Bugbrooke Community Primary School

Miss Ovey


This term our topic is ‘Fascination’.

Going for Gold children this week are...

Harry Mc for his improved mind set this year and for a great attitude to learning.

Genna for her resilience in her learning and for always trying her best.

Clara for being a kind and caring girl who always makes everyone feel welcome in the kangaroo class.

Kangaroo Class News 21.07.2017

What an amazing last week of term the Kangaroos had!

We went on our summer holidays to the seaside. We sang lots of songs on the bus including favourites like ‘the wheels on the bus’ and ‘summer holiday’. We visited lots of places from Brighton to Woolacombe. We finished making our clay fish and completed lots of seaside challenges.

Next stop France. We went under the English Channel by train and continued on to Paris to visit the Eiffel Tower. We then ventured into Spain for a quick visit to Barcelona before heading back along the South of France and into Italy. We drew postcards of some of the places we visited along the way.

We even had time to fit in our class treat riding our bikes and scooters and doing some playground big art with chalk. We also did some science experiments linked to all the amazing colours we saw at the seaside into making our own rainbows using water and a torch.

Our final destination was Hawaii. We did some dancing and even played with the sand pit in the classroom. We managed to squeeze in our spelling bee. The children have worked really hard this year and I could see how much their spelling has improved. Well done to everyone who took part.

We returned to Bugbrooke just in time to say goodbye to the children and teachers who are leaving us this year. We will remember all the good times we had with them and wish them well in their new adventures.


Continuing on with our trip to the seaside theme this week, we took lots of fun pictures with our friends in the photo booth.

I would like to thank all the Kangaroos and their grown-ups for their hard work, incredible generosity and kind words this year. It has been the most amazing year and I am already thinking of exciting ideas ready for next year. Enjoy the summer, have fun and stay safe.

Going for Gold children this week are...

Harry Mc for his improved mind set this year and for a great attitude to learning.

Genna for her resilience in her learning and for always trying her best.

Clara for being a kind and caring girl who always makes everyone feel welcome in the kangaroo class.

Kangaroo Class News 14.07.2017

It has been an awesome week in the Kangaroo classroom.

At the request of the children we have had a selection of subject themed days.


Monday was English. We looked at traditional tales and the different characters in them. Next the children split into groups and each group picked a story to retell as a performance to the class. The groups discussed the characters and the plot of the story and then set to acting it out. We were all great actors and we enjoyed being in the audience watching the performances.


Tuesday was the dress rehearsal for year 6 and everyone was in the hall to watch the play. It was very exciting and the year 6 children had clearly worked hard to learn their lines. We really loved the songs.


Wednesday was Maths day. We did lots of problem solving and reasoning about fruit, pairs of socks, bricks and hidden shapes. We also did a scavenger hunt linked to our times tables. The children really got into it and there was lots of talking about how and why we got our answers.


Thursday was potted sports at Campion School. The whole of Key Stage One walked to Campion and we did lots of different mini games linked to tennis and football skills. It was lots of fun and thankfully it didn’t rain before we got back to school.


Friday was the Summer Fair but first all the Kangaroos sang a selection of songs to their grown-ups. We have really enjoyed singing in our class this year. After lunch we got changed into our outfits for the dancing. We are really good at it now and hopefully everyone enjoyed watching us as much as we enjoyed taking part.



Kangaroo Class News 07.07.2017

Well it has been another busy week for the Kangaroos this week.

In English we have been looking at poetry. We have been using adjectives to write ‘What am I?‘ riddles and then we have used that knowledge along with adverbs to write our own animal poems.

In Mathematics we have been applying our number skills to complete addition and subtraction number sentences. We really enjoyed using the dice to generate 1 and 2 digit numbers to make our own number sentences.

In P.E. we have been busy learning our dance for the Summer Fair, it is almost ready to perform to our grown-ups. We have also been busy in D.T. designing and making friendship bracelets to sell on our class stall.

Linking to our Meerkat Mail work in English we completed our Meerkat Sunset Silhouettes in Art and we found some afternoon shady spots outside so we could continue our observational drawings of the trees around our school.

With two weeks of the school year left the Kangaroos are still busy with learning and having fun. We need some shoeboxes or cereal boxes for our mini surprise topic in the last week of term, if you have any please send them into school.

Going for Gold children this week are...

Toby for his brilliant 'What am I?' poem and reciting it to the class.

Blake for always being kind, helpful, hard working and trying his best. For everything he does every day to be a role model to the Kangaroo Class.


Kangaroo Class News 30.06.2017


It has been all change in the Kangaroo class this week as we all got to spend two days in our new classes. The Year 1 Kangaroos enjoyed welcoming the ‘new Year 1’s ‘ to our classroom on Wednesday and Thursday. We had lots of fun together learning all about ‘The elves and the shoemaker’ and ‘shoes’.


The new Year 1’s are keen to be Kangaroos and enjoyed doing P.E. with us and learning our Kangaroo song. The Year 2 Kangaroos got to go and check out becoming Lions. They had a great time in Year 3 and showed us all how to make rain noise without using their mouths.


We started the week doing lots of sport related challenges in Mathematics and on Friday we were multiplying using the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. In English we wrote our own version of Meerkat Mail choosing where Sunny travelled to and who he visited. In Science we looked at the seasons and what happens to trees during each season and how this impacts animal habitats.


Only 3 more weeks of this term left and the Kangaroos are working hard to make sure they earn enough dojos to enjoy one final treat reward.

We all had an exciting week, enjoying making new friends and looking forward to our next adventure.

Going for Gold children this week are...

Ava for her hard work last week in English and Mathematics, producing super sums and sensational sentences.

April for working hard to become a brilliant reader.


Kangaroo Class News 23.06.2017

It has been very warm this week but the Kangaroos have kept hydrated and busy learning. We have continued using Meerkat Mail and the children know the actions to the story really well now. We researched facts on meerkats and used them to write an information sheet. The children have really enjoyed finding out all about meerkats like Sunny in our story.

In Mathematics we have been learning to gather, record and compare data using tally charts, bar charts and pictograms. We did surveys on bedtime, eye colour and smarties in a tube. We have also been working on our basic number skills in mental maths. We looked at how to make numbers to 30 using any of the four operations but only the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4.

In Science we looked at hot and cold habitats and which animals would live in the different types of habitats. We also used Google Earth to help us research animal habitats around the World.

It was too hot for P.E. outside this week so we did some simple exercises and relaxation in our cool classroom. We also used the shaded areas of the playground late in the afternoon to protect us while we did some observational drawing of the different trees around us.

We also had a visit from the police to tell us about the Blue Butterfly Project and who we can talk to if we are nervous or worried about anything.

Our class caterpillars have emerged from their chrysalises and we have 4 butterflies. Miss Ovey is looking after them this weekend and we hope to release them on Monday.

Going for Gold children this week are...

There are no going for gold medals this week as we held a leaving assembly for Mrs Clucas.

Kangaroo Class News 16.06.2017


It has been an amazing 2nd week of term in the Kangaroo class. We have started our unit of work linked to Meerkat Mail. The children have really enjoyed having Sunny the Meerkat visiting them this week. The children made postcards to send to the Meerkat Mob in the Kalahari Desert telling them all about Bugbrooke Primary School. The children have put actions to the story to help them remember it.


In Mathematics we have been working on our core number skills, solving problems including money and revisiting how to tell the time.


We are learning about animals and their habitats in Science and this week we worked together to match animals to their habitats and discussed how the different habitats met the animal’s needs. Our class caterpillars almost doubled in size over the weekend and they are making their way up to the lid ready to enter the next stage of their lifecycle and become a chrysalis.


In I.T. we have started to input our data from the bug hunt using excel.


In Geography we packed our suitcases ready to visit destinations around the world. We noticed that the closer our destination was to the Equator the hotter it was.


We made some extra special artwork for some very important people who look after us. The Year 1 children have worked really hard in Phonics this week, trying to remember all the sounds and spot the special friends in real and alien words.


On Wednesday the sun was shining and we all headed outside for an afternoon of Sports. We enjoyed trying all the events in our teams and had just enough energy left for the running races. It was lots of fun – Miss Ovey can’t wait to do it all again next year.


Going for Gold children this week are...

Thomas for working really hard in phonics and never giving up.

Issy for always trying her best, helping others and being a role model to other children.

The Year 1 Kangaroos for all working so hard to learn their sounds in Phonics. Miss Ovey is very proud of you all.


Kangaroo Class News 9th June 2017


The Kangaroos made a great start to the final term of the school year. The children have returned to school excited to learn and enthusiastic to show off all the skills they now have.


We started the week writing a recount of our half term holidays using all our sentence structure skills and remembering to use punctuation. Next we became researchers and tried to find as many interesting facts as we could about animals. We worked in teams and used mind maps to record all the information. Still in teams we used our research to help us create ‘fascinating facts animal posters’. The children really enjoyed creating the posters and they are on display in our reading corner. Finally we used all of our research to help us make a top trumps style animal fact card. We definitely enjoyed making these.


In Mathematics we continued the theme of measurement, this time looking at and comparing weight and capacity. We used our reasoning skills to decide if the tallest container would hold the most liquid and tested our theories. We compared the weight of objects around the classroom using the language lighter than, heavier than and equal (weighing the same as).

We used animal fact cards, similar to the ones we made in English to make comparisons on height, length, weight and speed.


In Science we started our learning on Animals and their Habitats by looking at how to classify using the categories dead, alive and never living. The children had lots of ideas and soon they were able to place items into the correct classification.


In Geography we looked at different types of weather and had a go at being weather forecasters. We talked about the type of weather we expect to get in the different seasons.


Finally on Friday the Kangaroos enjoyed their next 1000 dojo points reward by having a Teddy Bears Picnic. We have wanted to do this for quite a while but needed to wait for the better weather. We rounded off the week by winning the Mr Ford award for making sure our classroom is tidy at the end of every day.


What an amazing first week we had!

Going for Gold children this week are...

Harvey for his amazing recount on Monday and continuing to work hard all week to be the very best he can be.

Ava for being an enthusiastic learner and a great friend by always celebrating others successes.

Kangaroo Class News 26.05.2017

The last week of term in the Kangaroo class has been so busy, it has practically flown by.

We have been working very hard this week using all the skills we have been learning over this year to write a special story about an ‘Amazing Pebble’. Each pebble had different magical powers and took us on an adventure. We made sure we used capital letters and full stops in our sentences. We tried to remember to use alliteration, similes, repetition or an expanded noun phrase to make our sentences more interesting to read. We looked for opportunities to use the different type of sentences and tried to make sure we matched these with the correct punctuation.

In Maths we used a bar chart to record the data collected on the bug hunt, for our Science topic ‘Mini Beasts’, a few weeks ago. We also had a lot of fun ordering ourselves from tallest to shortest in our year groups and then making comparisons between each other using taller and shorter than in Felt Tip Friday.

During P.E. we held the auditions for Strictly Northampton and those not participating enjoyed some team games in preparation for Sports day.

The year one children are still working hard and focussing on Phonics. They are making great progress and hopefully will spot some ‘special friends sounds’ during the holidays when they read to you.

On Friday we had the end of term spelling bee. Well done to April, Joel, Harvey, Amelie, Jemma and Blake, top spellers for the Kangaroo Class this term.

The Kangaroos deserve a nice break after all their hard work and I hope they enjoy thinking about what fascinates them ready for their class project homework.

Have lots of fun Kangaroos and I look forward to seeing you and hearing all about your holidays on Monday 5th June.

Going for Gold children this week are...

Amelie for knowing all her sounds and blends in phonics.

Blake for his amazing maths work every day and being such a positive role model and a great member of the Kangaroo Class.



Kangaroo Class News 19.05.2017.

What a busy week it has been for the Kangaroos!

We have a new member of our class all the way from South Africa. The children have made Blake J most welcome.

In English we have been working on our kinetic letters to improve our handwriting and using our skills to identify nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs in sentences. We have then used this information to help us to expand our noun phrases. The Year 1 children have been looking at a traditional tale involving 3 Billy Goats Gruff. Ask them to retell the story to you.

In Maths we finished looking at the four operations and reminded ourselves about fractions. We noticed that to solve word problems including fractions we can use our division number facts to help us. We have also been trying to tell the time at different key moments in the school day.

In Geography we studied Island life in more detail and thought about what jobs people might need to do because they live on an island and how that compares to living in Bugbrooke.

The Year 2 children completed their SATs tests this week. I was incredibly proud of them. They were so determined to do their very best and they all supported and encouraged one another. What a great team they are and they had lots of fun during their brain breaks and celebrating all their hard work and effort.

Just one more week to go until the half term holidays…

Going for Gold children this week are...

Blake J. for joining our class and becoming a great kangaroo team member.

Year 2 Kangaroos for all their hard work and determination to be the best that they can be this week. Well done Team Kangaroo, I am a very proud teacher.




Kangaroo Class News 12.05.2017


Week 4 has whizzed by in the Kangaroo Class. We have been busy all week writing a daily diary entry of a pet. We shared the ‘Diary of a Wombat’ at the start of the week and then thought about what a pet might do during a typical day. We had to remember to write in the past tense.


In Maths we have looked at multiplication and division. We have used objects and number lines to help us. We also explored the connection between multiplying numbers, repeated addition and division.


In P.E. we have started to learn the ‘strictly’ dances. We will need to ‘keep dancing’ if we are going to perfect the polka.


As part of our Science topic we went on a mini beast hunt. We really enjoyed exploring microhabitats around the school. We found lots of different insects and even discovered a newt.


We finally managed to fit our 1000 dojo points treat into our busy timetable this week (we are already half way towards the next 1000 points). We really enjoyed spending our art afternoon drawing, painting and junk modelling. The creations were incredible and varied from a space shuttle to a farmhouse, with a few cats and dogs included. It was a fun filled afternoon and the Kangaroos loved being arty and creative.


Going for Gold children this week are...

Genna for improved effort and hard work in reading, homework and maths. Keep it up Genna.

Harvey for his super sentences in diary writing, great map work and being a kind and caring Kangaroo every day.


Kangaroo Class News 05.05.2017

It has been a very busy week in the Kangaroo Class.

The Year 1 children have been busy working on a project learning all about the story of the Three Little Pigs. They acted out the story in drama, made a comic strip of the adventure, tried building their own little house and wrote a letter from the Wolf to apologise for his actions.

The Year 2 children have been working on their comprehension skills this week and they all agreed that reading every day was important to help develop the key skills needed for comprehension. The Year 2 children showed real determination to be the best that they can be this week.

We have all continued to build on our writing skills using kinetic letters and learning how to use suffixes and adverbs in our writing. We really enjoyed writing about ‘where our bubble would take us’ and thinking about all the things that we find fascinating as part of our topic for this term.

We have been learning about physical and human features in Geography and will be looking at what it is like to live on an island over the next few weeks. In Art we used water colours to paint a seascape and added texture to our pictures by collaging tissue paper for the sea.

In Mathematics we will be revisiting the four operations and this week we focussed on addition and subtraction using concrete objects and number lines to help us solve the calculations.

During P.E. this week we looked at how we run in preparation for Sports Day and we had an extra special session of tag rugby with a sports coach from the Saints. We really enjoyed learning new skills in P.E. this week.

Going for Gold children this week are...

Joel for his amazing writing about his bubble  journey using kinetic letters.

Isaac for some marvellous maths work, always wanting to do more and being prepared to try his best.

Year 2 for having a great positive mind set, being courageous and determined to be the best that they can be. Well done to all of you.

Kangaroo Class News 28.04.2017


The Kangaroos have worked extremely hard this week and really tried to be the best that they can be.


We have been looking at the different characters in the story of Little Red Riding Hood and describing them. We have used pictures from the book to help us retell the story using different sentence types including exclamation and command sentences. We have been learning how to extend a noun phrase, use an apostrophe to show possession and how to turn adjectives into adverbs.


In Maths we have been using place value to help us work out how to represent and partition numbers into 10’s and 1’s. We have looked at and compared 2D and 3D shapes. We have been learning the names and properties of the different shapes.


This week in Science we looked at different types of insects. We worked together to look at the body parts and then labelled our own diagram of an insect. We were fascinated by how delicate the insect’s wings were and by how a worm wriggles it’s body to move along the ground.


In P.E. we have been competing in team challenges in preparation for sports day and working on our ball skills, throwing and catching, in pairs and fours to help improve our hand eye coordination and communication.


During this week the Kangaroos achieved 1000 class dojo points. As a class we voted on what class reward we would enjoy and have decided we will have an art afternoon soon. In preparation for this if you have any empty boxes, plastic bottles or tubes please send them into class so the children can use them for model making.


Going for Gold children this week are...

Sophie for your super comprehension work. Reading every day has really helped you build your understanding and comprehension skills, well done Sophie keep up the good work.

April for working hard all week to be the best you can be not just once but in English, Maths and Music. Fantastic work April.

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Kangaroo Class News 21.04.2017


The Kangaroos have returned to school after the Easter break refreshed and ready to learn.


We have been very busy in the first three days of this term. The children have written a recount of their favourite moments during the holidays. We have started to learn about how we can make new words using words we already know and adding a suffix like ‘ed’, ‘ly’, ‘ness’ or ‘ment’ to them. On Friday we held our poetry recital. The children were given the opportunity to recite or read a favourite poem to the class. We really enjoyed listening to all the different poems and talking about our favourite ones and why we really liked them.


During Maths we have been busy measuring and learning about length and height. We can compare items to find the longest and we have been estimating and then measuring items around the classroom to see how accurate our estimations were.


We are looking forward to finding out more about our new topic ‘Fascination’. The children had lots of ideas about things that fascinate them and things they want to know more about. Some of the children found the same things fascinating and other children had completely different ideas. We discussed how interesting it is that we all have our own ideas and interests that make things fascinating to us but how they may not be the same for everyone. We realised how wonderful and fascinating the world around us really is and we have lots of questions to explore this term.


Going for Gold children this week are...

Chase for his recount including an exclamation sentence.

Amalie for her fantastic poem recital.

Sienna for joining our school and becoming a super member of the Kangaroo Class.


Kangaroo Class News 31.03.2017

The last week of term has been extremely busy for the Kangaroos.

We have continued with our work on fractions and poetry. We looked at how we could extend our sentences using conjunctions like ‘and, or, but and because’. We wrote a sensory poem all about spring. We made collages of Warwick Castle and a diagram and booklet of the parts of a flower. We added another observation into our bean diaries before we sent them home.

On Thursday we had our class ‘street party’ celebrating the Queen making history by becoming the longest reigning monarch. We enjoyed writing a shopping list and working out how much we needed to pay and how much change we should get. Then we wrote instructions on how to make a sandwich, ready for making our own sandwiches in the afternoon to eat at the party. We really enjoyed the whole day and it was a lot of fun waving flags as we watched the Queen’s procession and sang the National Anthem.

On Friday we had our end of term spelling bee and the winners this time were Amalie, Isaac and Clara. Well done to all the children who took part. We also decorated Easter baskets and did some calculations in Maths to show off our learning this term.

The Kangaroos have worked very hard this term and I hope they enjoy the Easter holidays and return to school on Wednesday 19th April ready for a summer term full of learning.

Going for Gold children this week are...

Kadie for her super sentences and instructions on how to make a sandwich.

Harry Mc for his consistent hard work in spellings  and in class all this term - Keep it up Harry your great attitude to learning is starting to show in all your work.

Kangaroo Class News 24.03.2017

The penultimate week of this term has been a busy one in the Kangaroo Class.

We have started looking at Poetry and we spotted that some of the poems we were reading used rhyming words at the end of the lines. We had a go at writing an acrostic poem of our own for someone who is very special to us. We hope you like them.

In Mathematics we have been looking at fractions. We have been learning about halves and quarters. We looked at fractions of objects and amounts and started to solve problems involving fractions. We understand that a fraction is a whole divided into equal parts. Some of the class noticed that fractions are similar to dividing and that halving something is sharing it into two equal amounts or pieces.

In PE we were looking at different shapes we can make with our bodies and movement by rolling. We started to learn the pike and tuck rolls. Some of the movements needed strong cores and good balance. We found that it can be quite tricky to stand up from a tuck position without using your hands.

We have continued to look after our plants in the classroom and have updated the next instalment in our bean diaries. We have taken our bulb plants home this week and hopefully they will continue to grow and flower at home.

On Friday it was Red Nose Day. We all enjoyed telling and listening to jokes. We voted for our class favourite to represent us in the whole school assembly joke telling competition. We chose a joke about a Kangaroo. The school hall was a sea of red and we all really enjoyed the day.

Going for Gold children this week are...

Ava for working hard to learn her sounds.

Genna for trying her very best in English and Mathematics this week.

The whole Kangaroo class for their amazing performance in their class assembly on team work. Go Team Kangaroo.

Kangaroo Class News 17.03.2017

This week in the Kangaroo class we have all been learning about time and how to tell the time using o’clock and half past. We have been finding out how many hours there are in a day, days in a week, the amount of weeks in a year and finally how many months there are in a year.

We have completed our Dragon information sheets. The children really enjoyed the fact finding research for this task and most of them remembered to use sub-headings in their writing and some even included a labelled diagram.

In History this week the children worked in pairs to make a poster on William the Conqueror containing all the key facts they could remember about him since our trip to Warwick Castle. The children all worked well together and the posters are really interesting and look fantastic.

In Science we have continued to care for our plants and we are keeping a Bean Diary to monitor the growth of our bean plants over the next few weeks.

In R.E. we found out about the Hindu Festival of Holi. It is also known as the Festival of Colour and marks the arrival of Spring. It is celebrated during the month of March.

Science Day on Friday was very exciting and we carried out lots of different experiments to find out why things change or move. We even tested the speed of our own movements in a reaction test. The children were keen science investigators and there were lots of WOW moments throughout the day.

This week we recognised Super Scientists in our Friday assembly. Kangaroo class recipients were..

Sophie, Joel, Harry Mc and Isaac.


Kangaroo Class News 10.03.2017

What a busy time the Kangaroos had this week!

We have been continuing to write sentences about dragons. We tried to include a statement, question, command and exclamation in our writing. We are getting very good at spotting alliteration and similes. We can answer questions about the Fire Dragon and can tell a story using actions. We innovated our story and changed it to an Ice Dragon.

In Maths we have been learning about money. We can recognise the value of all the coins and notes we use in this country. We know that money is measured in pounds and pence. The children enjoyed finding all the different combinations of coins you could use to make the same amount of money.

Following on from our trip to Warwick Castle we have been learning the names for all the various parts of a castle and what they were used for.

In PE this week we joined up with the Wombats and did lots of team challenges. It was lots of fun and we really enjoyed it.

In Science we planted our magic beans and will start to keep a record of how they grow over the next few weeks.


Going for Gold children this week are...

Myleigh for working really hard all week to be the best she can be.

April for her super dragon sentences.

Kangaroo Class News 3.03.2017

The Kangaroos have been so busy, visiting Warwick Castle and celebrating World Book Day all in the same week.

The trip to Warwick Castle was a great success. We really enjoyed exploring the castle and its grounds looking for Dragons. Once or twice we thought we had seen one but they always seemed to keep one step ahead of us. We started out by climbing the mound to get the best possible view from the top. Next, we headed to the Horrible Histories Maze. We had a lot of fun trying to find our way, despite all the dead ends and the directional skills we have been learning in Geography and Computing really helped us. We collected the stamps and looked at the objects from different periods in History.

After lunch the Kangaroos explored the inside of the castle, there were lots of rooms to discover- it even had its own library and we enjoyed looking around a real castle.

The children were exceptionally well behaved and I was a very proud teacher and thankful to the parents who gave up their time to accompany us.

In Maths we have been multiplying and dividing using objects and known number facts. The children have been continuing to learn to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to help them with the calculations and some of them are getting really good at it. Counting backwards is trickier but we are working hard to try and improve. 

We were Professor know it all’s in English researching dragon facts and sharing our expertise with the class. There were some very imaginative ideas about what dragons eat and why they change colours. These facts will really help us later in the term when we write our own dragon information sheet.

In Science we carried out an investigation to test the stretchiness of different materials. We wanted to find the best material to make a net out of to catch a dragon. The children concluded that the fabric would need to be stretchy but also fireproof to prevent the dragon from breathing on it and escaping from the net.

In History we have started to learn about William the Conqueror and how he became King by invading England and defeating King Harold at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

The children all looked amazing dressed up as characters from their favourite books for World Book Day.

Going for Gold children this week are...

Issy for moving up to caterpillar level in reading.

Jemma for working really hard on her multiplying and dividing skills in Mathematics this week..

Kangaroo Class News 24.02.2017

What a great start to the new term for the Kangaroos!

In Golden Assembly this week we received the Attendance Award for 100% attendance in the week before half term and the Mr Ford Award for keeping our classroom tidy.

This term we will be looking at non-fiction texts and have started gathering ideas for an information sheet on dragons by using adjectives to describe dragons in our sentences.

In Mathematics we are learning to multiply and divide. To help us get ready for multiplication and division sentences we have been counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s starting from zero to begin with and then starting at any number up to 100.

The Kangaroos have been busy planting bulbs and are looking forward to watching them grow. Once we can see the shoots we will monitor their growth measuring how high they grow and comparing the growth of each bulb against the rest of the bulbs we planted. We are also conducting an experiment to see what happens to the growth of a plant if it does not have light or water. We will be carrying out more investigations in Science this term and looking at different plants.

Next week will be a busy one for the Kangaroos as we are off on our trip to Warwick Castle on Tuesday and it is World Book Day on Thursday and we are all dressing up as a character from a favourite book. I am looking forward to seeing if I can guess all the different characters.

Going for Gold children this week are...

Harry A for improved attitude to learning and trying his best all week.

Imogen for marvellous multiplication work in Maths.

Kadie for working hard in English and improving her spelling.


Kangaroo Class News 10.02.2017 


Well the Kangaroos blew me away in the last week of term.

They have all worked so hard this term and I can see the hard work and perseverance beginning to show in the work they are now producing.


Our Dragon Adventure Stories were amazing. Along with some great plots they had repetition, similes, adjectives, speech, onomatopoeia (a word that mimics the object or action it refers to), wow words and a range of punctuation. We are all improving and working hard on remembering to use capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and kinetic letters in all our writing.


The children gave a big thumbs up to spellings this term and again everyone is starting to improve and working hard. Now we need to start applying our spelling knowledge in our writing. Our Spelling Bee champions this term were Joel, Harvey, Imogen and Jemma.


In Mathematics we have started to learn about measure. We had a Marvellous Maths carousel of activities including weighing Dragon eggs, comparing lengths to a Dragon’s footprint and creating a Dragon potion using different liquid ingredients.


We all enjoyed watching a DVD and eating chocolate Dragon’s egg nests as a reward for achieving 3000 dojo points as a class. We are well on the way to the next 1000 dojo point treat and already thinking of ways to celebrate our success.


We are all ready for a well deserved break and a fun filled half term and I look forward to hearing all about it when the Kangaroos return to school on Monday 20th February 2017.


Going for Gold children this week are...

Blake, Issy and Imogen for their amazing adventure stories.

Kangaroo Class News 03.02.2017

The penultimate week of this term has been a busy one in the Kangaroo class.

We have continued to write our Dragon stories and the children have been using their new skills including adjectives, repetition and similes. They have even tried including speech whilst deciding on how to end their story.  In Mathematics, we have been learning about the days of the Week, months of the Year and how to sequence events in a day. Some of us have been learning about Data and how to collect information using tally charts and then represent the results in a pictogram.

On Monday we continued Dragon Hunting in Europe during our Geography lesson. We used maps and atlases to find the different countries that the Dragons might live in.

On Tuesday we went on our visit to the local church. The Rector told us about all the special things you might find in a Christian Church. The children asked lots of questions about all the things they could see around them and we all enjoyed the stories about the stained glass windows.

Wednesday was a very exciting day in the Kangaroo Class because not only were we celebrating Chinese New Year but we also got a new member of the class, Ava. The Kangaroos all helped Ava to settle into her new school and join in with all the special activities. We made lanterns and fans, ready for our fan dancing after lunch and listened to the story about the Zodiac animals and the race. We made sheep finger puppets, a Chinese Symbol hanging frame and worked together to make a giant class poster of our chosen animal, the Sheep. We all liked the Sheep because in the story he worked as a team with other animals to get across the river and finish the race and the Kangaroos often work as a team to get their jobs done too. We tried some Chinese noodles and crackers, some of us even had a go at using chopsticks. It was a really fun filled day.

On Thursday part of our learning is the weekly spelling test. I can see lots of children are working really hard to learn their spellings and they are starting to use this new knowledge in their writing. 

Friday is always a busy day and we love having our adults coming into our classroom first thing in the morning to see some of our learning. It is a great opportunity to show you just how amazing the Kangaroos are and for you to find out all about their learning.

Going for Gold children this week are...

Ava for being a great new member of the Kangaroo Class.

Thomas for working hard and improving his learning.

Sophie for always working hard to do her best in Spellings.

Kangaroo Class News 27.01.2017

It has been another busy week in the Kangaroo classroom.

In English we have continued the write sentences for our dragon story. We continued to use repetition and similes and we also looked at using onomatopoeia in our writing, adding punctuation including exclamation marks and commas. The children are really enjoying using their new skills in their story writing. We have also looked at the structure of a story and how it has a beginning, middle and an ending. We used drama to act out some of our ideas for different parts of the story.

In Mathematics we continued to improve our skills in addition and subtraction and how we can use the inverse operation to check if our answers are correct or not. The children found this quite tricky at first but worked really hard to improve their understanding.

In Computing we used our knowledge of directions to help us input a set of instructions into the Bee Bot Robots. It took a few attempts and some teamwork to get our algorithms correct and keep the Bee Bot on track.

In Geography we have continued to learn about the Continents.

The following link takes you to the song we have been learning in class to help us with our learning: http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=continents+song&adlt=strict&qpvt=continents+song&view=detail&mid=137B6488A8E10BAEE841137B6488A8E10BAEE841&FORM=VRDGAR

On Friday afternoon we worked together on a whole class piece of art linked to our learning on The Continents.

Going for Gold children this week are...

Joel for his hard work and determination, particularly in Maths and Spellings.

Zakk for his marvellous Maths work on inverse operations.

Kangaroo Class News 20.01.2017


In Mathematics this week we have been busy learning how to use lots of different methods, including cubes, number lines, bead strings and 100 squares, to help us complete subtraction calculations.


We have been continuing to write sentences for our dragon stories in English. We used pictures to help us generate ideas and interesting adjectives to describe what we can see. We have been improving our sentences using repetition, similes, alliteration and onomatopoeia.


In Geography we have been learning about the seven Continents of the World. We listened to a song to help us remember all the names of the Continents and used maps and a globe to find out where in the World the different Continents are.


In Computing we have been continuing to learn about directions and how to write an algorithm. An algorithm is a set of instructions or rules for a computer to follow.


In Art this week we made Dragon pictures in the style of Picasso, the famous artist. We really enjoyed this lesson and thought about the colours we could use. The Kangaroos thought blue might be used for cold or sad pictures and red or yellow for warm or happy pictures.

Going for Gold children this week are...

Harvey for his hard work and determination.

Harry M for using a positive mind set to improve his learning.

Toby for working hard on his spellings this week.

Kangaroo Class News 13.01.2017. 

Welcome back Kangaroos.

This term our topic is ‘We are Dragon Hunters’.


In English this week we have been writing sentences for our story using repetition, similes and adjectives.

We looked at the verb ‘to be’ and constructed sentences in the past tense using ‘was’ and ‘were’.

We have been focussing on using Kinetic letters in our handwriting and remembering to use capital letter and full stops in our sentences.


In Mathematics we have been doing lots of addition, including some mental maths problems ‘calculating caterpillars’. We have been adding one and two digit numbers in our challenges and using lots of different resources such as cubes, numicon, dienes base ten and ones, number lines and number squares to help us. We have used known number facts to help us prove if our answers are correct or incorrect.


In Geography we have looked at the Continents and Oceans. We really enjoyed using the globe and World map in our classroom to help us. In Science we are learning about Animals, including Humans and this week we were matching adult animals to their young.


It was snowing when we came to school today and we all enjoyed playing in the snow with our friends at break time.


Going for Gold children this week are...

Alfie and James for their amazing adventure stories.

Kangaroo Christmas News 2016

The last few days of term were very busy but lots of fun. The Kangaroos really enjoyed their Christmas party, playing games and dancing with their friends. We were all very surprised when a special visitor in a big red suit dropped by with little gifts for all the girls and boys.

We were all very excited by the last day of term and enjoyed sharing stories and watching a DVD as an extra end of term treat.

I hope you have enjoyed the holiday and look forward to hearing all your news in the next few days.

Happy New Year to all the Kangaroos and their families.


Kangaroo News 16.12.16

The last full week of this term has definitely been a busy one in the Kangaroo classroom.


In D.T. we added another layer of paper mache to our vehicles and checked the axles were securely fixed to the chassis. Once the vehicles had dried we added the wheels and then painted the vehicles adding any detail we wanted to include. The finished vehicles were amazing and we have really enjoyed making them.


In English we looked at acrostic poems and wrote our own themed around Christmas. On Friday we wrote our own letters to Santa and Miss Ovey was very impressed that we remembered to use capital letters and full stops and organised our writing in a clear structure including lots of information.


In Mathematics we have completed lots of Christmas activities including addition and subtraction and solving some money word problems.


On our Christmas carousel day we worked in teams to complete all the different activities including snowmen card making, when I grow up calendars, Christmas bookmarks, fairy light baubles, holly decorated boxes and chocolate Christmas puddings. It was a very busy day and everyone had lots of fun. The end products were fantastic and we think our grown ups will love them.


We have enjoyed singing the 12 days of Christmas song with lots of actions and we learned about the First Christmas Story and made our own mini books about it.


We are now ready to celebrate and have fun at our Christmas party day on Monday and we have been excitedly planning our outfits, as it is a non-uniform day.


Going for Gold children this week are...

Zakk for his outstanding performance as Herod in our Christmas Performance.

Isaac for learning his lines and delivering them with great stage presence and expression.


Kangaroo News 09.12.16

Wow Kangaroos what an amazing week!

We have been so busy and working really hard in the Kangaroo Class this week.

In D.T. we started to make our vehicles using our plastic bottles and paper mache. We helped one another to add axels to the chassis. It was a real team effort.

In English we wrote a non-fiction text about our vehicles in sentences with capital letters and full stops. We remembered to use some features of non-fiction writing including a title, subheadings and labelled diagrams.

In Mathematics we looked at place value and started partitioning numbers into 10’s and 1’s. We used the Diennes equipment to help us, making lots of 10 in bars and then counting the remaining 1’s.

Along with all this learning we performed ‘The Magical Christmas Jigsaw’. We have all worked so hard learning our roles in the play, the lines, and all the songs including the actions. Some of us have never performed on stage before and the bright lights and a huge audience can be very overwhelming. However, the Kangaroos worked together as a team and gave amazing performances every time. By the final performance we had gained in confidence and our performance oozed drama, personality and cuteness.

We all really enjoyed the show and hope our grown-ups did too.

After such a busy week the Kangaroos had earned a treat. As a class we have earned over 2000 dojo points and decided to have an activity afternoon as our reward. On Friday afternoon we all went outside and enjoyed spending some time on the new playground equipment. Some of the Kangaroos are particularly good at using the monkey bars. Afterwards we went back into class and had a dojo rice crispy treat before enjoying singing some more Christmas songs and designing and making some paper chains to add to the decorations in our classroom.


Going for Gold children this week are...

Due to preparations for the Christmas Fair there was no Golden Assembly this week.

Kangaroo Class News 02.12.16

Week 5 has been an extremely busy week in the Kangaroo Class. We are all working really hard to learn the songs, dance moves and words ready for our Christmas performances next week. So far it is looking really good, we cannot wait for you to come and see it.


In English we have been learning about sentence construction and how to use conjunctions in our sentences. We know all sentences start with a capital letter and need punctuating at the end, usually with a full stop but sometimes a question mark or exclamation mark may be needed instead of a full stop. We have been learning how to check our sentences make sense and edit our work to improve it.


In Mathematics we have been learning all about multiplication. We have been counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. We looked at how 5x2 is five groups of two (2+2+2+2+2). We used arrays to prove that 3x2 is the same as 2x3.


In History we continued to learn about the history of different vehicles. This week we focussed on aeroplanes and the history of flight.


In Science we used all the knowledge we have been learning about materials and their properties to take part in a paper bridge building challenge. We used the results from our strongest paper investigation to help us select the paper we wanted to use in the challenge. We needed to construct a paper bridge strong enough to stand up and support a small toy car. We worked in teams and all the children were involved in the planning and construction of their team’s bridge. Not all of our bridges were successful but we gained lots of ideas of changes we could make next time and how we could improve our bridges. We have really enjoyed being Scientists and making discoveries in our learning.


Going for Gold children this week are…

Clara for working hard to improve her work and achieve her targets.

Isabelle for super listening on the carpet, always putting her hand up to answer questions and sharing her great ideas.

Kangaroo Class News 25.11.16

This week has been another busy week full of learning for the Kangaroo Class.

In English we have been learning about non-fiction texts and made our own non-fiction booklets about Fire Engines.

In Mathematics we have been learning all about money and the value of different coins. We visited the ‘Badger Café’ and added up the cost of our food from the menu.

In Science we carried out an investigation to find the strongest paper, we needed to find the best paper to use for wrapping presents. 

We have been working hard to learn all the songs and words for our Christmas Performance. Please help us when you can and check your child’s book bag for a letter about the tickets for the performance, which was sent home with your child today.

We really enjoyed our taster session on the new play equipment this week. We all listened really carefully to the rules to ensure we stay safe.

In our class book ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ we have got to the part where the children have found the golden tickets and are on the tour of the factory with Mr Willy Wonka himself. We are getting very excited when trying to predict what sweets might be made in the next room at the factory.

Going for Gold children this week are…


Zakk for working hard at editing and improving his work to be the best he can be.

James for his super non-fiction booklet on Fire Engines.



Kangaroo Class News 18.11.16 

It’s been another busy week of learning for the Kangaroos.


In English we have continued reading ‘The Naughty Bus’ and worked together to recall all the facts we know about the bus. We began to organise the facts in sentences under headings ready for when we write our own non-fiction booklet.


In Mathematics we have been learning about fractions. We cut up 2D shapes, sliced a cake in half and then into quarters and we used pizzas to help us work out different fractions of numbers.


In Science we were very excited to plan and carry out an investigation to find the bounciest ball. We had to make sure it was a fair test and worked together in small groups to carry out our plan. Once we had completed the investigation, we had to write up our findings. It was great fun bouncing all the different balls in the playground.


For Children in Need we went spotty or came to school in our pyjamas. We added our coins to the money trail and enjoyed lots of different fund raising activities during lunchtime.


This week we found out the roles we will be playing in our Key Stage One Christmas performance and we started to learn the songs. Everyone was given a script with his or her part highlighted. Please help the children to learn their lines.

Going for Gold children this week are…


Amalie for working really hard at improving her spellings.

April for super listening at carpet time and in class in general this week. 

Keep up the good work girls. 


Kangaroo Class News 11.11.16.

The second week of term has been crammed full with action packed learning in the Kangaroo Class.

In English we continued with our featured text for this term ‘The Naughty Bus’. We have immersed ourselves in the text, rereading it and writing in as a whole class identifying key punctuation and contractions.

In Mathematics this week we have been doubling and halving one and two digit numbers. We also carried out an investigation to prove if a number was odd or even. 

In Science we started our new topic ‘Materials’. We explored the classroom and found lot of different objects and sorted them according to the material they were made of. Some of us then thought about the properties of the different objects and sorted them accordingly.

On Tuesday, the Kangaroo Class brought their vehicles into school. We all worked together using our vehicles to transport cargo around the playground. We really enjoyed this activity.

Lots of the children achieved the first dojo target this week and received their certificate and a small treat from Miss Ovey’s happy box for gaining 50 dojo points.

The Kangaroo Class ended Friday on a high point. In assembly we were selected to win the Mr Ford Award this week for looking after our school and having a tidy classroom. We also received the highest attendance award for last week. Well done Kangaroos, what great team work! 

Going for Gold children this week are…


Isabelle W for working hard each week to improve her spellings.

Thomas for showing a great attitude to learning.

Conrad for his super Friend Wanted poster and Viking long boat. 

Kangaroo Class News 04.11.16

Going for Gold children this week are…

Kadie for her fantastic addition number work this week and challenging herself by trying and completing subtraction questions.

Jemma for her super Seasons work including diagrams, labelling and sentences explaining the different Seasons.

Welcome back, everyone returned to school after half term feeling refreshed and eager to learn and what an amazing first week back it has been!

On Tuesday we had a really WOW experience to start our new topic Ready Steady Go! A racing driver came to school in his Caterham racing car. In class we composed questions to ask our special visitor about the racing car. We got to look all over the car including the engine and the racing driver showed us some trophies he had won. The children were very excited and really enjoyed seeing a racing car up close.

In Mathematics this week we have been looking at addition number facts. We have been finding the missing number in the number sequence, completing the number sentence and balancing number sentences. We looked at solving number problems using number facts to 10, 11, and 12. We have also been counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. As a class, we really enjoy the ‘count to 100 exercise and keep your brain fit’ routine.

On Friday the class found a surprise box to open. We were all very excited and tried to guess what was inside the box. The box got smaller and smaller until finally inside there was a toy London Bus. In English we have started to read ‘The Naughty Bus’ by Jan Oke so it appears that the Kangaroo class now have their very own ‘naughty bus’.

In D.T. we have been exploring vehicles, drawing and labelling them from different viewpoints. We made a list of all the different types of vehicles and whether they travel on land, sea or in the air.

In Science we looked at the seasonal changes happening around us and drew a diagram of the four Seasons and wrote sentences explaining what key changes happen each season. 

Kangaroo Class News 21.10.16

The final week of this half term has been a busy one in the Kangaroo Class.

In English we created two characters and really enjoyed retelling our story with actions before we finally got to write our own story based on our featured text ‘The Tunnel’. We tried really hard to remember to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in our writing. Some of us even used conjunctions and speech in our stories.

In Mathematics we continued to look at ordering numbers and counting on. We made sequences of numbers and did lots of whole class counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. As a class we really enjoyed counting to 100 in 1’s. We really enjoyed Friday’s problem solving activity. We had to find all the possible house designs using a set number of bricks. We worked really hard and found lots of solutions to the problem.


In History we learned about real heroes; people from the past, including Rosa Parks, who helped to make changes that still impact our world today.


In Science we were shipwrecked and had to think about what people and animals need to survive. We wrote messages in a bottle telling rescuers what supplies we needed to survive on a desert island.


In DT we made wooden picture frames and created pictures of the people in our family who are our heroes to go in the frames.


We had a special assembly this week telling us all about a school in Tanzania that our school has links with. We are hoping to raise funds to help pay for books for the children and repairs to the school in Africa. We all looked very different when we came to school on Friday in our mufti clothes to start our fundraising.


Our end of term spelling bee champions were Isaac, Imogen and Jemma.


Friday was class treat day for the Kangaroos. We all enjoyed watching the movie with our soft toys. We have all worked really hard this term and it was great to celebrate our success.


I hope the Kangaroos have a fantastic half term holiday and I look forward to hearing all about it when they return to school on Tuesday 1st November 2016.


Going for Gold children this week are…


Sophie for setting herself a goal to get all her spellings correct and working hard all week to learn her spellings and achieve her goal.

Amelie for her amazing story writing of her own version of 'The Tunnel'.

Kangaroo Class News 13.10.16


This week has been another fun filled week of learning in the Kangaroo Class.


In English we have been comparing the characters in our text ‘The Tunnel’ and learning about opposites and using adjectives to describe them. We continued to use our storyboard and actions to help us remember the story of ‘The Tunnel’ and we really enjoyed re-telling it using these to our adults and friends on Friday morning.


In Kinetic Letters we looked at ‘The Fisher Family’ and concentrated on perfecting our pen grip and making sure we start our letters at Brave or Scared monkey. This is really important to help us keep improving our handwriting.


In Mathematics this week we have been ordering numbers and using addition and subtraction to solve word problems.


In Science we explored how we need to eat a variety of food groups to help us stay healthy. We planned our own healthy lunchboxes and really enjoyed using our sense of taste during our fruit and vegetable taste test investigation.


Continuing our work on ‘Heroes’ in History we found out all about ‘Walter Tull’.


Finally this week we enjoyed the school disco with our friends.

Going for Gold children this week are…


Clara for working hard all week to learn and improve her spellings.

Chase for writing super sentences independently .

Toby for brilliant balancing in P.E. this week.

Kangaroo Class News 07.10.16

Kangaroo class have been so busy this week has just flown by!

On Monday we had the Harvest assembly. In our class we looked at the journey of peppers, from the farm to the shop. We really enjoyed making our own peppers using a range of materials in Art.

In English this week we have continued looking at Superhero stories and how to use noun phrases and adjectives in our sentences.

The Kangaroo class have worked on some marvellous Mathematics this week. We have been busy counting in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. We really enjoyed looking at the value of the digits in one, two and three digit numbers. We also looked at sequences and ordering numbers.

In Science we carried out an investigation looking at our heart rate and why exercise is important if we want to stay healthy.

Finally, on Friday, we achieved 1000 class dojo points and started to plan our class reward. Look out for a letter with more details next week. Well done Kangaroos.

Going for Gold children this week are…


Issy C. for always trying her best in all her learning and helping others to do the same.


Harry Mc. for being brave and challenging himself in Mathematics.



Kangaroo Class News 30.09.16.

We have been incredibly busy in the Kangaroo Class this week.

In English we worked on improving our sentence construction. We read ‘Traction Man’ and upskilled our sentences using conjunctions. We really enjoyed ‘The Incredibles’ and using adjectives to describe the characters in our writing.

In Kinetic letters we worked on letters from the ‘Window Cleaner’ family. The children noticed these letters were ‘window cleaners’ just like the characters in our class book ‘The Giraffe, the Pelly and me.’

In Mathematics we improved our knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes. We did lots of activities to help us identify the different shapes and name them. We really enjoyed the ‘shape hunt’ in the playground.

In Geography we followed directions around the school to help find all the hidden characters from the ‘Traction Man story’.

We had a special visitor this week, Stephen French, the local Rector. He shared his special book, The Bible, with us and read one of his favourite stories. We shared our special books with our friends afterwards.

We are very close to achieving 1000 Dojo points and we are working hard towards this target and earning a special class treat.

Going for Gold children this week are…

Genna  - for always being on task, ready to learn and making good choices.

Harvey - for completing super sentences during independent writing.

Isaac - for super shapes and original balances during P.E.


Kangaroo Class News 23.09.16.

Another busy week of learning in the Kangaroo Class.

This week in Mathematics we have been working on our addition and subtraction skills using a range of strategies. We have continued to work on learning our number bonds. As a whole class we have enjoyed counting to 100 as we exercise, we know that keeping our bodies and our brains fit is really important.

In English we have continued to retell our story ‘The Tunnel’. We ordered pictures from the story and used a storyboard with lots of actions to help us remember the story.

We have continued learning about our ‘Super Senses’ in Science and we carried out investigations to test our sight, hearing and smell. We are looking forward to having a taste test later in the term.

We drew a plan of our classroom using symbols and a key to explain what objects the symbols represent in Geography and in Art we looked at ‘camouflage’.  

In Kinetic Letters we practiced the Abracadabra Family of letters and reminded ourselves when to use capital letters.

This week's Going for Gold children are Harry A., Alfie and Myleigh.

Kangaroo Class News 16.09.16.

It has been a busy second week in the Kangaroo class.

Week 2 has been full of amazing learning with our new friends. We have continued learning about our topic ‘Heroes and Heroines’.

In Science, we have being learning how we use our Super Senses and in Geography we took a flight giving us a bird’s eye view of our surroundings, including London and Bugbrooke. This term in Computing ‘We are Painters’ and this week we started to plan our own Super Hero character.


The Tunnel by Anthony Browne is our featured text in English. We really enjoyed using our drama skills to retell the story, particularly when we crawled through the tunnel.

In Kinetic Letters this week we have been building our core strength to help improve our handwriting and looking at how we form letters in the Jumper family.


In Mathematics, we did some problem solving using sticks and we having been counting using lots of different objects. We have been learning our number bonds to 5, 10 and beyond.


In P.E. we continued to build on our teamwork skills and started to look at the different balances we can perform.


Another fantastic week of learning. Well done Kangaroos.

This week's Going for Gold children are Blake, Imogen and Joel.

A very big welcome to the Kangaroo Class 2016/2017.

We have had a fantastic first week and I am very excited about the year ahead.

This week, we have been busy sharing our holiday news with our new friends. It sounds like we all had a wonderful time and we have come back to school ready to learn new skills. We have been learning all about Kangaroos and how we can be the best learners we can be. We have focussed on working as a team and having a positive growth mind set. These skills will help us to develop a ‘can do’ attitude to our learning.

Our P.E. days are Tuesday and Thursday, please ensure the children have their P.E. kit in school. During the next week you will receive more information about routines and expectations in Key Stage One.

Super hero day was great fun. Thank you so much for all your effort with the costumes. The children looked fantastic. Well done Kangaroos, what an amazing start to our new topic on Heroes and Heroines.

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome in my first week at Bugbrooke Primary School.