Bugbrooke Community Primary School

21st July 2017

This week:


I hope your children have been buzzing with all of the fun they have had.

Thank you for all of the recycling donations – we used it all!  The children have thought really carefully about their seaside town and all of the details that they wanted.


We experimented with different materials to see which ones would flat and last the longest before we created a boat.  Some boats are catamarans, hovercrafts, ships – like the Titanic! Car Ferries, sailing boats and fishing boats. 

Many of the boats floated and many moved when we were blowing them. The children loved playing with them in the water!


These were the main buildings that they wanted to make.  Some hotels had many rooms with fire escapes and swimming pools in the back garden or roof terrace!

The houses were small, medium or mansions. They had hot tubs, trampolines, flower beds, bushes, fences etc in their gardens.  The shops had open doors where customers could walk around the shelves to choose what they wanted.

The children were sooooo excited. They were using selotape, blu tack, hole punches, staplers, combing toilet roll holders with boxes, turning cereal boxes inside out so that they could put colour on them.  Rubbing the bricks outside so that they got a brick pattern on their building etc. They had a great sense of freedom and achievement.


The children wanted parts to move on the fir ground so on Wednesday we packed away the junk modelling and used a variety of construction kits to make the moving rides. This was tricky at times and the children had to choose their resources carefully.

PEOPLE: Last of all we needed people and rules for our town so we created some rules together and we drew people using our new skill of using sausages to help us size the body parts. But to add challenge … if the person was an Adult they needed to be at least 10cm tall and if they were a child they needed to be at least 5cm tall. So they were using rulers and sizes relative to age. Some children made a whole family! They stuck their characters onto pegs so that they could move them around the town.


 Well, what more can I say,  What an amazing way to finish the year in the Kookaburra Team. All of the children have learned so much this year and it has been a real pleasure to be part of your child’s journey through the year. 


I have worked them hard and they all now deserve a restful, but exciting holiday and I look forward to seeing and hearing about your child’s holiday on their return to school. (A bag has been given to all Year one cildren so that they can keep momentums of their holiday and bring them into school.)

Thank you for all of your support and I wish you a fantastic special few weeks with your family.

Love Mrs Smith xx

14th July 2017

Gold awards:

Elijah: For creating a hotel with so much detail ... it even had a fire escape! Well done Elijah.

Charlie: For making a fantastic castle based on Warwick Castle, it even had a signpost to the lake! Well done Charlie.

Khian: For being so creative and busy designing and making a fantastic shop. Well done Khian.

This week:

We watched the Year 6 Dress rehearsal, we liked the humour and storyline. We created posters about the characters and events.

We played a game with many sounds and a timer. In teams of three, we had two minutes to record as many words as we could using the sound at the top of the page.  The spelling skills of the teams showed so much improvement.

We have spent time painting and completing the special pieces for the Summer Fair, people who walked past commented on how good they looked; I hope you also liked them.

We learned how to draw people by using sausages as a base of all of the body parts. The children then created drawings of their friends doing moves to the Cha Cha Slide. This was lots of fun! (Photos will be added on Monday)

We looked at how to shade and use colour pencils to create different strengths of colour to make their colouring more realistic.

We have been calculating totals of toys and working out the change we would get.  Then we used a code to work out how much different animals would cost – this was good fun!

The children enjoyed the sports arranged by Campion School.  Thank you to all of the parents who volunteered and helped us.

Unfortunately, I was not able to be in school at the end of the week but I know that the children have been brilliant (as always!) and that their dancing and contribution to the Summer Fair was fantastic.  Well done to everyone and I am looking forward to hearing more about it on Monday.

Next week: (Summer 2 Week 7)

Year two can come through the top gate this week if they wish so that it is not so much of a shock in September.

-Monday: Gold award assembly instead of last Friday – I will put the awards on here on Monday night.

-Tuesday: Cake Sale for Tanzania

-Thursday: Talent Show by Year 2 – please let me know what your child is hoping to do. Year 1 and Reception will be watching.

In the afternoon: Testing boats in water if weather allows.

-Friday: Adults are welcome to come into school 8.50-9.10

               Spelling Bee Competition.

School closes for the Summer Holiday

7th July 2017

Gold awards:

Alexander: for writing a brilliant, informative diiary entry.

Zachary: for making good choices and working so hard in the Kookaburra team.

We have all had another fantastic week. (although we are every tired!)

We have continued to play phonics games, write poems to improve pencil grip and handwriting and we have looked at how to add 9 by adding ten and taking away one with apparatus or mentally. Then some of us moved onto adding 39 by adding 40 and taking away one etc.

Your children are loving making decisions about their learning and working in teams to solve problems.

Thank you to everyone who filled in the questionnaire that the children created. They were so conscientious and wanted to make sure they trully made something you would want.  We hope you are not diappointed with the end result!

We have done lots of data handling with the results and it helped us to design items that we hope adults will buy at the Summer Fair next week.

We had great fun mixing and making the salt dough then moulding and seeing the dried out items. We have added cinamon, vanilla or lavender to some of the creations - the classroom smelt really lovely!

We will paint or colour the items next week.


Next week:

Tuesday: We will watch the Year 6 Dress Rehearsal.

Thursday 9-12 we will be at Campion for the Potted Sports. Campion children and staff provide lots of sports activities that the children do in teams and carousel around them - a little like our sports day.

Reports should be handed out.

Friday: 8.50-9.10 Come and see your child's books and talk about their learning this year. They are so proud. 

In the afternoon come and see our Key Stage One dance along with other dances and then enjoy the stalls at the Summer Fair, hopefully you will visit the Kookaburra stall! 

30th June 2017

Gold Awards:

Eddie: For always trying you best at everything you do. Well done Eddie.

Lucy:  For remembering soo many number bonds. Well Done Lucy.

Dylan: For using smart handwriting all of the time. Well done Dylan.

Connie: For being a really kind and helpful friend. Well Done Connie.

The Kookaburras helped me to write this information today!


We  are really lucky because Zachary has joined our class and it means we now have 30 clever, wise, lovely, smart, intelligent, independent, unique, mind-blowing Kookaburras!

This week has been a little strange because we changed classes on Transfer Days.

Year 3 drew tigers and used pastels to colour them, they used lockers for their things and they made poems. They are looking forward to being Terrifying Tigers!


Year 2 made shoes, created their own shoe people, they made shoe houses and factories, and wrote poems.

 We are very tired and pleased that we have no homework this weekend - HOORAY !!  

                        (There is a note in book bags about a small job next week.)

Next week...

Monday - Next Year Year Two, Information Sessions.

Look out for a questionnaire written by the children please.

Wednesday - Next Year Year One, Information Sessions.

Homework in.

Thursday - Spelling test

Friday- New spellings given out.

23rd June 2017

This week we have looked at the UK and world maps. We found it fascinating looking at atlases and finding places they knew or, had visited.  We discussed the key that shows terrain and how the equator is connected to the weather. 

We have listened to many recitals in assemblies this week and the children who have played instruments have been very brave and talented. We then listened to two pieces of music played by a violinist and talked about the imaginative pictures and feelings that music can provoke. When they had drawn what it made them think of, they then used watercolours to express their thoughts and feelings.

All of the children love the Daily Reading Rotation, this week one of the activities was to read silly instructions and make themselves or the teddy follow the instruction.  Some children were shocked when I said it was okay to sit on the table or stick their tongue out if that was what they had read.  There was a lot of laughter in the room! The children then wrote their own instructions for the teddies.  We love learning with teddies!


In maths, we have played a few games to help with number bond mental recall. They loved this game: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button

We also practised telling the time, reading clocks that show half past, quarter to and quarter past. We then discussed digital times and how they relate to the way that the time is represented on a clock with hands.

We completed times tables squares on Friday. This is a new skill but the children did a brilliant job. Most of them know they can count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s on their fingers to find multiples of those numbers. Some children were solving the 3, 4 and 6 timetables.

 On Wednesday we had a visit from Police Officers who talked about 'butterflies in our tummies' and when that is a good feeling or a worrying feeling.  The butterfly badges that the children brought home were given to them to remind them to speak to someone if they have ‘bad’ butterfly feelings.

 Again, we have had another fantastic week.  The children feel really empowered and are making more and more decisions about their learning. They helped me to reorganise the classroom so that they can access the resources for maths more easily and they decided that they wanted to show their drawing skills to adults coming into the classroom first thing on Friday morning – they are maturing so quickly and choosing their tasks so that they can work on, and improve the skills that they know they need to. I imagine you have some extremely tired children (I am sorry ) because they are working sooooo hard. 

Well Done to the Kookaburras!

Next week...


Wednesday - Transfer Day.  All children to come into the classroom and then we will lead them to their new classroom for the day.  Collect them from their new classroom, please.

Thursday - Transfer Day. All children will go straight to their new classrooms.  Please collect them from their new classrooms.

Friday - All the Kookaburras are back with me in my classroom.  Horray!  

Parents are welcome to come in to help with the first activity 8.50-9.10.

Spelling test. Homework handed in.


16th June 2017

Gold awards:

Sophie, for reading so carefully, checking and using your sounds so well.  Well Done Sophie.

Mia, for brilliant reading; using your sounds and listening to yourself to check you are correct.  Well done Mia.

Arthur, for knowing the meanings of so many new, ambitious words. Well done Arthur.

This week:

We have read the ‘Meerkat Mail’ story and researched the behaviours and habitat of Meerkats. We have collected information from clips, books, internet print outs and what we have already seen or heard. We then wrote postcards to explain why our school is a good place to visit. 

In phonics we have been reading longer words, breaking it into syllables and adjusting the sounds to make the word sound like a real word. i.e.  in/tru/der,  com/pli/cate/d   ad / ven / tur / ous

Also, we have been looking for alternative spellings of sounds that we already know.  ie. 'ch’ in church, school and echo.

In maths, we have played subtraction games and looked closely at 3D shapes in the environment and their properties.

In geography and science, we have been looking at animals and their habitats, and how they are suited to the climate and surroundings.

As well as all of this learning we really enjoyed the Sports Afternoon this week.

We are all going to try hard to make Sunday a special day for our dad's!  Have a lovely weekend.

Next week: (Summer 2 week 3)

-Monday P.E. kits back into school, please.

-Tuesday: String Recital

-Thursday: Spelling test (spelling books need to be in school for this please) and reading books changed.

-Friday: Adults are welcome to join their child, their school books will be out so that they can celebrate their work with you. 8.50-9.10

               Homework completed and handed in to get a Dojo.

9th June 2017

Gold awards:

Kian, for making thoughtful links when explaining how you know the answer is correct in maths.

Khian, for writing brilliant sentences about the funny pictures independently.

Ben, for brilliant sentences showing good joining up, good spelling and powerful words when writing about funny pictures. 

This week:

Wow, the children are well rested and have come back to school with a very positive learning attitude.

In maths, we have been consolidating the use of place value (tens and units) to order numbers and subtract bigger numbers. Children have been drawing how their brains solved the calculations and reasoning how they know their answer is right.  Towards the end of the week, we have been solving many ‘logic’ problems where they have to apply what they have learnt so far.  i.e.

Take three consecutive numbers (three numbers next to each other as you count) add them together, what do you notice? Does this happen with bigger numbers?

 In Phonics we have been remembering all of the sounds within lots of different types of quizzes, and reading multisyllabic words, such as ‘disturb’ ‘complicated’ ‘prescribe’ and finding a range of words in the dictionary.

We have also played lots of games on a school website to improve our grammar and spelling work.

In English, we have been trying to achieve our personal targets; remembering to include conjunctions, good punctuation, wow words etc. First, we wrote about our Half Term Holidays and then we wrote imaginatively about some funny photos, some children found them hilarious!

 In our Zippy’s Friends sessions, we have been talking about secrets and distinguishing between good and bad secrets. Then we heard a story about bullying which led us into a discussion about bullies and what we can do if we feel bullied.

During science, we classified things into ‘alive’ ‘dead’ ‘never been alive’.

We have improved observational drawing skills and we drew a few things that we found fascinating and then used watercolours extremely carefully and accurately to add colours.  These paintings will make a really good display in the classroom.

Next week:

-Wednesday: Sports afternoon – weather permitting. We are looking forward to this! (Please ensure your child has well fitting clothes and plimsolls in school.)

-Thursday: Spelling test (spelling books need to be in school for this please) and reading books changed.

-Friday: Adults are welcome to join their child, their school books will be out so that they can celebrate their work with you. 8.50-9.10

               Homework completed and handed in to get a Dojo.

26th May 2017

Gold awards:

 Joshua, for remembering so many sounds and blending them to read many, many words. Well done Josh.

Lucy, for working so hard to make her writing smaller and smarter. Well done Lucy.

Noah, for brilliant original ideas for his adventure story and brilliant spelling. Well done Noah.

This week:

We have planned and written an adventure story. While the children were writing independently they chose comfortable places to sit, listened to calm music and worked together to make each others' work the best it could be. They used dictionaries to check spellings and read it aloud to check that their long stories made sense.  The classroom learning was extremely powerful! The children have used their improved handwriting, punctuation, vocabulary, sentence construction and imagination to create some amazing stories.  The children are really proud of their stories and we had a special story telling chair so that they could share their stories.

The good weather has enabled us to go insect hunting.  We looked under the tyres, logs and stones. Through discussion, they realised that the damp, dark places were the best places to find the small creatures that were on the checklist.

Healthy Week … the children have shown good brain strength when tackling a difficult task – making a paper aeroplane, designing and eating a fruit salad, creating their own dance movements and discussing the effects of exercise on the body and creating posters to help them to remember how to stay safe in the sun.  Many busy afternoons!

Last week we learnt how to play a mixture of games so that our class can be 'experts' and teach the other children how to play them during Golden Time.  The classroom was very noisy but the children worked brilliantly in teams.

The children have worked so hard this term and I am proud of all that they have achieved.

Thank you for all of your support this term, I hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday and half-term.

Next week: (summer 2 week 1)

-Thursday: Spelling test (spelling books need to be in school for this please) and reading books changed.

-Friday: Adults are welcome to join their child, their school books will be out so that they can celebrate their work with you. 8.50-9.10

               Homework Fascination piece completed and handed in to get a Dojo

19th May 2017

Gold awards:

Jack, for creating a good story map about his magic pebble, brilliant ideas. Well done Jack.

Lily, for being so determined to do well; for lots of learning at home and at school. Well done Lily.

This week:

We have played lots of mental maths games and investigated odd and even numbers in maths this week. ‘Guess my number’ is a good game to play because you can only answer yes or no and the children need to ask you questions which show they understand the number system using vocabulary such as; greater than / fewer than / does it have 6 tens in it? Is it in the 5 times table? Can it be divided by 10 equally? Is it an odd number? Does it have 9 units/ones? Etc.

Some children have enjoyed many activities connected to the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff, they have acted it out, ordered illustrations and made puppets to name a few! While some of us showed off our maths skills, switching from one maths concept to another, working independently … wow – your children are soooo clever!

We had a drama afternoon on Wednesday where we each found a special, amazing, fascinating stone or gem. We imagined what would happen as we picked it up. From this, each child has begun to plan a beginning, middle and end of their own story.  This story will be written next week, marked by them and their friends and then written up into neat work on paper. Their story will be entered into a school competition that will be judged by Mr Baker. They have some really wonderful ideas, please chat through their ideas and maybe extend their vocabulary so that they have lots to include in their story.  We hope to make a class book as well.

We have been looking at stories that are written by the same author, discussing similarities and differences between them. Please talk to your child about your favourite book as a child and why you liked reading that author’s books.

Next week:

-Thursday: Spelling test (spelling books need to be in school for this please) and reading books changed.

-Friday: Adults are welcome to join their child, their school books will be out so that they can celebrate their work with you. 8.50-9.10           Spelling Bee.         Homework completed and handed in to get a Dojo.

   Healthy Week … in the afternoons this week the children will be working in mixed teams with other children in Reception and Year 1/2.  Each afternoon will be a different activity with a different teacher. The children will be learning about…  healthy eating, healthy bodies, healthy minds and sun safety.            

12th May 2017

Gold awards:

Sophie, for brillinat reading and detective work and for being a really thoughtful friend. Well done Sophie.

Libby, for understanding and generating so many compound words and for being so excited about learning. Well done Libby.

This week:

We have had lots of fun this week. We started the week writing letters to an alien called ‘Martin’ from the ‘But Martin’ story.  The children are now enjoying the challenges of including a range of punctuation and self-checking or peer checking their work.

 In phonics:

We have had lots of fun creating and magpie-ing ‘compound words’ (handbag, football, sandpit etc) and multi-syllabic words.

 Extra challenge – collect words with 1, 2, 3, and possibly 4 syllables. (The children identify a syllable by saying the word with their flat hand under their chin.  Each time their chin hits their hand it shows a syllable  i.e. com/pli/ca/ted… 4 syllables)

 We have started to learn a ‘Strictly’ dance this week with all of the other children in Key Stage 1.

 In maths, we have looked at a range of skills.  Many of us can use these signs ‘ < > = ‘ , order numbers, identify tens and units in a number, divide numbers that give a whole number or a remainder in the answer (5 divide by 4 = 1r1) and measure weight and capacity by reading scales.

 In Geography we have been comparing our Island to the Isle of Struary. (The real Island of Coll in Scotand) In computing we were using 'Word' and investigating how to type our names and then change the font, size, colour etc. We have saved it and will retrieve it to add to next time.

One afternoon, Noah found a dead wasp in the classroom … many of us thought this was fascinating so we looked very closely at the antennae, head, thorax and abdomen, we could even still see the sting on the end of it’s tail. We could see the hard body (exoskeleton) This confirmed that many insects have their skeletons on the outside of their bodies … definitely fascinating!

The children have created a 'Fascinating Area' and this is where they will put the amazing things they have found and talked about. This means we can all to have a closer look at them later on in the day or week. Each week we will send these items back home. So if your child has a book/item of something that fascinates them we want to celebrate and share in their fascination.

Next week:

-Tuesday – we will meet out sports teams, ( a mixture of children from all of the year groups) find out the country we are representing and create badges and flags to match our country.

-Wednesday afternoon – Sports Afternoon.  Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school, plenty of suntan lotion, and a sun hat if the weather is warm. Some children are saying that their plimsolls don't fit them or that their clothes are too tight-can you chat with them to ensure they have everything and will be comfortable to do their best on the Sports afternoon. Please come and cheer on your child if you can. I am looking forward to my first Sports afternoon; I know the children will have lots of fun!

-Thursday: Spelling test (spelling books need to be in school for this please) and reading books changed. (Children will have a dojo if they ahve read and their adult has signed the reading record.)

-Friday: Adults are welcome to join their child in the early morning learning activity. 8.50-9.10

               Homework completed and handed in to get a Dojo. FOB’s Film Night 3.30-6.00

5th May 2017

Gold awards:

Isabelle, for solving so many time problems, showing good understanding of the passing of time.  Well done Isabelle.

Joseph, for really enjoying the learning connected to the story ‘The Three Little Pigs.’  Good imagination, well done Joseph.

Bethany, for brilliant memory of number bonds and you can now use them to solve problems with bigger numbers. Well done Bethany.

This week:

WOW! The children have worked so hard this week.  Well done Kookaburras.

Year 1 have really enjoyed a variety of activities connected to the story The Three Little Pigs. They even got a letter from the wolf who apologised for blowing the pig’s house down!

Year 2 have enjoyed reading stories in special booklets.  They have used highlighters to find answers to many different questions.  They liked lying on pillows and sitting in corners of the classroom while digesting the story.  It is so lovely to see the children getting stuck-in-to-a-book.

All of the children have been trying to remember many words rather than sounding out words so that they can read fluently and be a ‘storyteller.’

In maths we have played many games; we have been looking at properties of numbers and using everything we know to help us guess someone else’s secret number. (similar to the 20 questions game)  We have talked about place value, odd & even numbers,  greater than/fewer than, tens and ones in a number, multiples and numbers (half way) in-between two numbers.

In science, we have been classifying mini-beasts and other animals.

We have learned a song to help us to know the different parts of an insect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pe_p5FXE2g.  We have learned how to identify an insect and that a spider is not an insect – it is an arachnid. – the children found this fascinating!

We loved making costumes for our teddy bears and training them to use the adventure playground for our 1000 Dojo Treat today.

HOMEWORK; This week I have sent home two pieces of homework.  Your child can choose which task they would like to do.

Next week:  We will be practising for our sports afternoon in the following week

-Thursday: 2.45 Phonics meeting for parents - Hints and Tips!

Spelling test (spelling books need to be in school for this please) and reading books changed.

 -Friday: Adults are welcome to join their child in the early morning learning activity. 8.50-9.10

               Hand in homework sheet.

We have been trying really hard to keep our classroom tidy and organised ...

We have done a brilliant job and won the award for the tidiest classroom this week.  

Well Done Kookaburras!

28th   April 2017

Gold awards:

Ellie, for learning how to tell the time, she can even read a clock when the long hand is pointing to any number on the clock.  Well done Ellie. having an excellent, positive learning attitude and using all of the skills you have learned so far.  Well Done Ellie, great improvements.

Reuben, for brilliant self-checking skills and for accurately using full stops and capital letters along with other punctuation. Well done Reuben.

Evangeline, for using a brilliant imagination; she wrote a story but changed the setting and used many noun phrases, this transformed the story! Well done Evangeline. 

This week:

We have risen to the challenges of reading a clock to tell the time this week.  Many children can now say how long we would have until lunchtime or how long it took to get changed for PE.  Please continue to talk about the passing of time and use a clock face to help them to find out what the time is. Can your child say what they time was an hour before or after the current time?

 We have also practised many mental maths strategies; counting forwards and backwards in jumps of 5’s, 10’s, 2’s, 3’s, etc.  adding ten or subtracting ten from any number, dividing numbers into tens and units and using the inverse (opposite) operation to find missing numbers within number sentences.  

The systems for teaching reading have slightly changed through the school and the children are loving the rotation of activities I have set up.  For half an hour after lunchtime every day, they are given a specific reading activity to complete independently while I hear one group of children read their library books. (I am aiming to hear every child read every week or fortnight) I am so impressed and proud of how everyone’s reading is becoming more fluent.  The more they practise, the more fluent they become and so they understand what they have read. Due to their improved reading skills, I am able to focus on discussing the story with them and encouraging your child to jump into the story and predict why certain things are happening or why an author has chosen certain words.

One of the reading activities that the children have loved is having the time to look at comics and magazines with their friends. This is further developing the love of reading.  My collection is a little limited as I only have a boy in my house and my Niece is a little older than your child so if you have any comics that your child no longer reads, please send them into school as I am sure the other children will enjoy them. Thank you.

 In science, we have been looking at animals and how they are in animal families.  We have looked for similarities and differences between animals and how they fit into the different categories; mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, insects, fish. 

We have talked about the word ‘inspirational’ and how people around us can be inspiring.  We have thought about who we aspire to be like and why.

 In phonics we have been looking at:    

or aw au (sport, awful, haunt)   Silent letters k, b  (knock, knee,  climb, comb)

 HOMEWORK; I sent home a sheet with some missing number challenges this Friday. Please allow your child to complete these challenges on their own, or with help if they need it, along with reading their reading /library book as many times as possible and learning their spellings.


Well done to everyone in the Kookaburra team.  

The team has earned 1000 Dojos.        

1000 Dojo treat ... bring in a teddy.  We will be making a costume for our teddies

(I will be giving the teddies a job to do so the children will need to design a suitable costume and make it!)  We will have lots of fun! 

Next week:

-Monday: Bank Holiday … have fun!


Spelling test (spelling books need to be in school for this please) and reading books changed.

-Friday: Adults are welcome to join their child in the early morning learning activity. 8.50-9.10

               Hand in homework sheet.

              1000 Dojo treat ... bring in a teddy.  

21st  April 2017

Gold awards:

Ronnie, for having an excellent, positive learning attitude and using all of the skills you have learned so far.  Well Done Ronnie, great improvements.

George, for careful listening, thinking and discussion; matching his new learning to the things he already know.  Well Done George.

This week:

We have all come back to school refreshed and eager to learn even more.  Well done everyone!

The sunshine and extra sleep seem to have helped your children grow, they ae all more grown up and independent.

In Maths, we have focussed on naming regular and irregular 2D shapes and thinking of ways to help us remember an Octagon has 8 sides, (Octopus) a pentagon has 5 sides etc. (You could ask your child to see if they can remember these.) Our mathematical vocabulary is developing well; we have learnt about and now use ... vertices, points, edges, faces, corners, sides etc. 

We have tried to name the shapes that we can see around us; cylinder, cube, cuboid, pyramid etc.

In English, we have written about their holiday with a particular focus on the correct use of punctuation and self-checking / correcting.  They have experimented with exclamations as well – What a fantastic holiday we all had!  We have practised reading and following instructions, improving the fluency and understanding of commands. This was a lot of fun! (photos below)

The children showed their good memories when they recited the poem they had learned over the holiday. Many children wrote it out to help them remember it as well. Some poems were funny and we all enjoyed listening to each other.

In phonics we have been looking at    ear   eer   ere (spear, mountaineer, sphere)

We have also practised using apostrophes for possession.  (Harry’s hair was long.  Have you seen the girl’s shoes?)

Our new topic is about ‘fascination’ so we have used dictionary to help us to understand the word and connected words. We have a silver box in our room, I have lost the key so we do not know what is inside but I am sure it would be fascinating if we could see inside.  The children shared what they are fascinated about (sharks, the sea, spiders, jewels, how things work, planets, crystals to name a few) and I will use these to guide our learning this term. 

We are very excited about finding out about fascinating things.

Next week:

Please ensure PE kits are in school every day.


Spelling test (spelling books need to be in school for this please) and reading books changed.

-Friday: Adults are welcome to join their child in the early morning learning activity. 8.50-9.10

31st  March 2017

Gold awards:

 Ruby, for never giving up and always trying her very best. Well Done Ruby.

Mia, for rememebring and using so many new sounds when she is reading. Well Done Mia.

Leah, for never giving up and always trying her very best. Well Done Leah.

This week:

We have had another fantastic week.

We have been identifying coins, ordering amounts, making amounts in different ways with the coins, totalling two or more amounts, writing the value of money in pennies or pounds. We have then been problem-solving using money.

The plant they brought home is an Iris, we hope they will look after it and watch it grow.

This week we have planned a part of a healthy lunchbox that would help us to keep our wits about us and have lots of energy for searching for dragons. On Thursday we made the wrap or sandwich, many of us trying new combinations of food, and then we searched for envelopes that had dragons and information inside.   It was lots of fun but we also learnt a life skill – if your child asks to make their own sandwich please allow them to (with your supervision!) … they loved doing it in school!

 In phonics we have been looking at    oe o oa ow, o-e (toe, ghost, boat, snow, globe)   and    

         ue ew oo o (blue, chew, moon, to)

and alien words / multisyllabic words;  glimp, flumsel, rundford etc.

Some children have been putting words in alphabetical order and using a dictionary to correct misspelt words in a given text.  If you have time, maybe play some games with a dictionary; who can be the fastest to find a keyword?

We have practised reading a text at a faster speed. Year Two children need to be able to read 90 words in a minute and understand what they have read.  Then we have read questions, highlighted the key words and found the answers within the text. The children like being ‘detectives’!

We have loved creating dragons to be displayed with our dragon poems from last week.  We folded paper to create concertina bodies and very vibrant dragon heads or we placed a woollen spine onto a page and chose our own way to represent the body.  Look out for the display in the wet area outside our classroom.  We are very proud of our poems and dragons!

The children have gained so much learning from the Dragon Hunting project.  We are moving onto a new topic next term, we hope the children will continue to be excited about tehir learning experiences!

I wish you all a lovely relaxing Easter Break, I am looking forward to hearing your child perform a poem of their choice when we are back in school.  Happy Easter!  See you on Wednesday19th April.

After the holiday:

Please ensure PE kits are in school every day.  Thank you.

A topic letter will be in book bags in the first week to inform you and help you with ideas on how to support your child’s learning.

-Thursday: Spelling test (spelling books need to be in school for this please) and reading books changed.

-Friday: Adults are welcome to join their child in the early morning learning activity. 8.50-9.10

24TH  March 2017

Gold awards:

Noah, for being inspired by our learning about William the conqueror and remembering so many facts.

Arthur, for fantastic independent reading and answering of challenging questions.

 This week:

We have had many sessions where Year One and Two have been meeting different challenges.

Year 1 have been practising their number bonds (two numbers that go together to make the target number i.e. 7+3=10   13+7=20) and investigating money; looking at the values of coins and finding totals of two prices.

 Year Two have been completing a variety of written maths problems that required them to apply all of the things they have learnt so far. They found it tricky but rose to the challenge!

 In English, we have been looking at poems and how the verses and words usually follow patterns and rules.  We talked about a poem being “ The most powerful words to make the reader create an amazing picture in their mind.” We then used the rules to write our own poem about a dragon, this also helped them to identify nouns, adjectives, verbs etc.

 Maybe they could show you by making up a poem verbally about a person in their family – have fun!

We used this pattern:

Number, adjective, noun,                                            Two strong eyes,

Number, adjective, noun,                                            One Smiley face,

Number, adjective, noun,                                            One tall body,

Verb, verb, verb,                                                         Busy, chatty, thinking,

Adjective and adjective                                                Helpful and thoughtful,

Simile                                                                           As cuddly and a massive teddy bear,

Statement.                                                                    My Mum is the best!


In phonics we have been looking at  Rhyming words,     ie, ey, ee, ea, y, (‘E’)     ie, igh, i-e, i, (I)

In history, we used a PowerPoint of information, a re-enactment clip and pictures to help us to learn about William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings in 1066.  The children were really inspired by being detectives to find out about the past. 

Next Week:


Spelling test (spelling books need to be in school for this please) and reading books changed.

PE bags will be sent home for you to clean and return on the first day back after the Easter Holiday.

-Friday: Spelling Bee  

17TH  March 2017

Gold awards:

Reuben, Mia and Ruby received a ‘Super Scientist’ Award today. They were very observant, worked brilliantly in a team and used fantastic scientific vocabulary.  Well Done.

 The whole class had a Dojo today for Brilliant Scientific Enquiry and Discussions.

WE HAVE HAD A FANTASTIC SCIENCE DAY! Here are a few photos of the assembly at the start of the day and the reaction test that we carried out at the end of the day. 

This week:

We have been sorting verbs, adjectives and nouns and finding them within sentences.

We have looked at different types of sentences – statements, questions, exclamations and instructions and then the challenge was to write one of each sentence about a picture. (Also remembering to use the correct punctuation.)

 In maths we have been finding fractions of numbers using apparatus and then drawing to solve the number sentence. We have then been ‘reasoning’ about numbers. Alexander told us “It is like division, we are sharing the amount to find a fraction.”  The children worked in teams to create posters about doubling and halving and then used it to explain what they found out to the class.

We have been practising our timetables by completed multiplication squares where the numbers are mixed up. We have been counting in jumps of 2,5 or10 to find answers i.e. counting in 2’s 7 times gives us the answer to 7x2 or 2x7

 Possible home activity: We need to be able to identify ½ and ¼ of objects and amounts. Talk about this when chopping up food, (1/2 one and ½ to the other or ¼ each if four around the table etc.)  picking up toys i.e. “If I pick up ½ of the bricks, how many will you pick up?”

 In phonics we have been looking at  ou, ow, (cloud, clown)   and split spelling of a-e  (mistake, male)

We have also looked at syllables and how to use these to help with reading and spelling:

hand/bag            terr/i/fied         com/pli/cate/d

 In PE we created our own class game of ‘rock, paper, scissors’ but it was far more physical and good fun.   In science and PE we investigated how many activities we could do in a minute and plotted these into a grid.

Next Week:

The homework sheet has many ideas on it.  Please don’t feel like you need to do them all.  Pick and choose some activities your child will enjoy. 

-Monday and Wednesday: Parents Evenings.  Your child's books will be outside the classroom for you to look at before or after your appointment time.  I am looking forward to discussing your child's achievements and progress with you.

-Thursday: spelling test (spelling books need to be in school for this please) and reading books changed.

-Friday: Red Nose Day – wear something red and practise joke telling!

10TH  March 2017

Gold awards:

Riley, for fantastic progress with your reading skills. You know so many sounds now. Well Done Riley.

Lucy, for always being honest and wanting to try your best in all that you do. Well Done Lucy.

 This week:


We have been writing information booklets about a dragon that was in the news to be seen in Louisville, America!  We have been writing questions as subheadings and then answering the question in the body of the text. The children have been sharing their skills to help each other to make their work better with more accurate spelling and punctuation. Year Two read some very complex adjectives in a description of a dragon while improving their comprehension skills and then tried to use this within their writing on Friday.

In maths, we have started to look at fractions of shapes, writing fractions and comparing the size of fractions.  We have found this skill hard and continue with this next week where we will move onto fractions of numbers.

Possible home activity: Your child needs to be able to identify ½ and ¼ of objects and amounts. Talk about this when chopping up food, (1/2 one and ½ to the other or ¼ each if four around the table etc.)  picking up toys i.e. “If I pick up ½ of the bricks, how many will you pick up?”

In phonics we have been looking at         air, are, ear     (fair, stare, bear)

We have also looked at homophones: there their they’re          and discussed their meanings.  

We carried out an experiment on Tuesday where we had to measure the amount of sugar that we put into warm water.  We then stirred it until it had ‘disappeared’ and we repeated this until there were 5 spoons of sugar in it. The children really enjoyed sharing their observations and discussing the process of dissolving.

On Thursday your child planted a bulb and we will be monitoring and discussing our observations as they grow.                     

Next Week:

-Thursday: spelling test (spelling books need to be in school for this please) and reading books changed.

-Friday: Whole School Science Day. The day will start with assembly at 9.00, so if you would usually come into school on a Friday we will see you the following week instead. Sorry for this inconvenience.

The children will be working with some of their classmates and children from other classes. They will move around the classrooms looking and experimenting with different materials and seeing how they change when they do things to them.  I am sure it will be a very exciting day!

3rd March 2017

Gold awards:

Jack, for getting 12/12 in his spelling test for two weeks running and using these spellings in his writing. Well done Jack.

Eddie, for always being ready for learning, always focussing on doing his best and completing all of the work within the time given.  Well done Eddie

 This week:

We have had a fantastic week!

We started the week with a session where we created our own mystical dragons.  We were ‘Professor know-it-all’s’ and we could be asked any questions about dragons because our imaginations had the answers!

 We have practised using conjunctions (but, so, because, and, meanwhile, however) to join two sentences together.  We have created ‘wanted’ posters so that we can enrol others to help us find the dragon.  We have had a lot of practise with the dictionary to help us to correct our own spellings and find out what new words mean.

 Possible home activity: If you have a dictionary at home, play a game where you are timing each other to find words so that you child gets used to the order and organisation of a dictionary.

 Our Trip to Warwick Castle was amazing!  We did not find any dragons but we did walk past a secret door that was locked, we didn’t know what was inside. We looked into the bear tower where some of us thought the dragon could have been under the floor and we walked past some bushes that looked like they had been burnt- maybe the dragon had been there but we were not sure …

 Many children loved the stately rooms and discussed the difference between the castle rooms and their homes.  Our class was the last class to visit the maze and it was raining so we got wet in the rain – but that made it more fun! They loved finding all of the different stamps to put on our card as we visited the different eras in the maze.    The children were very well behaved, they kept themselves and others safe at all times and were very inquisitive and talkative about what they could see.  Well done to the Kookaburras, I am very proud of them all.

 In maths, we have continued to recite and sing our times-tables.  We have related multiplication facts to division facts this week, filling in missing numbers in number sentences by using apparatus to GROUP(times) and SHARE(divide) the items.  We are solving many more written number problems so we are practising how to explain what we know in our 'maths brains'.

 Well done to everyone for the fantastic costumes on World Book Day.  The children enjoyed the book activities on Thursday and Friday … we hope you enjoy the book that you buy with your token.

 In phonics we have been looking at the different spellings for   ‘er  and using the saying:

‘Her first nurse works early.’

This is the order of how often the spelling for this sound is used so ‘er’ is the most common. 

We have enjoyed magpie-ing and finding words in the texts we have read that use the ‘er’ sound.

Next Week:

-Thursday: spelling test (spelling books need to be in school for this please) and reading books changed.

24th  February 2017

Gold awards:

Bethany, for writing a fantastic Dragon Factfile. You used words and similes to pull in the reader, all your own ideas.  Well Done Bethany.

Connie, for opening your mind, learning a new way to solve multiplication problems and then being so proud when you mastered it. Well done Connie.


This week:

We have really tried hard to carry out our learning tasks quietly and neatly this week.  The children have been surprised and proud of their finished work.

 We have started reciting our 2, 5 and 10 times tables to 12x through songs and looking for patterns.  Towards the end of the week we have been able to recall them faster from our memories and say the answer when the number sentence (What used to be called a ‘sum’) is given out of order.


We started the week practising multiplying skills using apparatus and drawings. Some of us were applying our knowledge of partitioning to multiply bigger numbers i.e.  17 x 4 =    10 x 4  +   7 x 4

We then looked at arrays and how the number along the top times the number down the side, gives us how many are there altogether.   Then we looked at pictures to see what our maths brains could see.

 In phonics we have been looking at these sounds:

 ‘ ar ’  in park, remark, tarmac, artistic          and              ‘or’    in pork, before, storm, Eleanor,   etc.

The children have been like magpies looking for these sounds and other sounds within the books they read on their own or together.  Please discuss these sounds as you see them in their reading book, library book or when you are out and about.

Next Week:

-Tuesday: Trip to Warwick Castle- I am praying for good weather!   Let me know if there are any children who suffer from travel sickness. I am sure we will have lots of fun.

-Thursday: spelling test and reading books changed.

-Thursday: World Book Day- Children can come to school dressed as a book character.

10th  January 2017

Gold awards:

Joshua, for spelling all of his spelling words correctly. You have practised a lot and shown how clever you are. Well done Joshua.

Ben, for self-correcting your data representation (bar graph) when you realised you had made a mistake. Good detective work. Well done Ben.

Khian, for remembering full stops, capital letters and interesting words in your sentences. Well done Khian.


Well done to everyone who took part in the Spelling Bee today.  The competition was very close.  

Noah, Ellie, Bethany and Reuben were the winners of their spelling teams; spelling the most words correctly. Well Done Everyone.

 This week:

We enjoyed writing our own Dragon Adventure Story, remembering to include the elements of good writing that we have been practising.

 On Wednesday we were using a variety of units of measurement.  We measured the height and length of dinosaurs using centimetres. We used scales to measure items in the classroom, reading a circular dial in grams and liquids to make a dragon-finding potion in millimetres.


Possible holiday activities:

  • Bake together so that your child can measure the ingredients.
  • Search for items that are the same as a 1kg bag of sugar.
  • Order different amounts of water in bottles, guessing how many millilitres(ml) of liquid there is.
  • Estimate how tall things are.

On Thursday we really enjoyed our disco treat. The games were lots of fun and we worked well in our teams. We then went back to class and carried out a data collection activity that we then graphed to show our results.

Next term:

Our Class PE will be inside on a Thursday afternoon and outside on a Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure long hair is tied up and jewellery is removed on these days.

We will continue to be Dragon Hunters to theme our learning. We will be focussing on non-fictional writing about dragons.

You are very welcome to come into school on Friday  8.45-9.05 to see some of the maths activities we have been working on in the week.

Please look out for a letter about the trip on the 28Th February, it should be in book bags sometime in the first week back.

3rd January 2017

Gold awards:

Alexander, for rising to many challenges and never giving up. (Especially when he was chopping peppers which he did not like the feel of.) Well Done Alexander.

Kian, for trying extra hard with his writing this week, he enjoyed it so much he chose to finish it during playtime. Well done Kian.

 This week:

The children have completed their dragon stories. What an adventure!

The children used onomatopoeia, repetition, similes, speech, comparative sentences, description and bossy verbs while remembering to use smart Kinetic Letter writing, full stops, capital letters, wow words and conjunctions – your children are amazing!

 In maths, we have been tallying and creating graphs, remembering the days of the week, months of the year and number bonds.  Please practise the order of the days of the week and months of the year with your child. i.e. Which day comes before Sunday? Which month follows July? etc.  You could ask your child to sing our days of the week song to you.

On Tuesday we visited the local church where the children were able to explore inside the building and ask many questions about what they could see and what they understand so far.

We discovered that the church is a very special place because it is used for celebrations; celebrating birth during Baptism, celebrating togetherness in weddings and celebrating the lives of people who have died.  The children were very respectful and learnt a lot from the opportunity to freely investigate the Christian church.

On Wednesday we had an activity day where all of the tasks were related to Chinese New Year. Children made fans and learnt a dance. They started to make pompom rats, explored different art mediums to create rats and other animals in the Chinese Zodiac story.  Each child made a scale that will be put together to make a big dragon. This will be put up in school. The children also cut peppers and onions to go in to the noodle dish that they then tried after lunch. Many children really enjoyed eating it!  It was a lovely day.  Well done everyone. and learnt a dance. 

Next week:

If weather allows, we will have outside PE on Tuesday afternoon.  If the children would prefer to wear tracksuit bottoms they may. I always ensure they have a jumper on but if you wish this to be a different jumper from their school one please send one in. These can be kept in their PE bag.

On Thursday we will have our treat for 3400 Dojos.  The children can come in their own clothes and bring a teddy. Please send school uniform in a bag so that they can get changed after the class games and disco in the hall.

On Friday morning 8.45-9.05 you can come into class and the children can share their books with you and share what they have learned this term.

We will have a Spelling Bee competition on Friday where the children compete against each other with the spellings they have learned. (last time we had to go to unknown words that were tie-breakers, they were so good.) The winner will have a certificate.

27th January 2017

Gold awards:

George, for being a brilliant mathematician. He was able to subtract accurately and use negative numbers in his answers. Well Done George.

Sophie, for noticing patterns when using number lines. For noticing what happens when we turn the numbers around I a subtraction number sentence and using negative numbers.

Lily, for being so excited about our James and The Giant Peach activities and taking a lead in the organising of creating a class display.


This week we have practised using onomatopoeia, repetition, complex sentences, feelings, thoughts, noun phrases, etc. within our writing to add details within our Dragon story. Everyone’s Kinetic Letter writing, spelling and sentences structures are improving greatly – Well Done to the Kookaburras for all of their hard work.

Today we used drama to decide how we are going to find the dragon and rescue the princess in our story.  We will write the ending to our story next week.


We have been looking carefully at the operation signs – addition or subtraction and practising how to change and choose the best strategy to solve a number sentence. We have been investigating the ‘inverse’ operation (opposite) so that we can check our answers.


In ICT this week, we were directing small robot toys to catch each other. We were applying our estimating skills and knowledge of quarter and half turns / 90 degree and 180 degree turns. – This was a lot of fun!

20th January 2017

Gold awards:

Eddie, for remembering the items that are inside a church and using his sounds to spell the longer words correctly (pulpit, lectern) Well Done Eddie.

Mia, for understanding and making many alliterations to go with the places that the dragon visited. (funny forest,  creepy castle)



We have continued to write sections of a dragon story. We have created alliterations, different sentence starters and onomatopoeia to make the reader scared and wanting to read on!

We hope the parents who came into school this morning enjoyed reading our work so far.


During our daily 20 minute reading sessions this week, we have been “Magpie-ing”

This is where the children read together and choose powerful adjectives that they could use in their writing.


In maths we have practised using resources and straw in tens and ones bundles, to SUBTRACT one or two digit numbers. We have also used number lines and then lines that we have drawn ourselves with a big jump for tens and a small jump for units.

In Science we have been looking at animals and their young. Naming the adult and child animal e.g. Foal/horse, tadpole/frog, elephant/calf etc.  We have been looking at the lifecycles of animals and humans.  In Music we worked with a partner to create and repeat a rhythm. We thought about the tempo and volume while investigating the instruments.


In PE we have been strengthening our core body muscles.

We have been jumping in a variety of ways ensuring we start with two feet and land on two feet quietly and with good control.  Then we experimented and landed on one foot, landing at a 90 degree angle to our take off, threw a scarf or ball up and caught it as we jumped etc.  We liked the challenges!  I am sure the children would love to practise their jumping alongside throwing and catching if the weather allows them to play in the garden!  Next week we will be practising jumping off of the apparatus.


In two weeks’ time we will be creating some big art, if you have any spare WOOL that you would like to donate to us we would be really grateful. (light colours would be great!)


Thank you for your support.


Wishing you all a happy 2017 !

13th January 2017

Gold awards:

Elijah, for using commas, apostrophes and question marks independently. Well Done Elijah.

Charlie, for writing brilliant similes about the dragon in your story. Well Done Charlie.

Hando, for good descriptive writing about the dragon’s cave. Well Done Hando.


All of our learning will be connected to the theme of dragons.

We have been looking at and experimenting with the use of repetition, similes, noun phrases and adjectives in lists to make our sentences more powerful.  We have also been looking at the rules for adding suffixes (ed, ing, er) to root words and singular and plural rules for using ‘was’ and ‘were’.


In maths we have been practising how to add with and without apparatus.

We have used tens and units/ones to add a two digit number to a one digit number(23+6)

Two digit number add a multiple of ten (34+20) 

two, two digit numbers (34+25) and two, two digit number where the units go higher than a 10 (56+49). 

We then practised using our own drawn number lines to add the numbers.

Then on Friday they created a poster that showed their skills and ‘convinced me’ that they can do addition in any order.

In preparation for programming robots in ICT we had lots of fun directing each other to get to the pretend dragon.  We needed to use directional vocabulary and use instructions including 90 degrees turns to the left or right to get our friend to the dragon.


Well done to all of the children who achieved 10/10 in their spellings this week. They were able to sit on a pillow if they achieved 10/10.


We had a very magical time when we went out in the snow on Friday and we spent the afternoon creating scenery pictures where snow was laying on the items they had drawn in the pictures.


STAFF IN THE KOOKABURRA CLASSROOM; Mr Downing is supporting the children within small groups and interventions at different times in the week. Miss Pepper is with us until February half term and she will be teaching small groups and the whole class at times.  Mrs Willers has changed her name so the children are no calling her Miss Horsley.  I am still the teacher and very proud to be the teacher of the Kookaburras.


I wish you a lovely weekend, let’s hope it snows again!

20th December 2016

Gold awards:

Libby, for good independent spelling and ideas while writing her own Christmas acrostic poem. Well Done Libby.

Dylan, for choosing words carefully to create pictures in the reader's mind when writing an acrostic Christmas poem. Well Done Dylan.



We LOVED creating our Papier Mache cars, attaching the wheels and axles and then painting them. This was a good way to complete our learning around the theme on Vehicles.

We have had lots of fun being creative and embracing the festive spirit. Cooking, making decorations, cards etc. that we hope you have found and used at home. Santa visited us during our party. This was very magical.  Here is a photo of each child with Santa so it may take awhile to load!

All of the children took part in the Spelling Bee, it was obvious the children had been practising and remembering their spelling as we had to give them tricky words that they had not practised to get down to a winner!  Well done to everyone for learning so many spellings this term.

 I wish you all a very Magical, Family Christmas and a happy, prosperous 2017.

See you all in the new year, look out for the topic sheet that will tell you about out new, very exciting theme for our learning next term! ………………

9th  December 2016


“Amazing!”  The children have really enjoyed preparing for the show and then performed so well. We hope you really enjoyed it.

The children aspired to be the best they could be.  Ruby was very shy at the beginning but by the third production she was willing to say a few words and did this well.  There were children who stepped in and learned new words very quickly or swapped words around.  Independently they remembered where to stand and the order in which to speak. Many set themselves the challenge of committing their words to memory within a week or so and they achieved this.  Well done to everyone. 

This has awakened the spirit of Christmas!

We will be decorating our classroom on Monday and embracing the many Christmas activities in the lead up to the very special visit from Santa and party day!

-Please remember to sign up for party food if you haven't already.

-I hope you enjoy the Christmas Fair and have a lovely weekend.

2nd December 2016

 Going for gold awards:

Joseph, for careful listening, and learning how to add different coins carefully. Well Done Joseph.

George, for accurate counting of money and use of number bonds to help you find how much change you needed.  Well Done George.

Alexander, for writing a very informative book about fire engines and creating your own contents page too! Well done Alexander.

"Wow, it is December already!"  We have learned about Advent and the meanings of the four candles lit in the lead up to Christmas Day.

We have an advent calendar in our classroom which has a pocket for each day, the elves visit every night and leave a bookmark for a child who has been working hard. We also get a class treat if we have been working hard.

We have consolidated a lot of our learning so far.

We have been writing sentences remembering to show:

  • Smart writing. (using Kinetic Letters)
  • Full stops.
  • Capital letters.
  • Commas in lists.
  • Noun phrases.
  • Good spelling.
  • Sentences that make sense.
  • Conjunctions.
  • Organising and grouping information.
  • Subheadings in questions to interest the reader.

We are amazing when we can remember to use three or more of these!

We have started to investigate how to ‘multiply’ and what ‘X’ means in a number sentence.  We have practised this with lots of different things and different ways of drawing our understanding.

24th November 2016

Going for gold awards:

Hando, for brilliant adding to find a total of two items and then finding the change needed. Smart writing of the numbers. Well Done Hando.

Leah, for brilliant sentence writing in your Fire Engine book. You used careful spelling. Well done Leah.


We were all very brave and confident during our class assembly.  We really enjoyed sharing our learning with the rest of the school.  We sang our Kookaburra song, sorted numbers into odd and even numbers and some of us talked about what happens when we find half of odd and even numbers. We showed everyone the different parts of vehicles and used our Kung Fu punctuation actions as we read the ‘Naughty Bus’ story.  We showed our ‘Gummy Bears’ dancing and displayed a movie of us all working within different areas of the curriculum.  Everyone was impressed!


In maths this week we have been using money.  Some of us have been finding coins to make an amount, adding two, three or four amounts together to find a total and calculating change. If you are out shopping please encourage your children to help you with change. 


We have been ‘experts’ when talking about Fire engines and we have used this knowledge to help us to write non-fiction books.


There have been many letters in book bags this week; costume letters, Christmas arrangements, Party day arrangements, words for your child to practise for the Christmas Show, to name a few!


If you have a few hours spare on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of next and would like to come into school to help the children to make hats/props for the Christmas Play, please have a chat with a member of staff or put a note in your child’s communication book.

Many thanks.

18th November 2016

Going for gold awards:

Mia, for brilliant detective work to find the true halves and quarters of shapes. Well done Mia.

Lily, for attempting many challenges and never giving up this week. For aspiring to be the best you can be. Well done Lily.

Lucy, for giving so many ideas to our discussions and using adventurous vocabulary.  Well done Lucy.


Children in Need Day.

We had lots of fun. We enjoyed all of the different activities at lunchtime, Dressed in Pyjamas or spots we  danced to the Children In Need song and kept each other awake!  The money trail was very long!


Fractions in maths was a little bit tricky - we were finding 1/2  1/4  1/8  1/9  1/10  etc. of amounts and finding the answers to word problems.  We used a pizza cut into halves or quarters to help us to move the items to find the answer.

 We persevered with our writing, we started to write a non-fiction paragraph about the Naughty Bus. Ask us about the actions we use for a full stop, capital letter, exclamation mark, question mark, commas and apostrophes.

Science Inestigation:

Which surface is the best for bouncing a ball on?

 We LOVED planning and carrying out a FAIR TEST in science this week. We planned the test together and then created our own charts to record our findings.  Everybody in the team had a job to do – The person dropping the ball, the person measuring the height of the bounce, a person holding the ruler and marking where the bounce got to and the person writing the results.

We LOVED testing to see which surface is the best for bouncing a ball on - we even stood on chairs to bounce the ball on the table and measure how high it went!

We hope you have a lovely weekend.  

From The Kookaburras (We write this together this week)


11th November 2016

Going for gold awards:

Jack, for working so hard this week; remembering so many number bonds and recording your numbers correctly and smartly. Well done Jack.

Reuben, for rising to the many challenges! You work so hard to achieve the targets i give you; capital letters, full stops, conjunctions, noun phrases etc. and then you got 10/10 in your spellings for teh first time this week too.  Well done Reuben.  

We had lots of fun using our vehicles to move ‘cargo’ from on place to the other on the playground.  We also named the different parts of the vehicle; wheel, axle, chassis etc. See the photos below!


We have carried out many investigations with odd and even numbers. We have found out that you can half and double any number.

“If you half an even number the answer will be whole.” Dylan told us.

“If you half an odd number both groups will have half in it.” Said Bethany.

“If you have a ten left over you can half the ten,” Evangeline told us.

“So.... half of 50 will be

20     20    

5        5           = 25 "    Arthur and Isabelle worked out using straws tied in groups of ten.


Our reading and writing skills are improving every day.  Thank you for your support in learning weekly spellings.  We have been reading and sorting words into 'real' and 'nonsense' (not real) words. This is the link to the games we have been playing in 'Phase 2' or 'Phase 3'

http://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/freeIndex.htm    (children - for games  parents - for information)

If you need more support in how the children need to say the sounds, see the link below.


Please wait a while, so that the 39 photographs load.   Thank you.

4th November 2016

Welcome back, everyone has come back to the Kookaburra team refreshed and ready to learn.

 Going for Gold Awards:

Isabelle, for confidently writing information text, including many noun phrases and correctly including an exclamation mark. Well done Isabelle.

Ronnie, for smart writing, using adjectives and good sounds for spelling independently. Well done Ronnie.


Ready, Steady Go!

We had a ‘wow!’ experience to start our theme of ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’  A racing driver brought his car and trophies into school on Tuesday.  The children composed, wrote and asked him questions.  They were all fascinated and very excited by this!

We have looked at many vehicles; using them, drawing them, naming them and locating the different parts of the vehicle using the correct vocabulary.

We have continued to enjoy reading to ourselves and listening to many stories, including our class reader: James and the Giant Peach. We love discussing new vocabulary and trying to use it within our independent conversations. We have discussed ‘famished,’  ‘courageous,’  ‘crimson,’ ‘bobbing,’ ‘chassis,’ ‘scarlet,’ ‘common,’ to name a few!

Task for the Kookaburras:

While you are reading, if you find any interesting words at home, please put them on a slip of paper and bring it into school. We will choose a word a day out of the box, if your word is chosen you will get a Dojo.

Naughty Bus:

Today we found a parcel that we had to unpack.  Inside we found a London Bus. We have started reading the ‘Naughty Bus’ so we think the gift was the Naughty Bus.  We are looking forward to reading the book and using it to help us to write non-fictional texts this term.

Fifty Dojos:

Many of us have achieved 50 dojos since September.  The children can earn a dojo from any adult in school, or sometimes the children give a friend a dojo if they have been ultra helpful. Dojos are given for politeness, hard work, perseverance, good listening skills, good team work, kindness, helpfulness etc.  They can also receive one if the whole class are in the classroom ready for learning by 9am in the morning.  When the children have earned 50 dojos they can choose something out of my Gold bag, the things in the bag change regularly and they are a treat for all of their hard work. 

Well done to all of the children who achieved 50 Dojos.  I am sure we will have many more children who will reach 50 Dojos next week.

21st October 2016

Going for Gold:

Arthur, for writing a fantastic Tunnel Story, two pages long! with good spelling and smart writing. Well Done Arthur.

Dylan, for always being ready for learning. For listening carefully and showing good manners during discussions. Well done Dylan.

Joshua, for joining in outdoor P.E. and having lots of fun. Well done Joshua.

On Tuesday, we showed our teddies how clever we are. They sat on the tables and watched us write, listen, count and create; We wrote amazing stories, similar to The Tunnel but with our own characters and when they went through the tunnel they found themselves in many different places ... The stories were so exciting and we were so proud of ourselves. Everyone moved onto the rainbow and received four Dojos each!

On Thursday, we read instructions and then followed them to create a photo frame using wood and card.   Some of us were worried because it was the first time we used a saw but everyone really enjoyed it. We were very stong and skilled by the end of the morning.

Here are some of the comments they were saying as they worked:

"Fantastic work!"       "I liked the sawing."    "I like drawing my hero."   " I liked sticking the wood together."

"We were good at listening, following instructions and staying safe."

"I hope my mum really likes this."   "My dad is going to want  is going to keep this forever!"

I hope you have a fantastic half term break and we will see you on Tuesday 1st November to start our new theme - "Ready, Steady, Go!"

Have fun!

14th October 2016

Going for gold awards:

Sophie, for fantastic reading and completing of sentences using her spelling words AND having a brilliant memory when retelling our Tunnel Story. Well Done Sophie.

Eddie, for showing good body control and imagination when working on the apparatus, creating balances on ‘points’ and ‘patches’ of the body.

This week we have practised our story ‘The Tunnel’ again, we now say it with all of the words, sound effects and actions.  Mrs, Bramble was very impressed when she watched us do it! This will help us with writing our own adventure stories next week.

In drama we did some Hot-Seating where the children made up their own characters and answered questions making sure they were “not a like at all, different in everyway.” Just the same as the characters in the story.

We have learned how to write lists of words and numbers using commas. When we see a comma we click our fingers to show that we have seen the punctuation.

We have been solving many mathematical problems this week and ordering sets of numbers that do not start at 1. We have been number detectives: discussing ‘what we can see’ when looking at a group of numbers i.e. 3,  34,  6,  12, 10. 

  • Are they odd/even?
  • Which is the biggest/smallest? 
  • How many tens in the number?
  • How many ones in the number?
  • Are they one, two or three digit numbers?
  • A challenge if there are one and two digit numbers
  • How can we order them? Largest to smallest or smallest to largest

During outdoor PE we have been making up a pirate game as we have pretended to be on ‘The Scoundrel Pirate Ship.’  Many of us can now stand on one leg for over 30 seconds and close our eyes, with no wobbling!  If we did this then we challenged ourselves by bending knees in time into a squat many times.

We love dancing and following actions to music. This helps the left and right side of the brain to work together. If you would like to try some at home to help with co-ordination you can find them on youtube under a search for ‘dancekids.’          



We looked at clips about the emergency services and how the workers are heroes and heroines everyday. We then had many activities connected to the different jobs.


This Friday we had our school disco and we have many snazzy dancers in our class!

(I think there are more photos on Mrs Clucas and Miss Ovey’s pages that you might be in too.)


Please could you help us by starting to collect plastic bottles for a design and make project we will be doing next term?  Thank you.

7th October 2016

Going for gold awards:

Evangeline, for so much learning at home. She extended The Tunnel story remembering smart writing, good punctuation and spelling and then she made up her own homework practising skills we have been learning in class. Well Done Evangeline.

Noah, for showing small, controlled, detailed drawings of his friends within his friendship book. Well Done Noah.

Connie, for good understanding and careful, accurate drawing to show the value of digits in a two digit number.

Our English and Maths learning this week:

We have been talking and showing our understanding of numbers. We have been ordering numbers and discussing the value of digits (0,1,2,3,4,5,6, etc) within one, two(56) and three digit numbers (345);

We have been choosing which digit we would like in sweets i.e. Would we prefer lthe 2 in 32 or 2 in 26 in sweets?

We have been investigating numbers and counting in 1’s,2’s, 5’s and 10’s forwards and backwards.

Everyone has done a fantastic job at learning their spellings at home and in school.  Well Done to all of the children who achieved 10/10 in their spelling test. These children have been sitting on a cushion while learning today … a little bit of luxury for all of their hard work!


Every week we have a reading rotation of three activities. All of the children read for half-an-hour with an adult, followed by a review of the book or sorting activity to show their understanding of what they have read and then they carry out a reading activity (This week we were reading real and nonsense words on the computer http://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/BuriedTreasure2.html  ) The children really enjoy the session; helping them to develop a love of reading words and texts.




Well Done Kookaburras!

We have been awarded the 100% Attendance Award this week. 

Everyone has been at school every day this week.

We were also awarded the cup from the Dinner Staff today because we have been the quietest and most sensible class in the dinner hall.  

30th September 2016

Going for gold awards:

Bethany, for working so hard all of the time. Good listening, ideas and learning attitude. Well Done Bethany.

Khian, for writing fantastic sentences about Superheroes and spelling words on your own.  Well Done Khian.


Wow, is it only week 4? We have packed in so much learning!

We have been practising our ‘The Tunnel’ story with actions and sound effects.

We have been practising how to write ladder letters (l,t,u,i) and abracadabra letters (c, o, a, g, d,) ; trying to make them straight, placed correctly on the line and snuggled together within words.

We have looked a 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. We have the found the vertices (corners), sides, edges and faces on shapes.  We have been detectives while looking at pictures of superheroes and spotting the shapes within their costumes.

We used rulers to measure superheroes and place them in height order.

Through the ‘Traction Man’ stories we have looked at different adventure stories and events. We have worked hard to develop the use of conjunctions (and, because, so, but, while) to join two pieces of information and adjectives to make our sentences more interesting.

We are being ‘illustrators’ on the computer so that we can make a class e-book.

In Geography, we gave directions to each other while using a map of the school to find clues.  We are good at knowing ‘left’ and ‘right’.

Stephen the Vicar visited us on Monday and he shared his favourite story from his book, we brought in our special books and shared them with our friends.

On Friday afternoon all of our activities were related to the Winnie the Witch story. Chalk pictures of Winnie and Wilbur, Creating houses and modes of transport for them, Counting ingredients for spells, describing the characters etc.


Well Done Kookaburras, another great week! 

23rd September 2016

Going for Gold Awards this week:

Ben, for writing a brilliant start of 'The Tunnel' story. You remembered full stops, capital letters, commas, careful spelling and smart writing - Well done Ben.

Joseph, for drawing a fantastic superhero, thinking carefully about sizing and detail.


Here are some of the activities we have enjoyed in our busy week:

 -Ordering pictures from the story to help us retell the story.

-Remembering the story though actions and sounds to a drawn storyboard. 

-Using apparatus to solve word problems and reason how we found the answer.

-Testing our senses through listening quizzes, I spy detective games and guessing the smells. We will have a tasting session soon!

-Developing our core stability and strength in PE, learning tucks, straddles, pikes and straights. 

-Drawing maps of the classroom, and many more activities!

WOW! We have worked so hard and had lots of fun this week!

16th September 2016

Going for Gold Awards this week go to:

Ronnie, for making many new friends, smiling a lot and trying all of the new challenges. Welcome to Bugbrooke Ronnie.

Kian, for fantastic reading and discussion of the text. Well done Kian.

Ellie, for always being ready for learning and working so hard this week. Well done Ellie.

 During our English sessions, we have been learning through the story 'The Tunnel.' We have been detectives looking out for full stops, capital letters, commas, alliterations and adjectives within the text. We have been thinking about the characters and how they feel and act. In pairs, we pretended to argue just like the characters and thought about body language as well as the sentences we were using. We climbed through a tunnel into our own imaginary places, some of us had very scary places to visit like a haunted castle or, a field where there were red-eyed goblins that chased us! Some of us visited quiet, sunny beaches, Austrailia or Thomasland! (See the photos of us climbing through the tunnel.) 

During maths, we have been ordering numbers and deciding how we know the sequence is correct or wrong. Sneakily 12 was swapped for 21 but the children still noticed and explained how they knew it was wrong! Many children knew which digit in a two-digit number they would rather have in a bag of sweets - they preferred the 2 in '23' rather than the 2 in '52'  ... This shows good thinking and understanding of the value of the digits within numbers. We have been practically investigating number bonds to numbers up to 10 and 20, and looking at patterns that will help us to remember the pairs of numbers that go together to make 10.

As superheroes, we imagined we were flying and we looked at birds-eye-views of everyday items, places in London and Bugbrooke. We used our superhero senses to think about the environment we learn in and will be testing our super senses further next week!


We have all been trying to be the best we can be.  


Well done to everyone in the Kookaburra team.   


Welcome to the Kookaburra Class 2016 / 2017



  We have had a fantastic first week of school.  

We are all really keen to learn new things and have made many new friends. We have enjoyed sharing and hearing about evryone's holiday events. It sounds like we have all had a brilliant break doing many lovely things.

During the next week please look out for a booklet and fact sheets about routines and expectations in Key Stage One.

I would like to say a big thank you to all of the members of the Kookaburra Team for making me feel so happy and excited about the year ahead of us ... We are going to be the best!

From Mrs Smith