Bugbrooke Community Primary School

Healthy Learning

Super Vegetables

In reception this term we have been looking at the adventures of 'Super-tato' and helping him with his fight against the evil peas. We have made some of our own Super Vegetables and have written about their adventures and helped make bridges and structures for them. 


On Thursday Miss Clarke took a group of students to Campion school to meet Professional Basketball Player Paul Strurgess. They took part in a skills training workshop and had a fabulous time. Paul is nearly 7ft 8, and needs to consume 9000 calories a day to keep up his 7 hour a day training regime. He plays for the Cheshire Pheonix club, which is part of the British Basketball League, and used to play for the Harlem Globe Trotters. 

This was a fabulous opportunity for the children who thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  

Year 5/6 Athletics 

On Thursday 18 athletes from Year 5 and 6 travelled to Daventry Leisure Centre to take part in  the Level 2 Sports Hall Athletics Competition with other South Northamptonshire and Daventry Schools. 

The children did amazingly well taking part in relay races, obstacle races, hurdles, standing jumps, triple jump and javelin, amongst other activities. Overall we came in at 5th place. Well done everyone. 


Languages Day 

On 22nd October we celebrated a language day at Bugbrooke School, learning about other countries languages and cultures. During the day the children were able to visit our school hall, set up with lots of different food from around the world and try some different foods, matching the food to its country of origin. 

The children enjoyed (mostly) trying all the different foods and recorded their favourites and least favourites! 

Learning to survive

On the last day before half term Year 5 and 6 got their new topic 'Survival' off to an exciting start with a camp out on our school field. The children spent Friday putting up their tents and setting up  ready for the night ahead and then returned to school in the evening to spend the night in their tents. 

It was a wonderful experience for the children, who behaved incredibly well and thoroughly enjoyed their outdoor learning. 

New Ovens!!

We were lucky enough to receive a small grant from South Northants Homes with which we have purchased two new ovens and a trolley to transport them on. Thanks South Northants Homes!

Food Technology

Take a look at some of the fantastic learning Year 3 and 4 have been doing.

Reception Recipe's

In Reception last week, we read The Troll by Julia Donaldson, and then thought of recipes that we could follow to make a different meal for the Troll. Lots of children thought that the Troll would like to eat some fresh fruit and vegetables after a diet of Fish! So lots of Salads were planned!!

Year 3 and 4 Make Fruit Cocktails

In Year 3 and 4 the children have been busy making cocktails, working on capacity to create the ideal mix of fruit juices. The children were busy measuring carefully before sampling their amazing creations. 

Year 3 and 4 make Samosas

The school has been smelling amazing today as children in Year 3 and 4 have been busy making samosas. They used vegetables, spices and pastry to prepare the samosas ready for cooking. Then they sampled the samosas, some of them trying them for the first time. They were delicious.

Reception Make a Curry

In Miss Daniel's class whilst learning about India, the children spent a week preparing to make a curry. First they bought they wrote shopping lists and then went shopping for ingredients in our make shift shop. They studied the different fresh ingredients and spices and then weighed and measured each item, labelling them ready to be cooked. 

On the Friday they all watched the curry being cooked, discussing the different vegetables and spices and then wrote out the recipe. Then they ate the curry, they all loved it!