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Year 1 and 2

Welcome to the Year 1 and 2 Home Learning Page. Here you will find all of the Home Learning suggestions that Miss Jones, Mrs Justice, Miss Crabb and Mrs Lopez have set you, as well as other resources that you may find useful. We will be adding them on as we find them, so keep checking. 


How many of these ways can you show kindness to others? 

BBC Daily Lessons

From Monday 20th April, BBC will be broadcasting on BBC iPlayer, BBC Red Button and online, daily lessons suited for each individual year group. We recommend that children access these. You may find that some of the activities are too easy or too challenging for your child. If they are too easy, remember that practicing known skills is still an important part of learning. If your child is finding them too tricky, you may look at the year group below for some activities. Please click here to access the resources

Phonics Lessons

Ruth Miskin Training are providing daily phonics lessons for children on Youtube. Click here to access the lessons, a great way for the children to practice what they have been taught and maybe pick up some new sounds. The children will be familiar with the structure of the lessons as this is how they are taught in school.

Writing Lessons

At school, we use the Jane Considine approach to writing as a way of delivering our English lessons at school. During the school closures, Jane Considine is delivering lessons that your children can get involved in on her Youtube channel. Every day there is a new writing stimulus (usually a film), she delivers the teaching part and then the children will be able to produce the writing following on from the session. The live launch each day begins at 9.45am, however if you miss it, you can catch up on Youtube at a later time. 


Maths Lessons

White Rose Maths are delivery a range of exciting Maths lessons suitable for children in Years 1 and 2.  Click here to access the resources. There are daily lessons and a range of resources to support the lesson. An excellent way to support your child's Maths skills at home. The #Mathsparty begins at 10am, but you are able to use the resources at any time. 


Week 1

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Week 3

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Week 5

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Week 7

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Week 2

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Week 4

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Week 6

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Week 8 - 01.06.20

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