safe and secure. We aim to do this by promoting positive relationships and a sense of connection between all stakeholders in the school. The policy is developed to act as guidance for staff in order to promote positive behaviour in school. The procedures and guidance outlined in the policy will ensure consistency across the school and enable all stakeholders in our school to understand our approach to the management of behaviour in school.

Our school values of Respect, Friendship, Excellence, Resilience and Perseverance underpin our expectations for our pupils with regards to their behaviour.


We believe the following:

  • Positive reinforcement and praise is the best way to manage children’s behaviour
  • Happy children learn well
  • All children are entitled to reach their potential in a safe, caring and happy environment
  • Clear consistent boundaries and sanctions enable children to thrive
  • Changes in behaviour can be an indicator, reflecting unhappy circumstances
  • Nurturing children so that they can grown and discover their talents.
  • Every child has the right to learn, but no child has the right to disrupt the learning of others
  • Everyone has the right to be listened to, to be valued and be safe
  • All members of the school community should be free from discrimination, harassment, victimisation and any other conduct that is prohibited by or under the Equality Act 2010
  • All adults (staff, volunteers and governors) will set excellent examples to the children at all times
  • Everyone should have a sense of personal responsibility for his/her own actions
  • Parental communication is key in promoting positive behaviour and addressing and negative behaviour incidents
  • Children should be praised in public, but where a child is not following the expectations, this will be managed discretely by a calm adult.

Our school has high expectations of behaviour and our Behaviour Policy is designed to ensure that everyone, children and adults alike feel safe and happy and have the opportunity to learn, achieve and be successful. You can find our Behaviour Policy on our School Policies page.