Behaviour and Expectations

We know that good behaviour in school is an essential part of raising standards and ensuring that all children achieve their potential and at Bugbrooke we use a behaviour system called Good to be Green.

Each class has a wall chart with the children’s names in a pouch containing a green card. The expectation is that children are ‘green’, which means behaving as we expect. The vast majority of children manage this and we celebrate this on a Friday in our Green Assembly in which teachers share the good things that have happened in class over the week. The children receive a star for their class picture and all the ‘green children’ have an extra special playtime as a reward for staying green.  

Occasionally, a child is not green and is asked to think about what they can do to improve for the next week.  

Click on the links below to download the Behaviour Policy and the Behaviour Poster which explains how the Good to be Green system works in our school.  

These are all the children that were green all last term - well done everyone!