Early Years Unit – Miss Daniels and Miss Hardy

Week commencing 11/07/2016

What a lovey final few days we have had! The children really enjoyed their Pirate Picnic, their costumes were fantastic and they loved preparing all the food to take with us. We also had lots of fun playing some pirate games and going on a treasure hunt. The children also enjoyed a bounce on the bouncy castle as part of our whole-school treat for fantastic behaviour this year. This week we had our very own mini sports day with Mrs Butlin's class helping to run the different events, the children were so well behaved and followed all of the instructions they were given. In order to keep cool on Tuesday we played some different water games and ended up having a water fight with the whole class (even the teachers) getting soaked and feeling a lot cooler!

On Tuesday afternoon the children and teachers surprised me with a wonderful bridal tea party the children had prepared a song and a lovely story and also some wonderful gifts that I will always treasure - thankyou for all of your well wishes and for keeping everything a surprise!

Finally from myself, Miss Hardy and all of the Early Years grown ups we would like to wish you a lovely, relaxing summer holiday and thank you all for your very generous gifts and cards.  

Week commencing 04/07/2016

We have spent this week travelling through some different countries in Europe. On Wednesday we visited France and had lots of fun taking part in our own tour de France and making crepes and tasting them! The children also wrote some fantastic post cards about the things that they could do in France. We continued our travels in France on Thursday and the children especially enjoyed riding and scooting around the playground collecting and solving number sentences. 

On Friday our pirate ship docked in Norway. The children especially enjoyed watching video clips of the Northern Lights and Noah said they were beautiful! The children then worked hard to create their own painting of the Northern Lights; they looked carefully at different images and chose their colours carefully. We were very impressed with their art work! The children also enjoyed creating snow fences for their villages in the construction area and demonstrated good team work skills. They also produced some wonderful sentences about the things they could do in Norway and tried hard to use their Kinetic Letters. 

Week commencing 27/06/2016

Wow, what a busy week we have had! We began the week with a visit to Australia and the children have enjoyed learning lots of different facts about Australian animals and the different landscapes of Australia. On Tuesday we were lucky enough that the weather allowed us to have our Sports Day, the children loved taking part in all the different events and learned how to work as a team with children from different classes. In Maths this week we have been learning to solve problems by applying our knowledge of doubles and halves and creating aboriginal paintings with repeating patterns. We have also been busy practising our Pirate dance for Friday's Summer Fair, we hope you enjoyed watching us perform this - pictures to follow!

Week commencing 20/06/2016

This week we travelled to Africa on our pirate ship and the children have enjoyed learning some facts about Africa. The children listened to some African stories and have been working hard on writing sentences. We have been very impressed with the work they have produced. The children also got to make and then try some cardamon pancakes; the children really enjoyed helping to sort the recipe and then making them. Lots of the children asked for more than one!

In maths this week we have been working on doubling and halving numbers. The children have been good at working out the doubles and halves and have then been recording their findings as number sentences. The children have also been working on adding and subtracting using a number line and they have enjoyed choosing number sentences from the treasure chest to solve. Some children have begun to double larger numbers and they used a 100 square to work out their answers. We were so impressed with all the determination that they showed. 

Please make sure your child has their P.E kit in school. 

Week commencing 13/6/2016

On Monday we all boarded our pirate ship and travelled across the ocean to India. Once we had arrived we listened to a Bengali story about Jamil the weaver and his clever cat, we all produced some fantastic writing based on the beginning of this story, retelling this with our friends. Throughout the rest of the week we have enjoyed solving some different pirate maths problems using our doubling and estimation skills. We have also learned lots of facts about India, building our own Taj Mahal in the construction and cooking our very own vegetable curry which lots of the children enjoyed tasting this afternoon! We have uploaded the recipe below just in case you would like to try making this at home! Next week we will be ready to set sail again, which country will we visit next?

Vegetable curry recipe

Week commencing 6/6/2016

On Monday we discovered a message in a bottle. It was from pirates and they had sent us clues for a treasure hunt. The children were able to add the missing rhymes to the clues and then we followed them to a treasure chest full of money and jewellery.The children enjoyed completing pirate activities throughout the day and made hats and created their own pirate songs. We were amazed with the children's behaviour on our pirate day at Everdon Stubbs.The children engaged with all the activities and had a great time making a pirate ship using sticks and playing pirate hide and seek. The children had to work in teams to cross a swamp filled with crocodiles. We were amazed with the team work that the children showed and how well they listened to each other. Luckily they all managed to cross the swamp to safety!

Throughout the rest of this week the children have continued with their busy bee challenges. Once again they have worked hard and have been proud of their work. They especially enjoyed painting a pirate and building a pirate island  In Maths we have continued to add numbers using number lines and some children have been working on combining groups of numbers. Some children have also been writing recounts of our trip. We will continue to learn about pirates and may be visiting other countries throughout  the term. 

Week commencing 23/5/2016

This week we continued to learn about minibeasts and the children have been able to show us what they have learnt throughout the topic. The children have once again impressed us with their attitude to learning and have been working hard to complete their busy bee challenges. The children especially enjoyed writing minibeast fact books and building homes for minibeasts using 3D shapes. We have focussed on the story ‘The Bad Tempered Ladybird’ and the children have been sequencing the story events and then writing the beginning of the story. They have also been working on writing rhyming sentences and we have been impressed with all of the writing that the children have been doing this week. In maths this week the children have been focussing on ordering numbers to 20 and adding and subtracting using a number line. Some children have been working out how many groups of 2’s, 5’s or 10’s can be shared into other numbers and they have really impressed us with the effort they have put into their work.

Please remember that children should not be brining toys to school.

Have a restful and enjoyable week off of school and we look forward to seeing you all for the start of the last term.

Week commencing 16/5/2016

This week we continued to learn all about minibeasts! The children have enjoyed learning facts about lots of different minibeasts all this week and creating their own fact sheets about them. They have also created their own representations of minibeasts using both junk modelling and natural materials. Outside, the children have been making up their own minibeast hunt stories and creating their own story maps for these. In maths the children have been learning about time and we are so impressed with how many of them are confident in telling the time to the hour and half-past the hour. The children also had the challenge of making symmetrical patterns on their butterflies.

The children have also enjoyed taking part in different activities as part of Healthier Child week. We particularly liked making our healthy muesli with Diane from Tesco - all the children said it was yummy!

Week commencing 9/5/2016

We have begun to learn all about Minibeasts and started the week with a Minibeast hunt around the school grounds. The children were excited to see what they could find and were particularly interested in the burrowing bees that they discovered. The children also painted lots of flowers and minibeasts to display in our classroom. We were impressed with how careful the children were as they painted their flowers and minibeasts.

This week the children have had an independent busy bee job book and have had to complete four challenges independently throughout the week. We have been impressed with the children's attitude to learning and the effort that they have put into their challenges. In the construction area the children have built some fantastic minibeast hotels and towns and they have shown great team work skills. The children have been working very hard to draw and label different minibeasts and have also been writing descriptive and informative sentences to describe them. 

In Maths the children were estimating how many spots on the ladybirds and counting to check as well as working out half and double of different numbers.

We will be continuing to learn about minibeasts for the next few weeks. If you have any boxes or bottles for junk modelling please bring it into school as we will be making minibeasts next week. Thank you. 

Week commencing 2/5/2016

We began this week with a new Supertato story – “Supertato Veggies Assemble”, those Evil Peas had been up to no good again! The children have worked really hard on their busy bee jobs this week including designing and building their own superhero vehicles, creating their own comic strip scenes of vegetables in distress and writing descriptive sentences to warn people about the Evil Peas! In Maths the children were solving clues to work out 10 more and 10 less than given numbers in order to free the Supertato characters as well as weighing and ordering different supervegetables.

We also enjoyed our first outdoor PE lesson of the year, please could you make sure your child's plimsolls still fit as we will hopefully have more and more sessions like this, weather permitting.

Next week we will be beginning a new mini topic focussing on minibeasts.

Week commencing 25/04/2016

On Monday we discovered that the Evil Peas had been into our classroom and had been causing mischief. Super Celery and Super Cucumber were both in traps and Super Carrot was missing! Later in the day we received a letter from the Evil Peas saying that they had got Super Carrot and that to free him we needed to complete the challenges. The children all worked really hard to complete the challenges and then throughout the week they have been writing letters to the Evil Peas asking for the return of Super Carrot. Some of the children said that if the Evil Peas did not return Super Carrot then they would get the dinner ladies to cook them!

In maths we have been learning to work out ten more or ten less than a number and we will be continuing with this next week. The children made some fantastic 3D shapes using the sticks and balls and were able to talk about the shapes. 

We have continued with our busy bee challenges this week and the children have been working very hard at these and we are very impressed with the effort that the children are putting into the challenges. 

Week commencing 18/04/2016

On Monday we received a postcard from Supertato telling us all about the adventures he had on Safari, including nearly being buried by a very cheeky meerkat! we decided that we would create some adventures for our own supervegetables. We used the Ipads to photograph our supervegetables and create a story for each one, the evil peas even made an appearance! The children then had a go at writing their own stories telling Supertato about their adventures.

This week we began learning in a new way, each week the children will have busy bee tasks to complete, some will be independent and some will be guided by an adult. We are really proud of the children for how well they focussed on their tasks and produced their best work, that they can feel very proud of. We believe that beginning to work in this more structured way will help prepare children for their transition into Year One. Busy Bee tasks this week included solving maths problems by counting in groups of 2, 5 and 10 and doubling and halving, beginning to write their own stories about the class supervegetables and creating their own obstacle courses and developing a set of instructions for this. Below are some pictures of the children completing their different challenges.

The children had lots of fun at the school disco!

Week commencing 11/04/2016

What a brilliant first week back at school! On Monday we began learning about a different kind of superhero – Supertato! He had a dilemma, he had fallen into the freezer whilst trying to capture the evil pea and was now frozen in a block of ice. The children had lots of fantastic ideas to help free Supertato and we placed him outside hoping the sun would help melt the ice. On Wednesday the children received a letter from Supertato asking them to help design some new Veggie Superheroes to assist him with defeating the evil peas – the children created the new vegetable heroes: Super Cucumber, Super Celery and Super Carrot, each with different powers to help Supertato. In maths the children have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and the similarities and differences between these.

We have also had lots of fun in our outdoor area this week – learning to form our numbers correctly and creating our own number problems at the bean bag toss, collecting and sorting foods into how often we should eat them on the obstacle course, creating recipes in our mud kitchen using a variety of different herbs and building a superhero hideout to keep Supertato hidden from the evil peas. Next week we will be using our vegetable superheroes to create our very own superhero stories.

Week commencing 21/03/2016

This week we found a message from Captain America asking the children for their help to save the Black Widow. The children worked well in groups to think of a plan to save the Black Widow. They used the information that Captain America sent for us to create their plans and these included taking a fire breathing dragon to create a fire circle around Venom and shouting loudly into a microphone to scare him! On Monday afternoon we discovered that Venom had been to our classroom and had taken our superhero capes to stop us helping to save Black Widow. The children had to complete maths challenges to win back their capes. We were very impressed with how well the children worked out the number bonds to 10 and then 20! Have a lovely break and we look forward to seeing you all after Easter. 

Week commencing 14/03/2016

On Monday we received a letter from a boy called Eliot, it turned out that he was a Midnight Superhero and he needed our help to save the Earth from a meteor, heading our way! The children made their own plans for how we could defeat the meteor and had some amazing ideas such as constructing a “punching machine” to punch the meteor back into outer space. The rest of our learning this week was based around superheroes. The children loved creating their own comic strips with photographs of themselves transformed into superheroes and creating their own rescue plans in our superhero hideout. Outside the children enjoyed completing an assault course, collecting silver stars and ordering the numbers on these or creating their own sentences by placing the words in the correct order. They also enjoyed completing daily maths superhero challenges which required their super number skills and writing their own questions to post to superheroes in the superhero hideout.

Thankyou to all the parents that attended our maths learning workshop, we hope you found this helpful and valued the different maths teaching approaches we demonstrated.


Sports Relief

Friday was Sport Relief Day and the children loved completing activity stations as they walked their mile. Thankyou to Mrs Laidlaw’s class who arranged and then ran the activities, our Reception children really enjoyed them!


Week commencing 07/03/2016

This week we have continued learning about space and the children really enjoyed using the real telescope that Bethany kindly let us borrow! The children continued learning facts about the planets and solar system and then wrote sentences to share this information. We were really impressed with the children's writing and can see lots of kinetic letters in their writing. In maths this week we were focussing on 3D shapes and the children are becoming more confident in naming and describing the shapes. The children especially enjoyed experimenting to see which shapes would roll, they were even able to offer reasons why the shapes did or did not roll.

In Kinetic Letters we have been learning out abracadabra letters; these all start with 'pull around, push along the ground to make a c'. The children have a sheet in their book bag so they can practise the letters we have learnt this week.

It was lovely to see so many parents at our Literacy morning and we hope it was helpful for you all. Please do not forget the Maths workshop on Tuesday morning: if you are unable to come to the workshop then both class teachers will be available until 5:30 pm on Tuesday evening.  

Week commencing 29/02/2016

Well what a busy week we have had! We have continued to learn about space and the children have enjoyed learning lots of facts about planets and our solar system, they have really impressed us with their writing, and are now able to write more and more independently! In maths this week we have been focussing on our counting skills. Some children have been working on counting in groups of 2, 5 and 10, whereas others have been consolidating their knowledge of numbers to 20 working together to find missing numbers in a sequence.

We had lots of fun on World Book Day, all of the children’s costumes were fantastic! The children loved listening to lots of different stories and completing different activities based around these.

Finally, we hope to see lots of parents at our literacy workshop on Tuesday. This is a great opportunity to see how we teach literacy skills through play and also to observe a phonics and kinetic letters session. Please remember that both class teachers will be available until 5:30 pm on Tuesday evening should you have any questions that you wish to ask us.


Week commencing 22/02/2016

We have been so impressed with how the children have settled back into the school routine after their week off, their behaviour and attitude to learning has been very impressive! This week we have started to learn about space, the children enjoyed creating stars, robots and rockets to create our space classroom. Outside, the children have been very engaged in designing and building moon buggies and we have been very impressed with how well the children have worked as a group and their labelling skills. In Literacy this week we looked at the story How to Catch a Star and the children though of some creative ideas of ways that the boy could catch a star including using a tall ladder and building a rocket. The children then worked together to write some instructions for how to catch a star. 

In maths we have been learning how to count on when adding numbers and the children were very good at remembering to start at the larger number. Some children have also been learning how to count in 2's, 5's and 10's and enjoyed looking at the number patterns on a hundred square. We have continued to learn new letters in kinetic letters and have been working hard to hold our pencils correctly. 


This week we filled our bead string and the children chose to have a pyjama party on Friday afternoon. We all had good fun and began to learn a new game called heads down, thumbs up. 


Congratulations to our gold medal winners - Irina, Thomas and Zachary. 

Week commencing 08/02/2016

On Monday we received a letter from the dragon, he wanted us to learn about his home country of China. We spent the whole day learning about the customs of Chinese New Year – we learned some dragon dances, made Chines lanterns to bring us luck for the new year and also tasted some Chinese food. Throughout the rest of the week we continued to learn through our theme of dragons castles and knights. The children enjoyed making their own dancing dragons, writing their own number sentences for the different markings they added, as well as making up their own dragon stories using the small world scenes and photographs of themselves. Outdoors the children enjoyed completing different quests and writing their own clues for others to follow and enjoyed making up their own dragon dances to some Chinese style music.

We have been so impressed with the progress the children have made with their Kinetic letters recently, all of the children are starting to apply their letter formation skills to their independent writing more and more!

We hope you received the information about our Maths and English workshops next term and hope that lots of you will be able to attend!


Week commencing 01/02/2016

This week we discovered some clues in our classroom; we found some soot, burnt paper and scales and together the children decided that a dragon must have been to school. The children enjoyed writing what the dragon might look like and were able to think of some good descriptive words to use. They also enjoyed using construction materials and junk modelling to create a dragon and the children were proud of their creations. 

In maths this week we have been learning about money and the children have been recognising coins and even adding together two coins to work out what they can afford to buy from the shop. We have been introducing more sounds in phonics sessions and have been focussing on blending sounds to read words. We have been particularly impressed with the children's writing during Kinetic letters sessions and have noticed that the children are using their letter formation more in their independent writing. 

Week commencing 25/01/2016

This week we began learning about castles and knights, the children have loved developing a castle role-play area within the classroom and building their own castle out of cardboard boxes in the outdoor area. We have been focussing on developing lots of number skills this week doubling the patterns on the knight’s shields, solving number sentences to free the princesses and knights as well as practising writing our numbers correctly with our “feather quills” outside.

We have continued to develop our reading and writing skills and the children loved writing recipes for their different potions they made in the wet area. We have been really impressed with the children’s building skills this week and the labelled plans they have created for these.

Next week we will continue learning through this theme and may introduce a dragon or 2!


Please remember to return your report reply slips!

Week commencing 18/01/2016

This week the children worked in groups to create alternative endings for the story the gingerbread man; there were some interesting and creative ideas including a crocodile eating the fox and the gingerbread man zooming away in an invisible car. We continued to introduce more sounds in phonics and the children have been practising blending sounds in words. Please continue to hear your child read their reading book or practise blending sounds in simple words. 

In maths the children have been weighing objects and using the correct vocabulary to compare the weights. The children enjoyed using the balance scales to weigh the objects and can explain what happens to the scales if an object is heavier or lighter. 

This week we introduced challenges for the children to complete independently, lots of the children completed their challenges without needing reminding and were eager to do their challenges more than once so that they could improve their work. Next week the children will be attempting quests so please ask them what quests they have had. 

We now have a red tray in the classroom that is for the red home-school communication books. If you have written a message inside your child's red book please put it into the red tray when your child comes into school in the morning. 

Week commencing 11/01/2016

As the children arrived at school this week they discovered some strange foot prints in our classroom and they led out into our outdoor area. The children followed these and and found a basket at the end of the footprints; the basket contained flour, sugar, butter, ginger and a book - The Gingerbread Man. The children decided that the gingerbread man must have delivered these for us to make our own gingerbread men! We all really enjoyed making the gingerbread men and we thought of adjectives to describe the feel and smell of the gingerbread. At the end of the day the children got to taste their gingerbread men and discussed how they tasted. As a class we created a swag bag full of adjectives to describe the taste and we were impressed with the children's word choices which included delicious and scrumptious. We used these words throughout the week in our literacy and some of the children were able to write sentences about the taste of the gingerbread using their interesting adjectives. 


In maths this week we have introduced 3D shapes and the children really enjoyed using the magic shape box to transform flat 2D shapes into solid 3D shapes. We will continue working on naming and describing the 3D shapes. The children also enjoyed measuring gingerbread men and are confident in ordering gingerbread men in height order. We have continued to learn more sounds in our phonics sessions and have also been working on blending sounds to read words. Please continue to support your child with this at home. 

Week commencing 05/01/2016

Well what a lovely first week we back we have had, the children have all come back to school eager to learn! We started our new topic Traditional Tales and began with a carousel of different activities learning the tales of the Three Little Pigs, the Three Billy Goats Gruff and Goldilocks and the Three Bears, this involved building bridges and houses out of different materials and making our own bowls of porridge. On Tuesday when we came to school we discovered that a giant beanstalk had grown in our classroom! Attached to the beanstalk was a letter from an actual giant asking us to complete some measuring tasks for him, all of the children impressed us with their ordering skills and used the correct language of shorter and taller. For the rest of the week we focussed on writing simple sentences or missing sounds for objects from the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We are so proud of all the children and how their reading and writing skills have developed – keep up the good work!


Week commencing 14/12/2015

We have had a fantastic last week of school. The children all really enjoyed performing in their Nativity Whoops-A-Daisy Angel. We thought that all the dances and songs were brilliant and the Narrators spoke so confidently. We were very proud of the children and think they were all superstars, we are sure you all agree! On Thursday the children had party day and were very excited to be wearing their party clothes. We all had lunch together and the children were very well behaved throughout. After lunch, we played some party games and we were very impressed with how sensible and grown up the children were when they were out of a game! Father Christmas came to visit as well and we all had a fantastic time.

We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Week commencing 7/12/2015

This week Christmas came to our classroom! The children have been extremely busy making and wrapping presents for their friends, and writing labels for these. They have also designed and made sleighs for Santa and his reindeer in both the indoor and outdoor construction areas. We have baked some Christmas biscuits and made some baskets to carry them in – we hope they survived the journey home! Throughout all of this fun and learning we have also continued to rehearse for our Christmas performance which we are so looking forward to sharing with you next week!

We have also began to assess the children’s understanding and phonics and have been so impressed with the children’s results so far, thank you for your support in practising these with your child at home.

Play rehearsals will continue until the big performance next week, please can we ask for any outstanding costumes to be handed in on Monday? Many thanks

Week commencing 30/11/2015

On Monday we found some gloves and snow in our classroom and then discovered that Elsa had visited us but had left her gloves behind! The children were very excited and enjoyed completing some frozen activities throughout the morning. They wrote letters to Elsa to explain we had the gloves, melted ice to free the trapped toys and also designed a package to return the gloves in. In Literacy this week the children enjoyed thinking of questions for Elsa and then wrote letters to her asking these questions. The children were very confident at asking questions and some children have even had a go at writing letters to Elsa independently in the writing area.  In Maths the children have been learning how to double numbers and we have been very impressed with how quickly the children understood the concept. They were then able to solve some doubling problems by themselves! 

We have continued to build hand and finger strength in Kinetic letters and have also been practising planking to make our bodies stronger. We have noticed that many children are now using the Kinetic letters writing style in their writing so please continue to encourage your child with this. 

We are currently practising for our class Nativity Whoops -a -Daisy Angel. If your child is a Narrator can you please practise their lines with them, you will find these in your child's book bag. Thank you so much for all the comments on Tapestry as well as the observations from home. It is really lovely to see all the things that the children are doing outside of school! 

Week commencing 23/11/2015

We have had another busy week this week! The children have enjoyed learning about the story Lost and Found and  in literacy created their own maps of the boy and penguin's journey to the South Pole. We were really impressed with how the children's writing is developing, lots of them are able to apply their phonic knowledge to record simple words and sentences, which is fantastic! In Maths the children have been learning about subtraction. They tackled solving number sentences using objects (such as snowballs) or a numberline to count back.

We have learned nearly all of our letter sounds now in phonics and will be assessing children on these over the next couple of weeks so please make sure you practise these with your child on a regular basis. We have continued to develop our hand and finger strength in Kinetic Letters and more and more children are perfecting their pencil grasps which we are very pleased about.

Next week we will be starting rehearsals for our Christmas play and we may have a surprise visit to our classroom........

Thankyou to the parents who have added their own observations to their child's Tapestry Learning Journal, we love sharing your child's achievements and reading what they have been up to outside of school! If you are having any issues accessing your child's Tapestry account please let us know.


Week commencing 16/11/2015

We arrived on Monday to find our classroom had been transformed by ice and snow. The children were very excited to be learning about penguins and have enjoyed learning facts in Literacy. The children worked together to sort the mixed up facts into a sentence that made sense by thinking about where we would find a capital letter and full stop. The children they had to check that it still made sense. In Maths we have continued to learn about halving and have focussed on halving numbers this week. We were very impressed with how quickly the children learnt to half numbers and some children are already thinking about how to half an odd number! On Friday, the children got to Skype a penguin keeper and ask him some questions about penguins. The children really enjoyed finding out more information and learnt that penguins swallow their fish whole and that some penguins live in South America. They also learnt how the penguins are looked after at the zoo and they really enjoyed asking their questions and listening to the answers. 

In phonics we have continued to learn our letter sounds and how to blend sounds in words and we are impressed by how many children are now able to blend sounds in words. In Kinetic letters the children have been practising holding their pencil correctly and have been building strength in their hands and fingers. 

We will be continuing to learn about penguins next week and will focus on the story Lost and Found.


Thankyou for your contributions to your child's Tapestry accounts so far, we hope you will find Tapestry as valuable as we do for sharing your child's learning. If you have any issues accessing your child's Tapestry account at all please let us know, so that we can help with this.

Week commencing 9/11/2015

We have had a super busy week, jam-packed full with learning. We began on Monday with a message from the Witch, she needed our help to sort her potion ingredients and correct her potion recipe. The children used their phonic knowledge to sort the ingredients by the letter sound they began with and their knowledge of rhyme to complete the Witch’s recipe. In Maths this week the children learned about halving objects and quantities, so that the Witch and her cat could share their picnic equally. They had lots of fun working out how to halve the different foods and even having a taste of a few! On Wednesday we learned about the Hindu festival of Diwali and completed some different activities around this. This involved making coconut barfi and our very own diva lamps as well as exploring Indian spices and clothing and creating our own welcoming rangoli patterns.

We have also developed lots of different skills in PE this week. The children enjoyed exploring different ways of moving on the large apparatus on Monday, and we were so impressed with their excellent behaviour as well as their climbing skills! On Friday we had a very special treat as some Year 4 children taught us some Bhangra dancing, the children loved this and we look forward to hopefully working with the Year 4’s again in the future.

Next week we begin our mini-topic on the Arctic and penguins, we hope the children will love our "frozen" classroom and will enjoy learning through this topic up until Christmas.


Week commencing 3/11/2015

This week we have been learning about fireworks. On Tuesday the children were very excited to watch some sparklers and they thought of some interesting words to describe them. In maths this week we focused on 2d shapes and we are now starting to describe the properties of shapes by talking about how many corners and sides the shapes have. Please encourage your child to spot and describe shapes they see in the environment. We have continued to learn our letter sounds and are continuing to blend sounds in words. On Friday the children discovered a wand, cat, dog and bow in the classroom and decided that the witch from the Room on the Broom must have dropped them. They were excited when the witch came into our class looking for her items and read the story to us. The Room on the Broom will be our focus text for the next week. 

Week commencing 19/10/2015

What a lovely last week of school. On Monday we discovered that our dinosaur eggs had hatched! The children were all very excited and pleased to discover that the dinosaurs were safely reunited with their mother. In maths this week we have been learning about measuring and using the correct language to do this. We measured dinosaur footprints discussing which one we thought was the longest and which one we thought was the shortest, we then learned how to measure using cubes to make sure our predictions were correct. We continued working on learning all of our letter sounds and starting to blend these together and some children even had a go at recording some simple sentences. Please continue to practise these skills with your child at every opportunity, thank you with your support with this so far.

On Thursday the whole school celebrated International Languages Day. We decided to focus our learning on France. The children had lots of fun learning French songs, having their own Tour de France and tasting French crepes and galettes (sweet and savoury pancakes).

Week commencing 12/10/2015

What a busy week we have had! We continued our learning about dinosaurs and in literacy we have even created our own dinosaur story about going on a dinosaur hunt! In maths this week we have been learning about addition and subtraction and using practical methods to solve these problems. We have also been working really hard in kinetic letters developing our hand and body strength as well as our letter formation.

On Tuesday we had a surprise visit from some Northampton Firefighters. The children had great fun exploring the fire engine and learning about the different tools and loved having a turn at spraying the hose too!


Parents' Evenings Tuesday and Wednesday, remember to book your appointments in the School Office!

Week commencing 05/10/2015

On Monday we found some strange footprints in our classroom, leading to our outside area and a nest with three eggs inside. We enjoyed creating newspaper articles and discovering the clues that had been left behind by the mysterious creature. We talked to each other and thought that maybe it was a dinosaur! Then we discovered that a dinosaur had escaped and had been seen heading towards Northampton! We have enjoyed spending the week exploring lots of dinosaur activities from reading the dinosaur books in our information cave to freeing the dinosaurs from the frozen eggs.

In maths, we have been working on adding two numbers together and we have been very impressed with how quickly the children are learning the different strategies they can use. We will continue to work on adding two numbers together and will then move onto subtraction. We have also continued learning our letter sounds and have been practising blending words.In Kinetic letters the children have been writing letters h and n and we have been really impressed with the children's letter formation.  Next week we will be creating our own dinosaur story and continuing our exploration of the dinosaur activities.  

Week commencing 28/09/2015

We have had another exciting week of full time school. We have continued to go on a bear hunt and have enjoyed adding actions to perform as we tell the story. In maths this week we have continued to work on saying one less than a given number, we especially enjoyed using gummy bears to work out one less! We are also beginning to look at addition and will be focussing more on this next week. In Kinetic Letters we have learnt how to lay in the strong way, with our legs together and our arms supporting our bodies. We have already learnt how to write h and enjoyed jumping down from the Brave Monkey's branch to start the letter formation. As we write h we say down, bump, up, push over, down bump, flick to help us remember the letter formation. In phonics we have continued to learn our letter sounds and we will be adding more sounds into the children's phonics folders next week for them to practise at home. 

Week commencing 21/09/2015

We have had such a busy first week of full-time school. We have all been going on a Bear Hunt which the children have really enjoyed, many of them can now tell the story word for word! In maths this week we have been working out one more and one less from a given number and we have been really impressed with the children’s number skills. We had a special visitor on Thursday when Olly’s Mum bought his rabbit Macca Pacca in to meet us, the children were fascinated with all the different things he likes to eat. We have started learning our phonics sounds and the children will be bringing home their phonics folders with all their letter sounds to practise with you at home. Next week we will be continuing to learn We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and completing lots of fun activities related to this.


Week commencing 18/09/2015

We have had another great week at school and have continued to make lots of new friends. The children had lots of fun in our Early Years Unit, from playing with the farm to writing postcards in the outdoor area. 

Next week we will be learning the text 'We're going on a bear hunt' and we look forward to exploring the story with the children.

Do not forget that the children will be in full time from Monday. We will be seeing the children out at the end of the day via the gate in our outdoor area. 


Please make sure your child's PE kit is in school on Monday. 

First of all, welcome to Bugbrooke Primary School! We have had a lovely first week, all the children have settled in very well and are beginning to make lots of new friends!

The children have had lots of fun exploring our new Early Years Unit, from “cooking” in the mud kitchen to building racing cars in the large construction area; as we are sure you can see from the photographs in the slide show.

Feel free to pop in and see some of the children’s learning displayed around the unit.

Do not forget part-time swap over next week!