Thursday 7th July 2016

We have enjoyed finishing our Suffragette work this week. We have been investigating magic squares in maths today. I witnessed some great problem solving and most of us were able to  use algebraic expressions. The year 5's have impressed me so much this week. Year 6 have been working incredibly hard on their end of year performance; I can't wait to see it!

Year 5/6 Transition Day 2 - Tuesday 5th July 2016

Another wonderful day with my new class.  We produced some great artwork today having persevered with a difficult task.  Yet again you demonstrated: teamwork, enthusiasm and a fabulous attitude.  It has been such a happy and enjoyable two days.

Year 5/6 Transition Day - Monday 4th July

What a wonderful day full of: problem solving, working as a team, thinking, science, D&T and perseverance! 

Thank you for such an enthusiastic start!

Friday 1st July 2016

Well done on a great dance! I am very glad that the sun shone for us.

Year 5 have been working together this week looking at values.  We have discussed the meaning of values, the true meaning of a 'rich' life and have started comparing the values of different religions.  In particular, we have looked at the story of Guru Nanak and learnt about the Sikh values that may be similar to our own values. 

Year 5 have also written alternative versions to the chorus of 'Let's Go Fly a Kite' which helped us focus on aspects of life that are more important than money.  We have also been working on our times tables and our spellings.  WELL DONE to our Year 5 spelling bees today.


Friday 24th June 2016


What an amazing week we have had!  We have been extensively debating the EU referendum which has linked perfectly with our 1920's theme.  After our debate, we have started researching the Suffragettes and we all have a greater understanding of the value of our vote.  We have started drafting our work on the Suffragettes which will take many forms: drama, posters, powerpoints and stories.

In maths we have been using our reasoning skills to solve subtraction problems - this involved writing on the tables at times!  Year 5 have been using their reasoning skills whilst Year 6 have rehearsed for their end of year performance.  As a year group, we have considered the key questions used during problem solving.  These include: Convince me? What is the same, what is the difference? Which is the odd one out?  What is the math story? Another, another, another.

Today, Year 5 have watched a short clip called: Blue Umbrella, Red Umbrella.  We have started drafting our writing outcomes from this short clip which have included poems, stories, newspaper and diary recounts. 

We will continue to work on these next week.

Friday 17th June 2016

We have had a wonderful week!  Unfortunately, I've been unable to successfully load any of our pictures onto the website as I've been experiencing technical problems with my laptop.  However, I hope to get this rectified as soon as possible.

We really enjoyed our class trip on Wednesday.  The only disappointing aspect was that we needed all day at Northampton Museum.  The children were well behaved and really enthusiastic whilst they learnt a lot about the shoe history of Northampton. Think we need to invest in a dressing up box next year as so many of my class enjoyed trying on the various shoes and outfits available.

We have all, myself included, been working hard on our times table challenges.  So many of us have moved onto the next challenge.  We have had lots of problem solving activities during maths this week.

I have been really impressed with the editing of our fables.  We are almost ready to collate our stories into a class collection.  Hopefully we will get an opportunity to illustrate our stories too. 

Today we have started our Rennie Mactintosh inspired art work which will continue with next week.

Keep up with the fabulous work on learning the Year 3/4 spellings.  We had a lot of 100% today.  As there is no other formal homework, please make sure that the Year 5/6 spellings are reviewed over the next week ready for our test.

Friday is now officially 'skipping Friday' and didn't we have fun this morning testing out the skipping ropes.

Friday 10th June 2016

We had a great start to the week with our visitor from 78 Derngate.  We have started looking at our new topic: 1920's.  The homework that was due in today - only a few left to be brought in - has been really impressive.  We have some very creative children in our class!

We have been 'playing' with unifix cubes and strips of paper in maths!  We have been investigating volume and how this is different from area and perimeter.  Using our coloured strips of paper, we have been reviewing our understanding of equivalent fractions, adding fractions and dividing fractions.

Having studied various fables this week, as well as listening to them as part of our reading carousel this week, we are starting to plan and draft our own fables.  Next week, we will continue drafting, re-drafting and self and peer assessing our work.

Our visitor on Monday introduced us to Rennie Mackintosh.  Our artwork this term will be strongly influenced by this Scottish artist.


We have reviewed our Year 3/4 spelling this week. It is essential that all children look at those words that need to be learnt on a daily basis.

Please make sure that reading and spelling is the focus for next week.

Friday 27th May 2016


The end of term.  The end of a very busy, fun, active and enjoyable week.

Well done to all Year 5 pupils for a fabulous week fun of energy, creativity and laughter.  You sung your hearts out last night.

You have all achieved so much this week.  Thank you for a great week.

Have a great week off.


For all children across Year 5 and 6.  Please make sure you complete your history task by Friday 10th June.  You need to research the 1920's and complete a piece of work related to your findings. 

This may involve: creating a family tree, retelling a story or poem, creating an newspaper article from this time in history, making a model, adding pictures to written information, creating an information booklet or leaflet, presenting your facts using ICT or a mixture of all of these!

Dress Rehearsal Day - Thursday 26th May 2016


Everything went to plan - almost.  Good luck with the performance this evening!

Day 3 - 'Move It' performance - Wednesday 25th May 2016

We have been working on our acting, singing and dancing today in preparation for our 'showcase event' tomorrow night.  Some reluctant performers from Monday are unrecognisable now!  We are an all singing all dancing Year 5!

Day 2 - 'Move It' performance - Tuesday 24th May 2016

Rehearsals are going really well and we are really proud of the effort and enthusiasm demonstrated by all Year 5 pupils.  A big thank you to Year 6 who have helped creatively with our props.  We have achieved so much in two days! 

We are still smiling! 

Keep up the fabulous work!

Day 1 - 'Move It' Performance - Monday 23rd May 2016

Friday 20th May 2016

Well done for your all your newspaper writing this week.  It has been a productive week where we have all been trying to prove that 'we are the best we can be.' 

We have been making fossils in Science, painting them in Art and writing instructions in Literacy.  This week we have been more active and so many of us have managed to complete our healthy week passport.

Year 5 have made a great start to learning our dance moves and lyrics for next week.  It's going to be a busy week.  There will be a dress rehearsal on Thursday but I will send out a separate letter to make sure we are clear about costumes.

Have a fabulous week Year 6 - see you next term.  I look forward to hearing all about your experiences



Friday 13th May

It certainly hasn't been an unlucky day for us!  What a wonderful week!  SATS are over!  We are smiling and we weren't stressed at all!  We can now look forward to our newspaper writing next week to conclude our Enterprise project.  Please make sure all monies raised have been collected and counted so that we can send it off next week.

We have been creative this week by creating our dream catchers and sketching.  This morning I participated in a fantastic football match as our end of SATS treat with ice pops all round! 

Year 5 have started rehearsing with our first full run through of the script. Please make sure that you learn your lines this weekend.

Please make sure that you have your P.E. kit in school everyday.  We have had a few children missing out on their Tuesday lesson with Mrs Stevens due to lack of a full kit.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday 11th May

I can't wait until Friday to express my feeling: I am immensely proud of my Year 6's.  Keep up the great work! Only one more day to go!

We have tried to chill in between our tests this week by starting looking at the Year 5 performance.  Year 6 were enjoying grooving to our songs!

Well done Year 5 for an afternoon packed with energy, enthusiasm and teamwork.  Thanks to Udance for some fabulous dance moves and for starting the ball rolling.  We are going to rock!

Friday 6th May

What a glorious sunny day to end another fabulously busy week. 

This shorter than normal week has certainly flown by.  We have packed in lots of useful revision for the Year 6 whilst Year 5 have been able to complete their unit on Macbeth.

Wednesday afternoon, with the help of a local businessman, we baked three different types of muffins as part of our enterprise project.  Mr Laidlaw was able to explain how we calculate the actual price for our products.  We were doing some quite difficult maths but I was so impressed with you all.  In groups you worked out unit costs using the prices of your ingredients and then calculated your profit margins.  This was the most practical application of ratios and percentages we have seen this year!  We did get a bit messy - some groups did not have the same yield as others.  However, the pictures should definitely remind us that we can have fun and learn!

On Thursday we were able to collect more money for our charities and everyone worked well.  We have yet to work out the total amount of money raised.  Well done everyone!

Year 5's have started preparing for their performance at the end of the term.  Please look at your lines over the weekend.

Remember SATS breakfast next week starts at 8.15am.  T

hank you for your hard work this week. 

Keep calm, keep smiling and enjoy your weekend.

You are the best you can be!


Friday 29th April 2016


The end of yet another busy week.  We had a great PE afternoon on Friday to celebrate our hard work this week.  Well done to Year 6 for all their determination to be the best they can be. 

Year 5 you have worked wonderfully this week with Mrs Carr.  I have loved seeing your video clips.  You seem to have really enjoyed your drama work relating to Macbeth.

In maths this week we reviewed our understanding of ratio and proportion.  Even though we did tests, you still stagger me with your enthusiasm and enjoyment with maths.  Our focus on spelling seems to have paid off with some great results this week.  Our aliens are obviously helping us to remember those tricky word patterns.

Have a great long weekend.

Friday 22nd April 2014

This week has flown by!  What has been especially nice this week is that, whilst I have been impressed with my class on numerous occasions, other teachers have also commented on how wonderful you all are. 

You all have a fabulous attitude to improving your work.  This has been particularly evident during our work on parenthesis this week.  You were able to show great use of commas, dashes and brackets.

As usual, you have been solving some tricky problems during maths.  We have reviewed prime numbers, square and cube numbers today with some great reasoning going on.

A special thank you to my Friday assembly maths group.  What a great way to end the day!  The enthusiasm and determination to complete some very tricky mean, ratio and line graph problems was impressive.

Friday 15th April 2016

A great start to a very important term - thank you!  We are all definitely more refreshed and healthier after our long Easter break.  It has been a busy week full of: algebra and angles in maths; prepositions and clauses in writing; swimming, tennis and rounders in P.E. and the early planning stages of our Enterprise Project.

Please remember that next week the Year 6 maths intervention group will be on Tuesday after school and Thursday and Friday mornings before school.  Thank you for your mature approach and enthusiasm.

This term our P.E. days will continue to be on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Although, the grass was a little wet today we still managed to exercise our brains with Danish rounders and Bucket rounders. 

We have enjoyed meeting our Alien helpers this week as we have been working on suffixes.  Some great improvements with our pencil hold and letter formation.  Let's keep up the great work!

Thursday 24th March 2016 - Have a happy and safe holiday everyone!

Well done for another fantastic week.  You have, yet again, impressed me and entertained me with your dedication, wit and enthusiasm.  Don't forget to keep safe, active and proactive during the holidays.  Year 6 in particular, let's keep our eyes on the finishing line and prepare to sprint once we return after Easter.

Learning logs will need to be back in on the first Thursday 14/04/16 - apologies for my typing mistake!  Please remember Year 5's that your work should not be stuck in your learning logs.  Please make sure that your written and creative work is worthy of display in our classroom.  I look forward to being bowled over by your efforts.

Year 6 please remember 'little and often'.  Make sure you do not leave everything to the last minute.  You MUST keep your mind busy and active.  Please think about how much sleep your are getting and how healthy you are being.  

Those pizzas from todays cooking lessons looked fabulous; I'm rather disappointed that I missed out.

Have a fabulous Easter and remember to think of as many ideas in which we could raise money, ready for our enterprise work, next term.



Friday 18th March -Sports Relief 2016


Well we have had a week full of: colds, coughs, cooking, calculations and careful letter formations!! So many of us have been under the weather this week but it hasn't stopped us from being the best we can be! 


A special well done in particular for great arithmetic test scores, your fabulous efforts with our persuasive letters, your continued efforts to adopt autonomy with our kinetic joins and your impressive attitude in helping the Reception children complete their Sports Relief sponsored walk.

Friday 11th March 2016


Thank you for all your hard work this week.  I have been immensely impressed with your attitude to learning this week.  Year 5 and Year 6 have been really thinking about how we all can improve our writing.  Some great sentence work with relative clauses, a range of punctuation and fronted adverbials.  We have been using our writing in our Science lessons as well by writing instructions for a series circuit.


We have continued our work on charities, from RE and our learning log, by starting our draft of a letter to Mrs Bramble attempting to persuade her to hold a charity fund raiser for our chosen charity.  Everyone is using a fabulous range of vocabulary.


In maths we have been reviewing, and extending, our understanding of division and fractions this week.  Well done to everyone for enthusiastically embracing long division!!! 

Well done to our Spelling Bee Boys this week: Jake, Jacob, Alfie and Temi.  Come on girls!!

A new learning log has been sent home today. 

Please note that it is due back in on Friday 18th March.


Thank you for my fruit kebab this week; I'm looking forward to next weeks treat!

Friday 4th March 2016

Where has this wonderful week gone?  A week packed with so much learning: analysis of persuasive writing techniques, ratios, linear graphs, series and parallel circuits, determiners, ...... The list goes on.


We have really focussed on editing our work.  We check it. Someone else checks it.  Then we act on oral feedback before sending it off to be marked!  We are definitely starting to learn the mammoth list of Year 5/6 spellings.  Make sure you continue to review your spellings - I can GUARANTEE that there will be another spelling bee next Friday.  Well done to Jacob for being the only left (he spelt guarantee correctly).

A reminder that our P.E. day this term will be Friday.  Please ensure you have your full kit.  Girls must make sure they tie up their hair.

Thank you for my lovely lunch of vegetable soup made especially by you.  It was delicious! 

Friday night is film night at Bugbrooke Primary School!

What a fabulous end to a brilliant week!  Everyone has been absolutely great this week and we have been really excited about film night!


We have reviewed our understanding of apostrophes for possession; we have been identifying relative and main clauses; we have been investigating the features of persuasive writing.  Guided reading has been very proactive this week - I've been impressed with how determined so many of you have been to be the best you can be!

Maths has been tough this week with so many new words to add to our toolbox: ratio, proportion, linear, relationship, conversion.  Everyone has worked hard solving problems related to area, perimeter and pie charts. Ratios were enjoyed by all - think we have started to crack them!  Thank you for your continued enthusiasm - you make me very proud!

What fun you have had learning your persuasive text! Some great teamwork this week - well done!  We have been very enthusiastic with our spellings this week.  Well done to those winners of our Spelling Bee today: Chloe, Tamsin and George H!  Don't forget to use the list in your learning log, which was sent home today, to learn all your spellings ready for next weeks Spelling Bee - good luck!

Friday 12th February 2016

A week where I've been struck down by winter flu bugs!  I'm sorry to have missed the watercolour painting that I know was planned - I will look forward to seeing and sharing some photos of your creativity.  The water colouring activity was the last stage of our journey with 'Voices in the Park'.  We have really enjoyed using this book as our inspiration for writing this term.  I have loved your final pieces of writing - so many of you are now regularly using subordinate and relative clauses, linking paragraphs and using a wonderful selection of vocabulary.  We will start by reviewing our targets next term so that we can continue to make great progress with our writing.


In maths this week, we started to investigate the relationship between area and perimeter.  Unfortunately, my lack of voice has haltered our progress with this but we will continue next term.  Well done for some great scores in your arithmetic test.  We have some work to do yet but the results were encouraging.  Year 6 make sure that you complete the revision booklets that were sent home today.  If possible, continue to review your understanding of division and fractions as we need to review these areas next term.

I hope that you gained a lot of useful information from Monday's e-safety talk - I look forward to hearing all about it when we return back to school.

I have reviewed your spelling tests from earlier this week and will be sending home a list of those to be reviewed at home.  Please make sure that over the half term you keep up with the reading and checking the year 3/4 and year 5/6 spellings.  A full year 3/4 spelling test will take place at the end of the next term.  As with this term, we will continue to review a number of the year 5/6 spellings on a weekly basis as well as reviewing key spelling patterns.

It is time for the Big Run!  This afternoon the class started our training for the 'big run'.  I look forward to monitoring your progress with this next term.

Have a good week off - I have missed you all!




Another week has flown by and yet again I have been bowled over by my class.  Thank you for making me proud this week in so many ways. The pictures below really do speak for themselves.

We have been working hard on using our SPaG knowledge to produce some amazing 'fifth voices'.  I have been impressed with the boomtastics!  We have reviewed our understanding of plural nouns and how we use apostrophes for possession.

We are progressing with our kinetic letter joining and we are now using kinetic letters far more readily.  Most impressively, one group during our circle work in the playground used kinetic letters to label the circle!!

We have had an extremely enthusiastic maths day which, coupled with our golden time afternoon outside, has resulted in a wonderful day.

Friday 29th January 2016

The end of our first month this year has seen some amazing work being achieved by all.  Our sentence work based on 'Voices in the Park' has led us this week to planning and drafting our own next voice.  This has created lots of debate and some great thinking. I have been immensely impressed with the work produced so far - well done everyone!

Our new learning log this week details the sections of the revision guides to be completed by Year 6.  Only Year 5 need to complete their homework in their learning log.  Hopefully this is a little more clear than previous weeks.

On Thursday we spend all morning laying on the floor!  We really stretched our use of language as well as our legs.

This week in maths we have moved from using mental methods of subtraction to using formal written methods.  As usual, the enthusiasm and determination to learn from our mistakes has been commendable.  We have also reviewed co-ordinates moving onto reflection and translation today.

Friday 22nd January 2015

A week full of maths, SPag, spelling, kinetic letters, netball, science and reading!  In maths we have worked wonderfully as usual on a range of topics: fractions, rounding decimals, finding change and BIDMAS.  I am always impressed with your attitude to learning. 

Thank you for some fabulous sentence work that demonstrated sound knowledge of adverbs, adjectives, relative clauses, adverbial phrases and prepositions.  Well done to all those children that tried to stretch your use of punctuation to include the much loved semi-colon!   You know how to keep me happy!

Don't forget to complete all your homework tasks.  These may seem numerous but remember we just want you to be the best you can be!  If you need my assistance please come in before school or spend some time with me at lunchtime.

We have been creatively investigating tessellations again this week in art.  In R.E. we were reviewing our understanding of the five pillars of Islam and what these represent. 

This week we have continued to work on our Year 5/6 spellings.  Well done to those of you who scored full marks two weeks in a row!  Can you make it a hat-trick?  Who will be next weeks super speller and keen kinetic letters writer?  Thank you for your efforts with your kinetic letters this week.  We are now on chart three - keep up the good work!  S

Spellings need to be reviewed on a regular basis and our next spellings test will be on Friday. 

Please also remember to read at least 5 times during the week; I will be checking all reading records!

Have a good weekend!

Friday 15th January 2016


The end of an extremely busy week where everyone has shown their true colours.  We have been working hard on our mental and written multiplication methods as well as challenging our use and understanding of number lines.  We have been solving puzzles with Roman Numerals and reviewing our maths.  As usual, I have been bowled over by the enthusiasm in numeracy - we are all challenging ourselves!


We are loving 'Voices in the Park'.  This book has been the focus for our guided reading and writing sessions as well as offering lots of book talk to discuss themes and ideas.  In RE we have been thinking about how we would change the world which linked really well to our writing work.


Today we started investigating the work of M C Escher who will be our focus during Art.  I am loving forward to seeing what we are able to create!


Please remember that our PE afternoon is now Wednesday.  We will be outside whenever possible so make sure you are kitted out!


Homework is due in next Friday - please complete Paper A and we will review in class next week.

Mrs Laidlaw's Class Spring into Action!

I have been completed amazing and thrilled by my class this week.  Everyone has worked incredibly hard during numeracy and literacy this week.  It has been a fun filled, creative week with so much great learning taking place.

In maths we have been working place value and negative numbers.  Whilst in literacy, we have been loving learning 'Voices in the Park'.

As usual, some fabulous team work has been demonstrated throughout the week.  This has been particularly evident during PE and whilst mapping our text.

Everyone has been involved in re-establishing our class charter - well done everyone!