Week beginning 3rd July 2017

Our gold medallists this week are Emily, Max and Harvey.

Max has had a brilliant change of attitude this week to his learning. During the input to a lesson, he has been more focussed, and also joining in with discussions and answering questions - keep it up!

Harvey is always giving 100% and always being the best he can be. He is an absolute pleasure to have in class!

Emily has shown real kindness this week to another child who has felt rather lonely on the playground. She has played with them and made sure they are OK - and it has been recognised that she has helped to make the child feel much better. What a wonderful reason to receive a gold medal!

Well done all of you! 

Week beginning 26th June 2017

Our gold medallists this week are Natalie and Teagan.

Natalie has had a fantastic couple of weeks showing a much improved attitude to learning. She is staying focussed on the carpet, when working individually - and generally being the best she can be.

Teagan has achieved her medal for always being ready to learn. She is always one of the first on the carpet, sitting nicely and waiting for the lesson/input to start.

Well done girls!

Week beginning 12th June 2017

Our gold medallists this week are Emma, Paige and Joe.

Emma was awarded hers by Mrs Brickwood for an absolutely fantastic effort in her swimming sessions. Her confidence has grown massively and she has put so much hard work into every session. What a brilliant achievement Emma!

Paige always gives 100% in all she does. Recently, she has worked extra hard in maths especially during the inputs. If she knows someone else is answering a question, she will still have a go at working it out. Paige is also so helpful around the classroom and thoughtful towards others.

Joe has been awarded his gold medal for generally being a pleasure to teach! Joe wears a wonderful smile and often shares interesting ideas and thoughts. :-)

Week beginning 5th June 2017

Our gold medallists this week are Frankie and Thomas.

Frankie has been working exceptionally hard on his kinetic handwriting as this was new to him since starting at Bugbrooke a couple of months ago. Very quickly, he has picked up the letter formations and his handwriting is a beautiful example of Kinetics! Well done Frankie!

Thomas has been working really hard in maths recently. During the input, he is constantly trying to answer questions and be the best he can be. Keep it up Thomas!

Week beginning 22nd May 2017

Our gold medallists this week are Elissa, Daisy-mai and Jack.

Elissa has been working really hard on her reading where she is now confident using our new Acclerated Reader scheme. Also, she has recently achieved 100% in her quizzes which is amazing! Keep it up Elissa!

Daisy-mai has been working hard in English where she is writing thoughtful sentences and being fully involved in discussions. I am also impressed with Daisy-mai's efforts in Maths too - well done!

Jack has been working extremely hard in his swimming sessions and really impressing Mrs Brickwood. Not only this, but he has been seen showing kindness and encouragement towards other children - what lovely attributes to show Jack.



Week beginning 15th May 2017

Our gold medallists this week are Frankie and George.

Frankie has completed his first full week with the Jaguars class after joining us last Friday. It feels like he has always been with us as he has settled in so quickly and so well. It's great to have you with us Frankie!

George has been trying really hard in maths over the last few weeks. He strives to achieve the extension activity and then challenges himself when he does so. Keep it up George!

We have been learning about 'TIME' in maths. Please help us at home by asking us what the time is as often as you can!

This is us working on problem solving involving Time!...

Every Friday morning when some children go swimming, the rest of us do some music! We have been learning about rhythms including the proper musical notes 'crotchets' and 'quavers'. Already, we have learnt how to read these notes and play rhythms by following written music. The children have enjoyed playing musical instruments with several different parts/rhythms happening at the same time!

Week beginning 8th May 2017

Our gold medallists this week are Thomas and Caoimhe.

Thomas has had a great week in maths learning about time. He has been fully-focussed and has always got his hand up to answer questions. In the problem-solving session, Thomas also demonstrated excellent partner work.

Caoimhe is always so helpful and a generally lovely, model Year4 student! She is always looking out for others and is a pleasure to have in class.

Well done both of you.

The children are really enjoying our new English unit and text The Tin Forest.  It has really brought home the importance of looking after our environment and thinking more carefully about recycling and reusing.

This is exactly what the old man does in the story and thanks to Sam for going in the "Hot Seat" to answer questions from the children - you did a great job of staying in role Sam!

Thank you for helping to remind your child to have their spelling book in school - this book is used each day so very important.

Mondays are still our day for their spelling test - this is also the day they get their new spelling list.

Week beginning 1st May 2017

Our gold medallists this week are Noah and Claudia!

Noah really excelled in our African dancing this week - demonstrating great rhythm and trying hard to master the moves. He has also put in a great effort with other activities throughout the week, especially Art.

Claudia has really strived to achieve her best in all activities this week - really taken advantage of the new skills and range of fun! She has put in 100% effort and made the most of our brilliant week.

Well done both of you!

We've had an excellent week - some of us away at Whitemoor Lakes, and the rest of us at school!

Throughout the three days when the Year 4's were away, the rest of us Year 3's took part in many activities based on our African theme including: Dance, drumming, clay mask making, landscape art. As well as this, we have also enjoyed some team building activities, PE, and ICT work using Scratch. What a fun week!

Please read the children's report below to find out more.

Week beginning 24th April 2017

Our gold medallists this week are Jack, Tegan and Emma.

Jack is displaying an excellent working attitude at the moment - being ready to learn and joining in with all discussions. This is wonderful to see!

Tegan always gives 100% and is a brilliant role-model for our Year 3s. It is an absolute pleasure to have her in the Jaguars.

Emma has come on leaps and bounds in swimming sessions! She has gone from being nervous and apprehensive to being confident and smiley through personal perseverance! Well done Emma!

The children had a great time learning more about recycling, reusing and reducing our waste.  Kirsty from the Recycling Team shared a great many facts relating to this topic and the children enjoyed applying their knowledge to posters and word art later in the day.  It certainly shocked us all just how long some waste products take to completely decompose.

We wish the Year 4 children a super time next week in Whitemoor Lakes and the Year 3 children have an exciting few days of activities with us in school.

Enjoy your long weekend!

Week beginning 17th April 2017

Welcome Back!

We hope you have all had a great Easter break and managing to plough your way through all that chocolate!!

The Jaguars have certainly come back looking refreshed with great attitudes and positivity towards their work which is wonderful to see! 

Keep it going Jaguars! We have a fun term ahead!

Our gold medallists this week are Elissa, Ben and Harry.

Elissa is working hard at becoming a more independent worker - thinking for herself and asking sensible questions. Well done Elissa!

Harry is always so helpful and gives 100% in all he does. He is showing a superb overall attitude and a great role-model for the Jaguars.  

Ben is also showing an excellent attitude in class and on the playground. As well as this, he has shown several acts of kindness receiving lovely comments from both adults and children.

Keep it up all of you! 

Week beginning 27th March 2017

Our gold medallists this week are Sam, Emily, Emma and Teagan!

Sam always gives 100% and always strives to be the best he can be. As well as this, he is an excellent role-model to our class!

Emily has had an amazing week in Maths! She has put in so much hard work - often moving on to the extension activity. Well done Emily!

Emma and Teagan demonstrated huge bravery in PE today jumping off the gym horse/apparatus. At the start of the lesson, they were having to hold my hand to jump, however, by the end of the lesson they were freely jumping on their own! I was so proud!  

The jaguars have had a great week and we have seen some brilliant effort - even though we are all tired and ready for the break!

Today in PE, children did a circuit of gym skills including: balancing, jumping, hoops and travel. Excellent creativity was shown in their moves!


Over the Easter holidays, please try to keep up with times tables, spellings and reading practise! But most importantly - have a great break!

Happy Easter Jaguars :-)  

Week beginning 20th March 2017

Our gold medallists this week are Archie and Ben!

Archie has been working really hard the last few weeks at being the best he can be. He is consistently ready to learn and gives 100% in all he is doing.

Ben has also had such a positive week trying his best to be ready, learn and achieve. Earlier in the week, he also demonstrated extreme kindness to another pupil.

Keep it up boys!

Week beginning Monday 13th Monday 

Today we had a whole school Science Day! We started the day with an assembly where we saw some mini explosions! Throughout the day, the children went round 6 different areas in school to do experiments! Some involved coins, skittles, milk, and much more! Please ask your children about the day to see what they found out and what they enjoyed the most. It was a fantastic day! 

We have continued our Apple's Friends scheme in PSHE where we are thinking about 'Communication'.

This week, we have discussed how to talk about something when it's a hard situation or we feel worried. We practised having these conversations in groups whilst practising our listening skills at the same time.

Week beginning Monday 6th March


Well done to all the Jaguars for another amazing week of learning.

This week saw the launch of our new Behaviour Policy and the children were excited to learn about the Golden Time activities which will take place on Friday afternoon each week.  Thank you to all the children for listening to Mrs Bramble's assembly so carefully and we are sure our new systems will help everyone with their learning.

Well done to all the children who are learning spellings for our weekly test on a Monday.  Lots of children are showing us that they are trying very hard to learn some quite tricky words.  Thank you for your support in ensuring that your child practises their weekly words.

A highlight of the week was our class assembly and we celebrated the fact that the children are all writers.  Well done children for such  great participation in front of the whole school!

Week beginning 27th February 2017

Our gold medallists this week are Fern and Max!

Fern has been showing excellent progress in her maths with a more positive attitude. She is an absolute pleasure to teach!

Max is trying really hard to concentrate and focus more and Miss Cross and Mrs Cahill have noticed this more in the mornings. Keep it up Max!

This week we celebrated World Book Day!

We finished our class book 'Mr Stink' - it was rather emotional at the end of the story but we all thought it was brilliant!

Everyone looked fantastic in their costumes! Can you guess which books we are all from?

In our indoor PE session this week with Miss Cross, we played some hoop games! We had to spin the hoop and run around it, pass through it with a partner without letting go, spin it around our hips for as long as possible, and spin it round our arm and pass it to our partner's arm without it stopping spinning. It was great fun! At the end of the lesson, we did a class challenge of passing the hoop down the whole class without letting go of hands! Brilliant teamwork Jaguars!

In RE this week with Miss Cross, we continued our Diwali session from last week and made a Diwali lantern.  

Week beginning 20th February 2017

Our gold medallists this week are Jemima and Natalie!

Jemima has produced some excellent imaginative writing this week - especially with the story opening task. Keep it up Jemima!

Natalie has had an amazing week with a constant 100% effort! We hope you keep it going this next week too Natalie :-)

Well done girls! 

Week beginning 6th February 2017

Our gold medallists this week are Paige and Joe!

Paige is such a good role-model and star pupil. She is kind, patient, thoughtful, helpful and always gives 100%.

Joe is showing a great learning attitude recently, and is especially working hard on speeding up his work as well as following instructions more quickly.

Well done both of you!

This week in Science with Miss Cross, we tested how best to make our volcano explosions! We used vinegar, food colouring, washing-up liquid, warm water and bicarbonate of soda. In groups, we worked to find out the best formula including measurement of vinegar, and the order in which to put the ingredients in to make the best explosion! In conclusion, warm water worked better than cold and we had to fill the bottle up quite full. Also, using around 20ml of vinegar worked well, and putting the bicarbonate of soda in last created a bigger explosion!

We then used our best method to explode our actual volcanoes! It was brilliant fun! Some of them didn't work as well as we hoped - but maybe we could try again at home! It was all very exciting!

Once back in the classroom, we wrote up our final method and evaluation.

Week beginning 30th January

Gold medals this week go to Charlie for becoming such an independent worker and having the positive "I Can..." mindset - well done Charlie!

Gold medals also to Harvey and Emma for being excellent role models and having an all round 100% effort in all their learning - keep up this fabulous work!


We all had a wonderful day on Wednesday celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Photographs of the day to follow due to a problem uploading photos this week,  but we think it is safe to say the Jaguars thoroughly enjoyed their day!  We began the day hearing a story about how the animals of the zodiac came about and for this day the Jaguars became the Tigers!  

The children made Chinese fans which were used in a whole school assembly to

showcase their  fan dance - thank you Miss Cross for organising this!

In the afternoon the class tucked into a Chinese tasting experience and

sampled different sauces, water chestnuts, prawn crackers, rice  and spring


Sweet chilli sauce proved the favourite sauce and chop stick skills were



The children continue to enjoy finding out about volcanoes and they will finish

their fact files next week.   Volcanoes are now painted and we are looking

forward to the forthcoming eruptions!


In English we will move on to a new unit focusing on writing a diary.  You may

have noticed a "Kindness Diary" sheet in your child's reading record.  We are

encouraging them to think of examples of when they have been kind,  as well as

recognising kindness shown to themselves.  This is being completed in school

but your child is welcome to add extra examples at home.


Week beginning 23rd January

Our gold medallists this week are Alfie and Daisy-Mai.  This week Mrs Cahill was particularly impressed with his effort in writing  - keep up this superb effort Alfie!

Daisy-Mai always does the right thing and is always ready to learn.  She also stood out in P.E this week with superb sprinting with the ball in tag rugby!

We have had a wonderful week of English  and Mrs Cahill is so proud of the writing done by the Jaguars this week.  The class are loving finding out more about volcanoes,  but also thoroughly enjoying writing descriptively about them.  All the children have their volcano poem on display and we hope feeling proud of their achievements as writers!

We had great fun beginning to make our volcanoes and enjoyed a thoroughly messy afternoon working on this!  To their credit, the classroom was beautifully tidy at the end of the afternoon and we look forward to seeing their painted and finished volcanoes.

In R.E we have worked on symbols of light and dark and again the children worked in a practical way to represent their ideas.  

The Jaguars earned an extra session  on our new Adventure Playground.

During PHSE we have focused on listening to each other and their reward for

listening more carefully was this much enjoyed playtime.

Just a reminder please to help your child remember to bring in a water bottle

every day.

In P.E the children really need joggers and an extra top as it has been quite

chilly outside lately.   An extra pair of socks is important too, especially for

any girls wearing tights.

Thank you for your continued support!


Week beginning 16th January 2017


Our gold medallists this week are Luke and Alfie!

Luke is also so helpful around the classroom and has learnt when it is a good time to be helpful - which makes him even more helpful!!

Alfie always gives 100% in his maths work - even if he finds things hard. Mrs Bicknall has also noticed his huge effort when she works with him too.

Well done boys!

In PE this week, we looked at the sport 'Goalball' which is an Olympic sport played by the blind. Before the session, we watched a video of Goalball being played to help us understand.  Wearing blindfolds, we rolled the ball to each other in a circle and had to listen very carefully to sense if the ball was coming to us.

We then worked in partners to direct each other around the hall and practised some of our previously-learnt balances whilst blindfolded.

Enter text...

In maths this week we have been learning about area and perimeter. Some of us have done some outside learning going around different sections of the playground to fully understand what perimeter means, whilst others have played a match-up game linking rectangles to their area and perimeter.

Each week we do some problem solving as you have seen on previous web posts. This week some of us were trying make all the numbers up to 50 using just 3 and 5! We did really well thinking of all possibilities using + - x and divide. Can you make them all?!

Others were continuing our perimeter focus by trying to create the smallest and biggest perimeter using given shapes. This was quite challenging - but again, we did really well thinking up all possibilities.

Continuing with our PSHE scheme, Apple's Friends, we have particularly focused on 'feelings' where we have been thinking about how we feel, and other people feel in different situations.

We have also had extra Circle Times both with Mrs Cahill and Miss Cross thinking how we can be a good 'Jaguar'. This week we will be looking out for other children showing politeness.

Week beginning 9th January 2017

Our gold medallists this week are Joe and Jemima!


Joe received his gold medal for being a 'curious learner'! Within discussions, Joe is always asking questions, analysing, and thinking 'what if' and 'why' which is great to have in class!

Jemima has been showing a real 'can do' attitude to start off the year which is the perfect attitude to have!

Well done both of you!

Last Friday, children start a new indoor PE scheme called Real Gym. Previously, they learnt about shape families and how to form shapes within those families. This week, they used a dice matrix to create a pathway (sequence) thinking about shape, balance, travel, direction, contrast, levels, unison, canons, and speed. I was very impressed with their ideas!

Week beginning 12th December and final message for 2016

We are sure you will agree that all the Jaguars deserve a gold medal for their outstanding performances in a Christmas Toy Story.  We were so proud of the way they learnt lines, sang, danced and acted!  Thank you again for all your support and hope you thoroughly enjoyed watching your children perform!  The children had a great time at our party and thanks again for sending in such a lovely selection of food

We hope that you and your families have a wonderful Christmas break and enjoy spending time together over the festive period. 

Happy Christmas everyone and thank you for all your good wishes


Mrs Cahill, Miss Cross and Mrs Musson


Week beginning 28th November

Our gold medallists this week are Elissa and Fern!

 Elissa tried really hard with letter writing this week using much improved handwriting. She was also one of the first people from The Jaguars to learn the words for the play off by heart!

Fern has been working super hard in maths with a positive 'I can' attitude. She has been making great progress!

Well done both of you!

 Over the last few weeks the children have worked incredibly hard in English and thoroughly enjoyed the book "The Wolves in the Walls".

They have had fun in drama exploring the different characters and how they felt about wolves living in their house!  The children certainly had some imaginative ideas about where they could go and live instead.....Hawaii was one of the favourites!  

We have looked at how to write informal and formal letters and Mrs Cahill was really impressed with how well the children presented these letters.  Kinetic handwriting was looking fabulous so thank you for your efforts here children.  It is encouraging to see them trying so hard with handwriting across all their work.

The children loved reading their ideas aloud and they all took their turn, reading confidently  to the class.

Thank you for your continued support in helping your child to learn their spellings.  We still need to work hard on this and making sure spelling books are in school every day.  Monday is a particularly important day as they receive their new spelling list.

Next week rehearsals for the play will be very important and the children are doing a good job so far of learning lines and songs.  Until they are really secure it will be helpful if they have their scripts in school to give them a prompt if necessary.

We look forward to seeing you at the performances, it's going to be a good show!


Week beginning 21st November

Our gold medallists this week are Claudia and Harry!


Claudia has been working really hard in her maths work giving 100% - keep it up!

Harry has been working exceptionally hard on his spelling and achieved his best score last week - well done!

In maths this week we have been working hard on doubling and halving using partitioning, also finding factor pairs and number families. As well as this, we have also been problem solving involving alien legs!

Week beginning 14th November

Our gold medallists this week are Emma and Sam!

They are both fantastic class Council Reps keeping us up-to-date with any information we need to know. Both of them are also the perfect role model of how to be the best you can be.

Well done both of you!

In Geography this week we have looked at where in the world wolves still live, and where they used to live but don't anymore. We used our atlas skills to locate and name countries.

We also learnt about longitude, latitude, the equator, Greenwich Meridian, Northern & Southern hemisphere, and the Eastern & Western hemisphere.

During Children in Need today, we added coins to the coin trail!...

Our Year 4's continued with some problem solving and reasoning this Friday morning...

Week beginning 7th November

Our gold medallists this week are George and Ben!

George has been outstanding in maths this week - not only excellent effort, but excellent presentation with work too.

Ben has had a brilliant week being focussed and engaged in the lesson and joining in with class discussions. Well done boys!

This week we have continued with our 'Wolves in the Walls' theme.

In Geography, we have been looking at 'habitats' - and in particular this week, the habitats for wolves. We have learnt how diverse they are and how they can survive in many different types of surroundings and climates.


Please remember that on Friday it is Children in Need - we can wear fancy dress (spots, pyjamas, or both!) and there will be different activities on at lunchtime to take part in for a small donation.  

Week beginning 31st October

Our gold medallists this week are Sophie, Charlie and Paige!

Paige and Charlie always give 100% to be the best they can be.

Sophie always tries so hard in maths and takes such pride in what she achieves.

Well done all of you!

This week we have been looking at staying safe online when communicating over the internet. In particular, we were thinking about what photos are appropriate to send across the internet. We created a freeze frame of an 'OK' photo and 'not OK' photo! 

Over the next few weeks on a Friday morning, the Year 4's will be joined by the Year 4's from the Tigers to do some Problem Solving and Reasoning with Miss Cross. We had our first session this morning - the children really enjoyed it! They worked so well in their groups - great teamwork and discussions!

Week beginning 17th October

Our gold medallists this week are Daisy-mai, Kaydance and Emily!

Daisy-mai and Kaydance have had a brilliant "I can" attitude in their maths recently, and Emily has worked so hard on her times tables getting full marks in the test today! Well done girls!


We also one the "Highest Attendance" this week! Go Jaguars!

In maths this week we have been doing lots of problem solving! This has included looking for patterns when we find the difference between numbers with certain digits, guessing shapes by thinking about the properties, thinking of all the different ways we can make a number, and completing magic squares! All of us have really enjoyed it!

Because we have work harder and harder this half, Miss Cross thought that we deserved a class treat! So we had some cinema time this afternoon watching the BFG - with some popcorn of course!

Week beginning 10th October


Thank you all for coming and meeting with us for our Parent's Evenings.  We hope you are now familiar with our website and know where to look for homework information.

 We are sure you agree that the photographs are lovely so please remember to put your orders in as soon as possible.

Well done to all the children who are now remembering their P.E kits each week.  As the weather is now getting colder please remember to bring another top layer such as a fleece or hoody.  Trainers will be needed too as the field and playground will not be suitable for plimsolls.  

It is important for the children to keep hydrated and water bottles are still necessary through the Autumn and Winter months.

In English we have been learning about the life of Roald Dahl.  He certainly had an interesting life.  We then moved on to think about writing an imaginary biography of the BFG and we will complete this next week.

Keep working really hard on those spellings and remember the sentences too!

In Maths this week we have been learning about shape - both 2D and 3D. All of us had the opportunity to explore what shapes we could seearound our school.

We then moved on to looking at symmetry in shapes and used mirrors to help us identify how many lines of symmetry different shapes have.

Our gold medallists this week are Jack and Natalie for their brilliant effort with reading this week - and keeping their reading record up to date!

Also to Tegan for consistently giving 100% in all she does and always being ready to learn! Well done all of you!  

Our gold medalists this week are Thomas and Daniel for their brilliant effort and watching and listening carefully all the time! 

Our gold medalists this week are Archie and Samuel for trying extra hard in their Maths and English this week!

The Jaguars have had another busy week continuing their 'Shoe' theme including some work on Science! With Mrs Cahill, they have been doing some English work based on The BFG which they have all enjoyed! 

With Miss Cross in Maths, we have been using the column method for addition and subtraction. Whilst for some this was a recap and practise, for others we had to learn how to count 2 single-digit numbers securely! Our photos show how we felt at the start of it, and how we felt by Friday!

Have a great weekend :-)

Enter text...

Our gold medalists this week are Harvey and Caoimhe for being the best they can be!

Miss Cross has been able to spend the week with our joyful Jaguars this week - getting to know them really well and getting to know the school too! We have had a very busy week learning about place value in Maths, similes and editing writing in English, and continuing with our 'Cobblers' theme. Our trip to The Shoe Museum was great fun! We saw so many weird and wonderful different types as well as learning all about the history of shoes and how they used to be made.

The children have been given their new Learning Logs this week which will give parents and carers the opportunity to see what the children have been working on as well as helping the children to progress and practise further.  

Enter text...

Our first gold medalists are Noah and Teagan for getting on so brilliantly at their new school here at Bugbrooke!

Mrs Cahill and Miss Cross


Welcome to the Jaguars.


Week Beginning 5th September 2016

Welcome to Year 3 and 4 everyone and especially to the Jaguars.  Mrs Cahill and Miss Cross are delighted to be back at school and seeing you all again after a lovely summer holiday.  Thank you so much for all your postcards – you have certainly had an exciting and busy time!

This week Mrs Cahill has had the pleasure of welcoming the children back to school and been amazed with what we have done already.  We have welcomed 2 new children to our class and as usual Bugbrooke School children have made them feel at home.  Thank you children.

The children have been busy in English and getting used to writing daily.  We are already practising spellings and times tables and helping the children choose a reading book they can read independently.  We look forward to seeing their reading records to show how much they enjoy their reading at home. 

Thank you very much for helping the children to return various reply slips promptly – this really helps us with our organisation.

The children will probably agree that the highlight of the week has been the Shoe design.  Again, thank you for sending in shoes that the children could “revamp”!  What a creative bunch of children we have and we can’t wait to see the finished designs!

Whilst the Year 4 children went swimming, the Year 3’s were busy working on a team building maths task making 3D shapes from spaghetti and blu tac.  This certainly involved plenty of concentration and team work.  We all agreed that persistence was a quality needed by everyone in order to succeed.

More information will follow soon regarding homework and curriculum matters.

Have a lovely weekend children and Miss Cross will see you next week.  We will tell you more about our new class Dojo awards and how the children are rewarded.

Thank you Jaguars for a great start to our learning together!