Aylmerton May 2016

Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th May

Well, following our slight technical issues, we are now able to bring you a selection of photographs and an update.

We have had an action-packed two days full of team building activities on the site and a twilight walk, complete with a ‘true’ creepy story in a now-unused church. Today, we have been pirates, followed by an ice-cream and a fossil and rock pool search at West Runton. It was great to see the children’s newly acquired fossil knowledge be put into action with enthusiastic fossil hunting on the beach.  We certainly had what felt like a Winter’s walk in May!

We have been so impressed with the children’s behaviour whilst out and about. They have worked well in teams, supporting and encouraging each other.

A tasty meal of pasta Bolognese or home-made pizza was heartily eaten this evening. There were many empty plates to be found at the end.

Overall, everything is going well and the children all seem happy. The weather has been mostly kind so far and we are looking forward to more action-packed days.

Wednesday 25th  May

Today has been a full on day, packed with team building activities and a Monster Walk using maps and compasses. We have been really impressed with the team work and seeing those children who usually take a back seat come to the fore.

This evening we have had some free time with sports activities and a talent show. The children enjoyed spending some of their money on ‘high-quality merchandise’. Mrs Murphy particularly seemed to enjoy serving everyone in the shop.

Everyone is happy and relaxed and clearly enjoying themselves. I would like to say that everyone has showered but that would be a lie!

Because of very poor wireless broadband connection, I am struggling to upload photos tonight. I will attempt this again tomorrow. 

Be rest assured that everyone is happy.

Thursday 26th May

Firstly, I wish to apologise for the ongoing issues with the photos but as you can see, there has been some success downloading some more from Wednesday's activities. Third time lucky, tonight.

Today has been the most amazing day. Following a hearty breakfast, we set off with life jackets to go across by boat to see the seals. Wow! We were not disappointed. This was then followed by a five and a half mile walk across sand dunes, shingle and, at some points, through knee high mud.

The children did themselves proud and EVERY child participated with enthusiasm.There were squeals of delight as we squelched through thick mud.

This evening, we have had our last night disco which was enthusiastically enjoyed by all.

As I sit on the only stair where I can find internet access, it is 11:10pm and all dorms are absolutely silent as the children rest, ready for their last adventure tomorrow.

All is well and all are happy. 

Friday 27th May 

We have come to the end of 'Aylmerton 2016' and what a week it has been. Today was no exception as we took to the water and became captains of our own pirate ships - well, that might be somewhat of an exaggeration  but we did all take turns to take control of the boat. I must say that there were some interesting routes taken as we learned how to navigate a course along the river using the 'steering wheel' gently rather than turn it sharply. We were very fortunate to be able to see a swan and her goslings in their nest then, on our return, they were in the water. What a treat to see.

The children have been a credit to themselves and represented Bugbrooke School in a very positive manner.

When you ask them what they have been doing all week, do not let them say, "Not much," as it seems that the only time we stopped was to sleep!

Enjoy the last of the photos and enjoy your half term.