Bugbrooke Community Primary School

Change for life Festival....

We were very lucky to take 17 children to the Change for Life Festival on Thursday 30th June. The children took part in lots of fun activities playing games and learning about ways to stay healthy.

A massive thank you to South Northants Homes for donating £300 which has enabled us to buy a tablet and an outdoor speaker!!


Week commencing 18th January 2016

Simon from Northamptonshire sports came in to launch our clubs. We played 'not in my backyard' where we had to keep our side of the playground clean, throwing everything over to the opposite teams side. By working as a team we were awarded a team work sticker. 

Week commencing 25th January 2016

This week we concentrated on earning our honesty sticker. We played a game where we stood back to back with a partner. One partner was a rat, one was a rabbit. The sport crew leader shouted out either rat or rabbit and the side she shouted had to try and get away before their partner caught them. We had to keep our honesty in check and make sure we hadn't tried to get away before we had been called. 

Week commencing 1st February 2016. 

This week we talked about ways to improve our well being, like being more active, reducing our sugar intake and watching less TV. We played two games with balls, following different instructions, and earning our self belief stickers. 


Week commencing 8th February 2016. 

This week the children received activity bands, so that they can monitor how active they are over the week. So far, two children have already completed 7 hours of activity !!! 

We played a fun game trying to balance on one leg with a partner, trying to knock the other off balance. It was a great way to try and engage core muscles whilst also thinking about respect for the other player by playing fairly. 


Week commencing 22nd February 2016. 

This week we discussed small changes that we had made to become more healthy. Lots of us had become more active and were watching less television as well as trying to make sure we are eating lots of fruit and vegetables. We played a few games outside trying to work on our passion. We talked about being passionate about something and agreed our health was important to be passionate about. 

Week commencing 29th February 2016. 

Last week we had asked the children to think of ideas for a new game that. They had thought of some exciting twists on existing games which they wrote down in their logs and then presented to the group, before we voted for the best idea. 


Week commencing 7th March 2016. 

This week the children made fruit salads! Thanks to a very generous voucher for Ocado we were able to buy lots of different fruit for the children to try. We had Dragon Fruit, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Mango, Papaya, Kiwi, Melon, Strawberries, Blackberries, Grapes, Pomegranate and mint. 

The children loved it and took a fruit salad back to their classes for everyone to try. 

Week commencing 14th March 2016. 

This week we played some more games and talked about staying healthy over the Easter Break. 

Week commencing 11th March 2016. 

This week we were joined by Adam King, who played a synchronisation game with some music. We made up moves based on a pirate theme that we had to copy from our partners. 

Week commencing 18th March 2016.

This week we played catch the flag, working on team work. We were brilliant at planning different attacks on the other teams flags!!