Mrs Inwood and Miss Hardy

Week commencing 10th July 2017

The children have had a brilliant week this week learning about pirates. We started the week with a treasure hunt and found a chest full of money and treasure! It also had a pirate story and a jolly roger flag inside it! This week we have had lots of fun practising our pirate dance for the summer fair. We have made pirate hats, treasure maps and even our own pirate songs! The children really impressed us with their song words and they made sure they even rhymed! 


We enjoyed making parrots using paint, feathers, pom poms and paper plates. They all look different which is lovely. The children have also been estimating how many coins were in the treasure chests and then counting to check. They have also enjoyed creating pirate stories in both the small world and role play areas.


Next week we are going to continue learning about pirates and we are all look forward to our pirate picnic next week. 

Week commencing 03/07/2017


We have had a great investigation week in Penguin Class! The children have really enjoyed exploring different scientific activities On Monday and Tuesday we investigated materials and how we could change these in different ways including exploring reactions with a vinegar and bicarbonate of soda volcano and reversible and irreversible changes through heating popcorn kernels and melting chocolate. The children also enjoyed making their own different shaped bubble wands to blow bubbles with. On Wednesday we had a great outdoor PE session exploring different ways we use our bodies and how activity can have an effect on this. On Thursday we explored our senses and discussed how these help to keep our bodies safe the children enjoyed making their own musical instruments, tasting different foods, exploring different smells and guiding each other whilst blind-folded. Finally on Friday we explored two different types of animal and how their bodies are similar/different to ours with visits from Toby the cocker spaniel and Freda and Billie-Jean the tortoises.

Next week we begin our learning about Pirates!


Week commencing 26/06/2017

The children have enjoyed continuing their learning about Superheroes and this week we learnt all about Elliot, the midnight superhero. The children worked well in groups to create a plan to help Elliot destroy a meteor. They had lots of ideas including bouncing it away using a giant spring and trampoline! The children enjoyed drawing their own plans and they worked hard to label them and then write instructions for Elliot to follow.

In Maths the children have been showing us how to weigh and measure different objects. They especially enjoyed weighing and measuring the superheroes and were keen to work out which was the tallest and heaviest superhero.

All children completed their independent challenges this week and we are so proud of how hard they are working at all times.

This week the children enjoyed two days in Year One, they were brilliant! They all listened well and sat beautifully on the carpet and at tables. The Year One teachers have complemented the children on their politeness and work attitude!

This week our gold medals went to...

James for being kind and working hard on his challenges.

Macie for working hard on all of her challenges.

All of the penguin class for a fantastic two days in Year One.


Week commencing 19/06/2017

This week we have continued our learning about Superheroes and super vegetables. The children enjoyed listening to a new Supertato story "Run Veggies, Run" and learned the importance of keeping fit and healthy, the children have enjoyed continuing this theme by designing and making their own obstacle courses for their friends to complete and test their own physical skills. The children have also created their own comic strips telling the stories of our super vegetable characters that we created last week. In Maths this week the children have been working on creating and solving their own subtraction number sentences as well as halving numbers through sharing, some children were even able to use this knowledge to solve simple multiplication problems, a skill they will continue to develop in Year One.

On Wednesday we presented our class assembly to the rest of the school. We told everybody about the Evil Peas and the problems our Super vegetables had been facing, as well as sharing some of our comic strips and posters we had created. We were so proud of all the children, they really enjoyed themselves and demonstrated such confidence when speaking in front of the school.

Next week the children will spend two days in their new classes to help prepare them for the transition into Year One. We have been working with the children to prepare them for this change and make this transition as smooth as possible and are sure they will have an enjoyable couple of days.

Week commencing 12/06/2017

The children had another exciting week learning all about the Super vegetables, they worked in teams to create their own superhero stories using Super Broccoli, Super Corn and Super Chilli. The children took photographs of their story events and then the evil peas came and caused trouble! In literacy the children have been writing their own sentences and stories about the evil peas and the mischief they are getting up to.They have also been reading superhero facts and sorting them into true and false groups, they enjoyed discussing the facts with each other and listened to each other very well. 

The children have worked hard to create superhero power potions by following the recipe and filling the bottles and cups with the correct amount of water and other ingredients. The children enjoyed creating potions for lightning speed and braveness bubbles. They have then had a go at creating their own superhero potion for their friends to follow. They have also been playing superhero top trumps in groups and were good at recognising larger numbers. 

The children have built some amazing superhero hideouts and dens using the construction materials and they worked well as a team, sharing their ideas and congratulating each other on their buildings. 


Week commencing 05/06/2017

We have had a fantastic first week back, this week. We have began learning about our new topic of "Superheroes" and have started with our favourite vegetable Supertato!

The children have enjoyed designing their own super vegetables this week and also creating their own comic strips, where they are the main character.

In maths we have been focusing on being able to say one more and one less than a given number to 20 and have been impressed with how quickly the children have mastered this skill. the children have also been "shooting" super villains with their water pistols and creating their own  addition number sentences from their scores.

Next week we will be creating our own supervegetable stories using the characters we have created.

This week's gold medal winners were:

Amelia B - for fantastic independent writing

Amber - for designing and writing about an amazing superhero using a class laptop.

Charlie B - for making brilliant progress with his writing in class.

Week commencing 22/05/2017

We have had a very good week this week and have all been very busy. The children have enjoyed taking part in our Healthy School week activities and they completed four different activities throughout the week. They had the opportunity to follow instructions and show good team work skills and learn about keeping safe in the sun. The children particularly enjoyed creating their own fitness routines and making fruit salad and fruit smoothies. We were very impressed with how many of the children showed a willingness to try new things and lots of children were keen to try and make these at home as well!

In Literacy the children continued to learn about Australian animals and have been writing sentences about the different facts. In maths we have been working hard to recognise the addition, subtraction and equals signs and the children also had the opportunity to use their positional and directional language out on the adventure playground. We were amazed at the language the children used and also at their ability to listen to and follow their partner's instructions. 


On Thursday, we had an amazing day out at Woburn Safari Park. The children were beautifully behaved and were a credit to you and to the school. They saw so many different animals on the road safari and asked lots of interesting questions. They also enjoyed a sea lion talk and seeing lots of different animals on the foot safari including; penguins, monkeys and lemurs.

We came back on Friday to find that two of our butterflies had emerged from their cocoons. Miss Hardy has taken them home and will record their release when they have all emerged from their cocoons for the children to see when they return to school.

The children can now enjoy a well-earned rest and we look forward to seeing you all on the 5th June when we will be starting our new and exciting topic.  

Week commencing 15/05/2017

This week we have been learning about Australia and all the different animals that live there, the children have loved creating their own fact books, recording what they have learned throughout the week. We have been so impressed with the children's writing, they have been busy all week - writing instructions for the Beebot and for planting their own flowers and seeds. Our first week of spellings went really well, it was clear that everybody had been busy practising their spellings at home,  so thank you for your support with this.

In Maths this week we have been learning about positional language and giving directional clues, the children will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge through creating their own obstacle courses and instructions next week. We have also continued to work on solving addition and subtraction problems which everyone is now able to do independently.

In music this week the children enjoyed exploring instruments and how they can change the sounds that they make.

We are all looking forward to our trip to Woburn Safari Park next week - fingers crossed for some sunshine!

This week's gold medal winners were:

Joshua B - for fantastic independent writing.

Charlie S - for a fantastic attitude to learning and working so hard all week!

Imogen - for fantastic independent writing all week!

Week commencing 08/05/2017

We have had another fantastic week learning about different countries and the animals that live in these countries. We have focussed on India this week and have learnt the story of Jamil's clever cat. The children have enjoyed using the story map to retell the story. Lots of the children were able to use the story stones to recreate the story and they could then have a go at writing the beginning of the story. We have been impressed with children's writing this week with lots of good spelling in their independent writing. 

In Maths we have been listening to word problems and then have worked hard to solve these and the numbers explain how we found our answer. We have had to add, subtract, double and halve with numbers to twenty and the children were able to describe how they worked out the answer with confidence. 

In phonics the children have continued to learn new sounds and work on their blending skills. This week in kinetic letters we have worked on holding pencils correctly and forming the letters b and d correctly. If your child is not forming d or b correctly then you could remind them that d is an abracadabra letter and so starts with a c and that b I said a jumper letter and starts with a down, bump. 

This week your child may have come home with a spelling sheet with some words for them to learn. Please support your child in learning these words as they will tested on Friday. 


This is weeks gold medals went to..

Alfie for super writing.

Stefan for super phonics and writing.

Evie-May for independently working on all of her challenges and having a fantastic 



Week commencing 02/05/2017

We have had a lovely week in Penguin Class. The children have been working really hard on their independent challenges all week, they have been investigating capacity, creating their own African landscapes to write about and painting their own caterpillar life cycles. We continued to learn all about Africa this week, we shared the story Handa's Surprise and also watched some videos made by children in Africa. This led to lots of discussions about similarities and differences between our school and the different African schools we saw.

In Maths this week the children have been learning about money, they are now able to recognise different coins and discuss their different values. Some children are also confident in recognising which coins they can use to pay for objects and if they would receive any change.

Next week we will begin learning about the country and animals of India.

This week's gold medal winners were:

Lucas - for always being a kind friend.

Alice - for working really hard to complete all of her challenges.

Imogen - for trying really hard and improving lots with her reading.

Week commencing 24/04/2017

We would like to thank Joshua and his family for the fabulous planter for our outdoor area.

This week we have introduced our new learning challenge system, we have been impressed with the effort and enthusiasm that the children have shown whilst completing their challenges.

We have been learning about Africa this week and have focused on the story "We're going on a Lion Hunt". The children enjoyed creating story maps to retell the story and some children have been writing the beginning of the story! In Maths, we have been learning about repeating and growing patterns and the children are now able to explain what sort of pattern it is and they can then continue this pattern. We have also begun to learn about money and what the different coins are. The children will continue to learn about money next week. 

Our class caterpillars are growing rapidly and we cannot wait to see how they change and grow. The children have really enjoyed observing them and have been keen to write in our caterpillar diary. Please feel free to have a look at them in the mornings. 


Week commencing 19/04/2017

Welcome back everyone, what a fantastic start to the new term we have had!

Firstly, thank you all for your cake donations today, we had a great response across the school and will update you with the total and send out information about our trip to Woburn Safari on Monday 24th.

This week we have been "animal explorers" the children learned about different animals and their habitats. The children have created some wonderful art work including; clay minibeasts, tropical fish and jellyfish, tropical birds and a giant giraffe for our outdoor area, look out for all of these on display in and around the classroom.

Next week we will begin our learning challenges, and also learn about the different countries around the world and what kinds of animals we can discover there.

Week commencing 27/03/2017

We have had a fantastic week to end our topic on Space, the children enjoyed designing their own rocket. They thought very carefully about what they would need inside and then labelled their designs. The children wrote some sentences about what was in their rocket and have begun to extend their writing by using because in their sentences. 

The children have been enjoying creating their own rockets using both junk modelling and larger construction materials. They were keen to make a lava lamp using oil and water and then spent lots of time experimenting how the coloured water and the oil mixed and the length of time it took for the two to separate again. 

In maths the children have been working on their 3D shapes and their descriptions of these shapes. We were impressed with the progress the children made throughout the week. Lots of children are now confidently describing the 3D shapes and they are able to talk about the shapes of everyday objects. In class we have used a shape song to help us remember the names, the children were keen to share this at home as well. Please visit this website if you are interested in listening to the song. 

On Friday we completed lots of Easter activities and we had lots of fun throughout the day. The children thought carefully about the patterns they could make for the front of their cards and they also investigated how chocolate changes as it melts, this made great chocolate nests. The children were also excited to go on an Easter egg hunt, they worked very well in their teams to read and then follow the clues to find the eggs! 

Our gold medal children this week are...

Lainee for fantastic improvement in her phonics and number recognition. 

Amelia for learning all of her numbers to 20.

Heidi for a fantastic attitude to learning all of the time.

Have a restful holiday and we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 19th April. 

Week commencing 20/03/2107

Please bring any tubes that would make good rockets into school on Monday. Thank you.

This week we continued to learn about space and the children enjoyed learning about the baboon on the moon. They were able to empathise with the baboon and felt sorry that he was so sad and lonely. The children decided to write messages to cheer him up and we were very impressed with their independent writing! 

In Maths the children have been working on their counting and some children were able to count in 2's, 5's and 10's. Some children have begun to work on some simple multiplication calculations.  The children enjoyed drawing circles and dots to work out the answers and they are beginning to count in 2's and 5's to solve these problems. 

The children have enjoyed starting each morning with phonics and have all been working very hard to read and write words using the sounds we have been learning. In Kinetic letters we have been working on pencil grip, please encourage your child to hold their pencil correctly at all times. 

On Thursday the children enjoyed using the parachute in P.E, they demonstrated excellent listening skills and showed great enthusiasm throughout. We all really enjoyed our time. The children also enjoyed using instruments in music and were able to listen carefully and only play their instrument when their animal was mentioned. 

We loved the jokes that the children told for Red Nose Day and were impressed that so many children wanted to tell jokes, we had 26 children that stood in front of the class to tell their joke! Well done to Arthur and Ali for winning the Reception competition and then being brave enough to stand in front of the whole school to deliver their jokes.

Our gold medal winners this week are; Esme for always being kind and helpful, Carla for excellent spellings and Joshua for  always trying his hardest. 


Week commencing 13/03/2017

This week we began learning about our next mini topic – space! The children have enjoyed learning lot of different facts about the planets and had a go at writing their own fact sheets. The children have also enjoyed making their own collage aliens and painting their own planets throughout the week.

In Maths this week we have been focussing on our counting skills working with numbers up to 20 and then counting in groups of 2 and 5, which we will continue to work on over the next few weeks.

On Friday the children took part in Science Day which involved splitting into different groups and visiting all the key stage one classes to carry out different science experiments. The children absolutely loved having the opportunity to mix with some older children and were very excited about all of the different experiments they tried. We did not have a gold medal assembly this week, instead we chose "super scientists" these were for children who had showed enthusiasm, made good observations and asked exciting questions about the different experiments they took part in - well done to Carla, Arthur, Amber and James W for winning these awards!

Next week we will continue to learn about Space and will be looking at lots of different space and alien stories.

Week commencing 06/03/2017

We have had an amazing week in Penguin Class, with so many children on the rainbow for fantastic work! We started our week receiving a quest from a knight which led us to complete a treasure hunt on the playground, the children were so enthusiastic and were able to solve all of the clues correctly. The quest inspired the children to write lots of their own stories and later in the week create their own clues for a treasure hunt.

In Maths this week the children have been revisiting addition and subtraction and we have been so impressed with the practical and written methods the children have used to solve different number sentences. All of the children are now confident in using a number line and are beginning to record their own number sentences correctly. We also introduced a Numicon challenge asking the children to find lots of different ways of making 10 and were amazed with how many children could find pairs of numbers to make this total, some children could even use three or four different numbers to make 10.

We are also really impressed with the increasing number of "red" words the children can read and are beginning to spell correctly. Please continue to practise these sheets with your child at home as we are really seeing the benefit of this! 

The children enjoyed their first Golden Time session this week and we are so pleased to say that not a single child had to miss any of their Golden Time, truly fantastic behaviour this week!

This week's Gold Medal winners were Amelia L - for being so kind and helpful all of the time, Dylan - for making fantastic progress with his phonics and reading and Amelia C - for trying really hard with her independent writing and filling 7 whiteboards with sentences, well done children!


Week commencing 27/02/2017

This week we have been amazed with the children's attitude to learning and determination. At least two days this week we have had more than ten children on the rainbow, which has made us all very proud! The children have been really engaged with the story The Knight who wouldn't fight and we have used this story as a basis for our own stories. The children helped to describe different characters and thought of some interesting word choices to describe a dragon, knight and princess. The children have enjoyed creating their own dragon stories and they have been keen to write these throughout the week. We have enjoyed reading the children's stories and some of them have made it onto our literacy wall, why not come and have a look at the children's work? 


In Maths this week we have been learning about time, the children were all confident in ordering daily events and have enjoyed learning to make o'clock times. We have also begun to look at half past times and there are some games on the Topmarks website if your child would like to practise their time telling skills at home.


The children have continued to learn their capital letter formation in Kinetic Letters and will be bringing home a new sheet this weekend, please remember to encourage your child to hold their pencil only using their 'three friends' The children have also been given some new 'red' words to learn this week, please check in their book bag for the sheet for them to practise. . 


We had a lovely day on Thursday for World Book Day and it was great to see so many different book characters. The children all enjoyed completing different story activities throughout the day. They have created some puppet shows which we have filmed. Please do come and watch these next week, the QR codes will be on the literacy wall for the children to scan. Please ask how to do this if you are unsure, although all the children do know how to do this! 


Our gold medal winners this week are Amber, Megan and Joe! 

Week commencing 20/02/2017

What a great first week back in Penguin class! We have began our new topic learning about dragons, knights and castles. The children enjoyed our launch day on Monday, undertaking lots of castle themed activities, such as role playing a visit to a castle, designing their own coats of arms and creating and writing recipes for their own potions.

In literacy this week we were focussing on the story "The Knight who wouldn't fight" and then received our very own dragon wanted poster, however before we could plan how we would defeat the dragon we needed to find out a bit about dragons. We had a look at some different dragon stories and created our own list of "dragon describing words". At the end of the week we discussed how to write an interesting sentence and used our adjective choices to make our sentence more exciting. Over the next couple of weeks we will be creating our own dragon stories.

In Maths we have continued looking at halving and doubling numbers and are beginning to solve problems using our diagrams to help us. Next week we will begin learning about time.

This week we have also been learning how to read and write some "red" words, "red" words are words that we are not able to sound out. The children also have some sheets in their book bags to practise these at home too!

Week commencing 6/02/2017

Wow, what a busy week we have had in Reception. We arrived on Monday to find a note from Elsa telling us Anna would come to collect the gloves. We then thought of and wrote some questions that we could ask Anna when she arrived. Anna arrived on Friday and we got the chance to ask her our questions. The children were all very excited and lots of them decided to write letters and cards to send to Anna and Elsa! We were very impressed with the children's writing.

In Maths this week we have been working on our 3D shapes and have been naming and describing them. Why not ask your child what shapes they can remember? The children have been consolidating the sounds they have been learning in phonics and some children learnt the sounds ar and or. The children have been working very hard during Kinetic Letters sessions and can now write the capital letters in the 'line with a curve' group. They have got a sheet in their bag with these letters on so they can practise over half term. 

The children decided they would like a disco on Friday afternoon as their treat for reaching 2000 dojo points. They all had a great time and enjoyed dancing and playing musical statues. 

Our gold medal children this week were Charlie B, Ali and James B. Well done boys and keep up the hard work! 

Week commencing 30/01/2017

Another week jam packed with learning in Penguin Class! We finished off learning about penguins this week, we learned about how to structure questions correctly and had a go at thinking of our own questions that we would like to find out the answers to, we were very impressed with the children's writing.

On Wednesday we celebrated Chinese New Year the children really enjoyed making their own fans and learning a fan dance with Miss Cross from Year 3 and 4. Miss Cross could not believe how quickly the children picked up the dance routine and how well-behaved all of the children were. We also practised writing our names in Chinese, making Chinese lanterns for luck and tasted some noodles and different Chinese sauces, using chopsticks to try and eat them.

On Thursday afternoon we made an exciting discovery - Queen Elsa had visited our classroom. However she left her gloves behind! We have been writing letters to Elsa to tell her this is what happened and hope that she will find her way back to collect them.

In kinetic letters we have been learning the straight line group of capital letters and the children have a new sheet to practice in their book bags.

We have continued learning our set 2 sounds in phonics and will be assessing the children on these in the next few weeks so please practise these with your child at home.

Thankyou for all of your box donations the children have loved creating castles and rockets this week, however we have enough to keep us going for a little while now! 

Next week we will continue our learning based around the topic of "Frozen".

Week commencing 23/01/2017

We have had yet another busy week in penguin class! We have been learning about how we can find information and facts in non-fiction texts and also the different features that we can find in these, such as a contents page and index. The children have enjoyed creating their own fact books about Emperor penguins, writing down the different facts they have learned.

In Maths this week the children have been learning about halving and how to solve halving problems by sharing a group of objects. All of the children now understand that when you are halving you need to split numbers or objects into two equal groups.

In kinetic letters the children have learned the final member of the slider family "k," and we have been really impressed with how hard they have tried to form this letter correctly, as this can be quite tricky! The children have a new practice sheet in their book bags to go over at the weekend.

We have been so impressed with how the children's reading skills are developing, lots of children are now blending confidently and getting to grips with more challenging texts. We are speeding through all of our set 2 sounds in phonics and are on the final few before we will assess the children again to check what they have retained, again more practice sheets have been added to your child's book bag.

We are looking forward to another fun-filled week of learning next week and celebrating Chinese New Year with the rest of the school on Wednesday.

Week commencing 16/01/2017

This week we have continued to learn about penguins and the children especially enjoyed learning the story of The Emperor's Egg. The children were able to remember lots of information about the baby penguins and how they are looked after by their parents. The children have really enjoyed writing facts in their information books to share what they now know about penguins. We were very proud of how hard they worked. They also enjoyed looking at some video clips of the Northern Lights and then creating their own versions using paint. 

In Maths we have been learning all about measure and have been comparing items by length, height, weight and capacity. The children enjoyed the different measuring activities and have even begun to weigh out the construction they need to build with! We have a;so continued to work on subtraction and the children have been using number lines to solve the subtraction sentences. 

In Kinetic Letters the children have bee working on z and x and have been practising snuggling letters in words. We have been encouraging the children to use their kinetic letter writing in their name writing and we have noticed lots of children are now doing this. The children have continued to work on recognising more sounds and blending words during phonics sessions.

We have also been learning our letter names and we used an alphabet song from the British Council website. The children really enjoyed the song and joined in very well.  We would like the children to be able to recognise all of the letters in the alphabet and to be able to say what the name is for each.


Week commencing 9/01/2017

We have had a lovely week back at school and we are now learning all about the Arctic. The children have enjoyed learning facts about penguins and were able to remember lots of these facts when we asked later in the week. We will continue to learn more facts next week. 

In Phonics the children have been learning new sounds and have continued to work on blending sounds in words. In Kinetic letters we are now learning the Slider Family and we have learnt how to write v and w. The children have also been working on snuggling sounds in words and we have been very impressed with the improvement we have seen with this. Please check your child's book bag for Kinetic Letters sheets. 

In Maths, the children have learnt how to subtract, they are now using the language of subtraction and can work out the answers either using objects or a number line.

The children were all very excited to see the snow today and enjoyed playing in it before it all melted! This afternoon we had different Arctic crafts to complete, the children really enjoyed creating collage penguins and painting snowy and wintry scenes. The children all worked really hard and have produced some lovely work.

Please remember that if you have invitations to hand out to the class we would really appreciate you handing them to an adult so that we can make sure they go out at an appropriate time of the day. Thank you.  

Week commencing 12/12/2016

What a lovely week we have had in our class, we have really got into the Christmas spirit; baking Christmas biscuits, making tree decorations and cards, and of course performing our fabulous Nativity Play!

We could not feel more proud of how well the children have behaved and performed in our “Wriggly Nativity” this week. This was a culmination of weeks of hard work, with all the children persevering to remember the words to all of the songs and practising their lines day after day! We hope you enjoyed watching our show as much as we enjoyed performing it for you. As a special treat for performing so well we had some hot chocolate and watched a little bit of the Polar Express this afternoon. 

Please do not forget our Christmas party on Monday the 19th the children need to come to school in their party clothes ready for a day of fun and games.

Week commencing 5/12/2016

This week we have focused on the story 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' and the children have been able to have a go at writing a letter to Father Christmas. They took turns to explain what they would like for Christmas and came up with some interesting ideas, including swimming lessons and a telescope! 

The children have been taking part in lots of activities based around Christmas this week. They were especially good at holding their pencil correctly to draw patterns on baubles and tried very hard all week at writing the CVC items that were hidden inside the stocking. In Maths, the children have been working on counting out the correct amount of objects for the numbered Christmas trees and presents and have also been working out simple addition calculations. They all knew to count both groups to find their total and were able to record most of the numbers correctly. 

Our investigation area had candy canes in this week and we decided to see what would happen when they were in cold and hot water. The children were very excited when the water began to turn pink and noticed that the warm water made the candy canes change sooner. 

We have also been rehearsing for our Nativity and the children have all been working hard to learn the songs and dances. The children are learning their lines very well, please encourage them to speak loudly and slowly when they are rehearsing as this will help them in the performances. We look forward to performing for you next week. If you have not yet sent your child's costume into school could we please have it on Monday. Thank you. 

Week commencing 28/11/2016

This week our learning has been based around Stickman. The children have enjoyed completing a range of activities including finding the missing rhyming words in the story, drawing a map of Stickman’s journey and writing simple postcards to Stickman and posting them in the class post box – We’re sure that you will agree that the children’s writing is developing more and more each week, we are all so impressed!

In maths this week the children have been working on finding one more and one less from a given number, either using objects to help them or a number line. Everyone is confident in finding the number that is one more, some children were even able to find 2 or 3 more than a given number! We do find one less a bit trickier and this would be an excellent skill to practise over Christmas when eating all those Christmas chocolates!

In Kinetic letters this week the children have been learning some of the letters from the Fisher family and are trying really hard with these. Our pencil grips are really improving – we just need to remember that our pillow fingers go underneath the pencil!

In phonics we have continued to learn Set 2 sounds and develop our blending skills. Every child should have a reading book now, even if this does not have any text. Please take the time to read these with your child, even looking at the books without words will be contributing to the development of your child’s reading skills. If you think your child is ready for a new book please place their book inside the blue basket in the classroom, however if your child’s book does have text we ask that you spend slightly longer on these and we will endeavour to change these once a week.

Next week we will be continuing our learning, but following a more Christmassy theme leading up to rehearsals for our Nativity performance.

Week commencing 21/11/2016

When we arrived at school on Monday we discovered that our dinosaur eggs had hatched! However, there were no signs of the baby dinosaurs apart from the eggs and slime. The children decided that we needed to write a letter to the Mummy Dinosaur to let her know, they really enjoyed writing messages using their phonic sounds and then posting them in the post box. The children also made maps to show the dinosaur where the eggs were and then added some labels onto these. We have been very impressed with the children's writing and their attitude to learning. Lots of the children wrote a sentence for the dinosaur and remembered they needed a full stop at the end! 

In Kinetic letters we have been learning how to write the window cleaner family and the children are getting very good at starting the letters in the correct place and bumping the line. The children have now been grouped for phonics and have either been working on blending and recognising all letter sounds or have begun to learn set 2 sounds. 

In Maths the children have been working on naming and describing 2D shapes. They are getting very good at using the correct words to describe the shapes and are also able to identify a shape by the description others give. 

Week commencing 14/11/2016

We have had such a busy week this week! The children have adapted really well to coming straight in to class and getting on with their busy bee jobs, these jobs are designed to help the children practise different skills they have learned through working with adults in class. We have also had great fun creating lots of different role-play opportunities with all of our cardboard boxes (thankyou for your donations!) we have had rockets, jet skis, caves and on a smaller scale, books and phones it has been great to see the children’s imaginations running wild! The children have also enjoyed using our new dough station to make their own batches of playdough by measuring out the correct amounts of ingredients, this has been a bit messy but really allowed the children to apply their knowledge of capacity and measuring. The children also completed their first “Real Gym” session and enjoyed learning to work with a partner creating different shapes with their bodies. Next week we will conclude our topic on dinosaurs.

Week commencing 7/11/2016

The new tapestry website is 

This week we have continued to learn about dinosaurs and the children were excited to find a newspaper article explaining about an escaped dinosaur from a London Museum! We had a discussion about how we could let the park keepers know we had dinosaur eggs in our outside area. The children suggested sending a text message, email, putting posters up or writing a message. The children helped me to sound out the words and were able to remind me I needed a full stop! 

The children have now finished learning the set 1 sounds in Phonics and have been working hard to blend sounds to read words. They especially enjoyed playing CVC word bingo and took turns beautifully. In Kinetic letters we have been worked on forming d, o and g correctly and next week we will continue to learn the abracadabra family. We have been very impressed with how quickly the children are learning the new letters and the children's attitude to improving their letter formation. 

The children have continued to work on 2D shapes this week and are getting much more confident at describing them using the correct language. Please encourage your child to describe any shapes they notice in the environment. 


Our new small world area has been very popular with the children this week and there has been lots of cooperative play as the children create their own stories and narratives. We were very impressed with the labels that some of the children created for their farm and look forward to seeing more creations and labelling next week.


This weekend Tapestry will be unavailable between 7pm on Saturday and 7 am on Sunday as we are moving to their updated site. Once we have moved to the updated site you will need to use the new webpage to login. Please go to to access your child's tapestry account. if you have any problems or questions please do come and speak to us

Week commencing 1/11/2016

It was lovely to welcome all the children back after half-term, we hope they have had a relaxing break! We soon realised that something strange had happened in our classroom, something had left behind three eggs, some footprints and some large tears in the fabric in our outdoor area. We played detectives searching for some clues and trying to work out what could have possibly left these things behind and the children recorded their ideas in different ways. Later that afternoon we received a video clip of a dinosaur rampaging through our classroom and realised that this must have been where the eggs had come from! For the rest of the week we have completed activities based around dinosaurs, including making our own dinosaurs from different 2D shapes, making up our own dinosaur stories and creating our own dinosaur lands. In maths we have been working on adding together two quantities using dinosaur teeth. We have continued with learning our sounds in phonics and letter formation in kinetic letters and the children have some new sheets to practise in their book bags, thankyou for your support with this.

Week commencing 17/10/2016

Please encourage your children to leave their toys at home as they are not allowed to play with them at school. Thank you.

This week we have been learning about the story We're going on a Bear Hunt. The children all joined in well when we acted out the story in the hall and they were using the story language as they moved around the room. We then went on a hunt in the playground for some items to make a large story map and then the children worked well in groups to create a large story map. We were very impressed with how well the children could sound out the labels for our story maps. 

In maths we have been adding together two groups of gummy bears and the children have been very good at counting out the correct amount and then counting all to work out the answer.

We have finished learning all our jumper family letters in Kinetic Letters and so now the children should all be able to write h,n,m,r,b and p correctly. The children have also begun to learn the abracadabra family and now know how to write c. They have all got a new sheet in their bag to let them practise this sound. 

In phonics the children have continued to learn their new sounds and have been practising their blending skills. They are really impressing us with their progress in blending sounds in words! 

Have a good week off and we look forward to seeing the children on Tuesday 1st November. 

Week commencing 10/10/2016

What a busy week we have had in Penguin Class! When we arrived on Monday we discovered some objects had been left behind in our school hall, after some discussion we realised they must have been left by the witch from the story Room on the Broom! We then had lots of fun completing some drama activities going on a hunt for the witch. Our group activities this week have all followed a Room on the Broom theme – the children have been creating rhyming potions outside with Miss Hardy, Witch’s faces using different shapes in the wet area with Mrs Civil, designing and building truly magnificent brooms in the construction area with Mrs Davies and adding together potion ingredients ad solving simple addition problems in the classroom with Mrs Inwood. We have continued with our phonics and kinetic letters sessions throughout the week too, and are so impressed with the children’s letter formation and developing blending skills which are improving week by week!

Thankyou to all of the parents that were able to attend last Friday’s presentation, we hope you found this helpful please watch out for a letter about our upcoming phonics and kinetic letters morning.

We have added some more phonics and kinetic letters sheets to your children's book bags and would appreciate if you could practise these with them. We will be learning the formation for "p" on Monday so they may not be sure of this one just yet!

Week commencing 3/10/2016

We have had another good week in Reception and the children have continued to learn about different traditional tales. The children have all listened very well to the different stories and then enjoyed completing their busy bee jobs in smaller groups. We listened to the story of Little Red Riding Hood and then worked together to add the initial sound to the items in the basket for Granny. We were very impressed with how well the children could hear the initial sounds and they even wrote them independently! We shared a different version of Jack and the Beanstalk and the children especially enjoyed joining in with the story. They then worked as a team to order some instructions for planting a bean and then followed these to plant their own bean.  The children also shared the story of the Gingerbread Man and they enjoyed searching for the gingerbread man numbers and placing them in the correct order. They even got to make gingerbread men with playdough and then counted out their decorations.

This week the children have also been sorting pom poms by size for the three bears, identifying the initial sounds on the gingerbread man bingo and counting the magic beans into the correctly numbered pots. We were very impressed when some children built their own dumper trucks and fork lifts to carry the logs for the three pigs’ houses.

In Phonics this week the children have learnt the sounds i,n,p,g and o and they have also been practising orally blending these sounds in words. During Kinetic Letters we practised writing h and n and also learnt to write r, which we said starts at scared monkey. The children have enjoyed practising the moves to write these letters in the air, on sand trays and even on whiteboards. We have been amazed at the perseverance the children have shown in their handwriting and lots of children have been choosing to write their letters when it is their choosing time!

Next week we will be learning about a new story so please check back to see what we have been learning.

Our first few weeks at school

The children have settled well into life at Bugbrooke School and we have been amazed at how well they access all the activities and learning opportunities. This week we have started learning about different traditional tales and the children have enjoyed completing their 'busy bee jobs' in small groups. They have especially enjoyed making and tasting porridge and building bridges to help the three billy goats gruff cross the river! The children have enjoyed learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and they then showed good teamwork to measure the giant's footprint. We were very impressed with the story maps that the children created and they enjoyed telling us all about their stories!

In Phonics this week we have begun to learn some letter sounds, by the end of this week the children will have learnt m,a,s and d. The children are working on recognising these sounds and will also begin to blend sounds in simple words. 

This week in Kinetic Letters the children have been learning how to form the letter h. They have learnt to lay in the 'strong way' to write and we have been amazed at how hard the children have been working to perfect their letter formation. Lots of children have even continued to practise their letter formation in their 'choosing  time'! We will continue to learn how to write the letters in the Jumper family throughout the next few weeks. 

Next week we will continue to learn about traditional tales.